10 Best Indian Web Series on Netflix 2020

Best Indian Web Series on Netflix 2020

Best Indian Web Series on Netflix 2020

Looking to watch Indian web series on Netflix in 2020 then we can help. We have shared all Indian web series that is worth watching and you can watch all these web series on Netflix. Let’s get started.
We have made this list by following the three criteria and the first is that the web series has to be originally made in India and original language should be Hindi, the second criteria are that web series has to be available on Netflix and the third is that the web series has to be amazing.

1. Sacred Games

Most Indian Web Series fans must have watched this web series and if you are not one of them then you should definitely watch this web series. Sacred Games have a total of 2 seasons and you can stream both of them on Netflix. The story follows Sartaj Singh played by saif Ali khan, who is a Mumbai police officer and a gangster Gaitonde played by Nawazuddin Sidique. Sacred Games has everything mystery, drama, corruption in law, and a lot of fight scenes and action. This series will keep you glued the entire time. I bet you are never going to feel bored.

Sacred Games season 2 is a letdown but still, a shows that can entertain you. I meant to say that season 1 was so amazing that it set the bar quite high and season 2 couldn’t reach the expectation of the fans and the critics.

2. Yeh Meri Family

The web series is a TVF original web series and Netflix has rented the web series for the audience. You can also stream this web series on TVF play. Yeh Meri family is an Indian web series in the Hindi language and you are going to love this web series because it is realistic. You can identify every character in your life. The story is set in the ’90s, A middle-class family residing in Jaipur Rajasthan. This web series tried to show the life and challenges of a middle-class family in the time of the ’90s and the narrator of this series is a 12-year-old boy. After watching this web series you may feel nostalgic if you are a member of that generation. You will like this web series if you like watching a family drama.

3. Bard of blood

A Netflix original Indian web series starring Emran Hashmi as Kabir Anand, who is a disgraced intelligence. He gets back into the field to rescue other agents, who were captured by the Islamic terrorist group. The series deals with border tension and did a good job of fighting Islamophobia.

4. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is also a Netflix Indian web series. But let me warn you that this web series is not made for soft-hearted or emotional peoples. The web series may be disturbing for some people because it shows the world’s most brutal crime. The series is based on the Nirbhaya case that happened in 2012. The case has been shown from the police perspective, challenges, and problems they had to face to arrest the criminal. If you want to about the case details then you should watch this. You are going to find many facts that haven’t been made public at that time and many people still don’t know about that.

5. Selection Day

Selection Day is a Netflix Original Indian web series. The series is about the two brothers Radha, Majnu, and his father. The fathers want them to become a very famous cricketer and that’s why he is training them since they were kids. When they became a teenager, they were admitted in Mumbai cricket academy and started preparing for the selection day of the National Team. There they met Rival and also met some friends. The story is very engaging and the character will start growing on you as the series moves towards the end.

6. Little Things

Litlle things web series is about a modern working couple. The series shows the cute relation and love between the couple. The story captures many little moments that can life and relationship amazing and sustainable. The moto of the series is to show that How little things can make your life and relationship a lot better. You can watch all three seasons on Netflix and you can also stream the first season on Mx Player.

7. Lust Stories

The web series is consists of 4 stories with different four castings and different directors. This series has a total of 5 episode which you can stream on Netflix. All five episodes are amazing and different and every episode leaves you with a wow moment. The famous Bollywood director Karan Johar has also directed a story of this series. So, you can expect that the acting and production is going to be amazing.

8. Typewriter

The series is an Indian Horror and thriller web series that can scare you a lot. The series has 1 season which consists of five episodes. You are going to enjoy this web series if you like watching horror movies. The “Typewriter” is quite different from the other Horror series, you can feel the Indian Charm. Generally, in horror films, you can’t get attached to the characters but in this series, as the series moves towards the end you will start rooting for the characters.

9. Engineering Girls

Engineering Girls is an Indian web series about the hostel life of girls in engineering colleges. The series follows the three friends, who always help each other.  The series shows the Trio’s aspiration for falling in love, establishing their own business, and also managing the college works and tasks.

10. Ghoul

Ghoul is an Indian supernatural horror series that gets pretty tense as it reaches the end. The story shows the military interrogation of one of the most feared terrorists but as the series follows the terrorist reveals more unexpected secrets. The casting of this web series is amazing and every character is well written.

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