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13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Full Details

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character

Get all information about 13 Reasons Why cast and about their character. Know the Best and worst character and full information on the main 13 reasons why cast and characters.

I’m trying my best not to give away spoilers because you really should watch the show for yourself and read the book and it’s obviously a great story that doesn’t deserve to get spoiled second of all there’s a lot of opinions and controversy on the characters and cast and there’s a lot of are missing there are really no good characters since they all cause the death of Hannah Baker.

But here’s the thing that’s the whole point of the story in a baker dies no matter what. It’s finding the good in these evil characters – some of them feel remorse and some of them feeling guilt does that make sense, I hope that makes sense. So that being said let’s just get into these characters right away.


Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

“Hannah Baker” character played by Katherine Langford as 13 Reasons Why Cast. Hannah Baker is the best character like there’s no argument. Hannah Baker is probably the most loyal friend that anyone could ever have. she’s very dedicated, she’s very innocent she sees the good in everyone and is so open second chances. The poor girl was walked all over and treated horribly and of course, we all saw how she end up. So, she’s probably the purest character on the show.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen

“Clay Jensen” character played by ‘Dylan Minnette‘ as 13 Reasons Why Cast. Clay is a coward because he didn’t tell Hannah how he truly felt about her and if he did she would most likely be alive. but I say he is one of the best characters because he is one that truly cares about these tapes. He wants everyone to know, what happened with Hannah. He wants everyone to know the truth and he’s bound to make it happen. He knows what he did was wrong and he knows what everyone else did was wrong. He wants to make that known and clear. He has completely of guilty consciousness. Life is falling apart because he just cares so much about Hannah and so much about what happened to her, and he wants to get revenge for her and get justice for her.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Tony Padilla

Tony Padilla

“Tony Padilla” character played by ‘Christian NavarroTony is an incredible character because he is literally the definition of calm, cool and collected. This man has done and will do, whatever it takes to keep Hannah’s promises and wishes. He is always there for clay and he always knows what to say and what to do. He is completely pure.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Alex Standall

Alex Standall

“Alex Standall” character played by “Miles Heizer” as 13 Reasons Why Cast. Alex started off the series pretty much like the kind of a bad guy, he was probably one of the worst characters. I hated him from the beginning but later on, in the end. You see how Hanna’s tapes and the way Hanna took her life just really hit him, and he starts to feel completely guilty and remorseful for it. Alex immediately felt guilty, immediately knows what he did was wrong, and immediately regretted it. He deserved a lot more credit than he got. He also does not deserve Jessica because if he loves that girl way too much. It was just a poor kid, if only he focused on Hannah instead of Jess, that would have been great.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Zack Dempsey

Zack Dempsey

“Zack Dempsey” character played by “Ross Buttler” as 13 Reasons Why CastProbably one of my favorite characters in general. He is pretty much a jockey but with a heart of gold. He just hangs out with the wrong people, but he had a crush on Hannah. He generally cares about her and even kept a letter she wrote him with her deepest darkest secrets. All that I think, the kid is generally a great kid and hangs out with the wrong crowd and isn’t aware that his actions have consequences. So, if he was a little bit smarter it would be better but actually, keep one of the better characters.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins

“Jeff Atkins” character played by “Brandon Larracuente” as 13 Reasons Why CastJeff Atkins, This character is lined up in some of the good characters. So, Jeff was a baseball player who was honestly a really great friend to clay. He was always trying to hook Clay and Hannah up and the kid was so nice he didn’t do anything wrong. He was always rooting for clay and Hannah. He was always there for clay. Always, just what a great and loyal person. He did not deserve the ending he got at all.  I’m not going to ruin that, He is a genuine innocent character. He was highlighted too much in the series but we all loved him.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Courtney Crimson

Courtney Crimson

“Courtney Crimson” character played by “Michele Selene Ang” as 13 Reasons Why CastThe worst character of the series. I actually hate this character “Courtney Crimson”. She is a selfish, entitled, conceited girl. She’s only looking to save her self because she doesn’t want the world to know her little secret. I’m not going to even spoil her little secret because it’s really really not that bad. Compared to suicide, She takes it too far. She’s very very selfish and Hannah was always there for no matter what. And she couldn’t be there for Hanna even if her life depended on it. Ironically enough, she throws Hannah under the bus for anything and everything just to keep her secret, and it’s pathetic she even ends up defending a rapist over defending Hannah. Like, No one should ever defend a rapist. 

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Justin Foley

Justin Foley

“Justin Foley” character played by “Brandon Flynn’ as 13 Reasons Why Cast. The second worst character. Justin has a rough life, Justin’s mom boyfriends, or crap. He had like a rough just growing up experience. But that’s not enough. Justin defended his best friend who raped his girlfriend. How can he live with that? knowing what really happened. In the end, he does come clean, he does tell her but it’s just a little too late for Justin. Definitely one of the worst characters of the season or the show just knows there’s no coming back now.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis

“Jessica Davis” character is played by “Alisha Boe” as 13 Reasons Why Cast. I do think that Jess I would classify as one of the worst characters she did not deserve to get raped and everything that happened to her but she was probably the meanest to Hannah. She was her best friend and she was just a complete mean to her. Like, she was never there for Hannah. When Hannah was consistently there for her even after they stopped talking. So, I just thought her ditching Hannah like that and to just completely delete her from her life was just not cool that was kind of a wimpy move. 

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Bryce Walker

Bryce Walker

“Bryce Walker” character played by “Justin Prentice” as 13 Reasons Why Cast. This is the worst one (I could say, even worst than Courtney). He is the scum of the earth. Bryce is 100% the worst character in this series maybe in all of Netflix’s history. Bryce is a guy who thinks that money can buy everything and money can cover everything that he does and says to people. He literally pushed Hannah into suicidal thoughts and he made her go through with it because he raped her and her best friend. Bryce Walker is a horrible character.

13 Reasons Why Cast & Character Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter

“Kevin Porter” character played by “Derek Luke” as 13 Reasons Why cast. Mr. Porter is one of the worst 13 reasons why character or cast. He was a horrible guidance counselor. He didn’t take Hannah seriously. He didn’t even report any suspicions. Hannah even said to him that she going to kill herself, do something about it. The signs were pretty clear and he should have taken the action and report it to her parent or talk to her friends. He did felt guilty at the end but it wasn’t enough. So, I think that makes them a really crappy character because honestly as a guidance counselor if a student has come to you with these thoughts and telling you this change to tell someone then do something about that. But he didn’t do anything about it. So, it seems like the worst character to me.

These were the main 13 Reasons why cast and characters, that you should mainly focus on. Now, I’m going to give you the list of rest cast that played a significant role in 13 Reasons Why.

  • Tyler Down          character role played by  Devin Druid
  • Lainie Jensen     character role played by Amy Hargreaves
  • Olivia Baker        character role played by Kate Walsh
  • Andy Baker         character role played by Brian d’Arcy James
  • Ani Achola          character role played by Grace saif
  • Nora Walker      character role played by Brenda Strong
  • Monty de la Cruz   character role played by Timothy Granaderos
  • Dr. Robert Ellman character role played by Gary Sinise

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Q. Who is your favorite character on the TV show “13 Reasons Why”?

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