Afsos Web Series Review: Amazon prime video latest web series

Afsos web series review

Afsos Web Series Review

From the beginning of 2020, there are so many web series and films getting scheduled and releasing on a consistent basis. Amazon Prime released the latest web series ‘Afsos‘ with a total of 8 episodes. Afsos web series starring Gulshan Devaiah and Hiba Shah in the lead roles. Basically the two most impressive aspects of ghost stories. Afsos web series which is directed by Anubhooti Kashyap the sister in the Kashyap Family, who has been an assistant director in films like Gangs of Wasseypur has been responsible for all eight episodes. 

Afsos web series focuses on the life of “Nakul” played by Gulshan Devaiah, demotivated in a creative rot, an absence of friends and ostracization from the family, and only therapy guiding him in some productive way. It led Nakul to give up on life, after multiple failed attempts of dying, the man seeks for a permanent and error-free solution from an illegal source called ’emergency exit’. They provide multiple ways to assist in suicide as they like to call it at least. This is where ‘Upadhyay‘ comes into the picture played by “Hiba Shah“. Who is a contract killer known to have a perfect kill streak the madness that ensures that ‘Nakul’ has a change of heart and Upadhyay always finishing every task handed over to her is the premises of  Afsos. 

The web series tried to shed light on many aspects such as the futility of life, the inconsequential existence of individuals in a universe, so vast the concept of life, death and even more so immortality aspects.

Let’s talk about the good and bad aspects of “Afsos”. So that you can ultimately decide whether you want to watch it on Amazon Prime or not.

The good aspects of Afsos Web Series: Amazon Prime Video

Style of humor and writing

The most striking quality of the web series which I am sure you may have inferred from the trailer is that the series is a dark comedy. It focuses on the concept of death and stays far far away from what Indian audiences are used to seeing in films. Death as a concept being treated as something catastrophic in a premise mostly conveyed through blaring soundtracks and some dramatic sobbing. Afsos web series has a brilliant way of integrating music mostly light-hearted and jovial whistles and symphonies with the most gruesome acts that are committed in each episode. You immediately understand the ride you are in for that there is going to be a lot of bloodshed and mayhem for the eight episodes and the wheel will keep on turning what makes the human, the web series is extremely effective because of its inventive writing by Divya Chatterjee, Anirban Dasgupta, and Saurav Gosh. No matter how ghastly the act the series has a method of making you hysterically laugh in sequences, while the elixir of life is being discussed between a man and a sadhu. Well, the police are being approached for the case, they find the force is playing on thoughts free with the criminals in the Station. These are just some of the hilarious gems you will find throughout the web series.

The Screenplay of Afsos Web Series

The brilliance of Afsos web series is that it does not take time to set up. The very first frame of the web series has that ‘Nakul’ on the railway track ready to kill himself. Bored by the time that the train is staking transitioning to getting a pillow for himself to make you understand the morbid humor that will persist throughout it. The series is a thriller created and designed to provide you turn of events you would least expect, it has the quality in multiple situations to lead you to believe something but cleverly the writers have several gotcha moments. Even though it does dwell into the philosophical which may lead to audiences disconnecting especially in its latter half which I will come to later it still provides for elements of the thriller that I essential a premise that cannot be deciphered easily. Honestly, its final sequence and conclusion were the last thing I expected.

Performances of Afsos Star Cast

See, what has happened with the emergence of content on OTD platforms is two things one bad and one good, the bad part is that it becomes a dumping ground for content that is in the back burners of reputed production companies and the good is that talented actor genuinely talented actors who had no link in the film industry that was restricted to doing plays and commercials only having a nice fanbase finally got the opportunity to show off in front of the masses. The series showcases brilliant performances from the most fleshed-out characters and even the ones that were inconsequential. 

Anjali Patil an actor that you may remember from ‘Newton’  as Ms. Sloka, Nakul’s therapist as a commendable job with the written material, a character with many traits that slowly unravel is a web series progresses. 

Similarly, Akash who plays as a cop frustrated at the incompetence of the police force with the limited scream time does a great job.

Ratnavali Bhattacharya as Maria, who manages the company that aids people to commit suicide is simply brilliant in this series. She manages to perfectly balance being dramatic and in empty spaces provide comedic gems, there are moments of improvisation where you can clearly tell these veterans are having so much fun playing with the material.

The stars of the web series Hiba Shah and Gulshan Devaiah, Hiba is the contract killer who possesses that stoic and ruthless demeanor perfectly. The mysticism about the character really does generate intrigue and wanting to understand why is the character the way she is. Gulshan, as you all know is one of the most talented actors we have in the industry today. Playing the role of Nakul, a man absolutely frustrated with how life has transpired for him personally and professionally generates empathy as well as concern from the viewers. A character that many people will gravitate towards, in many ways like many others losing sight of what the purpose of living is as their surroundings thrive and prosper. Gulshan like most of his filmography presents a very convincing and layered performance.

Beyond the material

Afsos web series on the surface may be about a man deciding to kill himself and how this conclusive decision leads to several elements going disarray but the web series sheds light on several facets such as the futility of life, the importance of a strong foundation of friends and family, the key difference between clinical depression and situational sadness, and how many individuals are shaped through their experiences in their formative years. Even though it imparts strays away from the interest generated in the viewers from the perspective of the characters and the premise it medially does provide a new take on such complex subjects.

Afsos web series review: Hiba shah

The underwhelming aspects

Inconsistency and Convenience – There are many aspects of the web series that will make you skeptical look at the situations in the convenience with which people get away with it. One gripe that I have with the Indian creators when they’re designing thrillers or anything where crime is being committed left right and center is there are some staple features, some of which include corrupt cops merciless killings taking place with little to no effect to them getting caught and over a period of time a realization of the severity of the acts due to which the cops come into the picture to become holier than thou. There are so many acts of violence committed oftentimes and broad daylight with several witnesses on sight but the killer goes scot-free living life and executing orders very easily in the future. Inconsistencies creep in when you consider a character like Upadhyay, a person so skilled and meticulous in her execution for her to get an order and mess up so drastically comes across as weirdly inconsistent. Even though the mystery around Hiba’s character develops intrigue her actions often become confusing, transitioning from being borderline psychotic orally sadistically or just a troubled human, it’s tough to keep track. 

Danish Sait’s character, the one character in the web series that sticks out like a sore thumb is Danish Sait’s character. A character that I can’t speak much about as he comes into the picture as the pandemonium exists but his personality seemed to be the most half-baked and directionless. Even though the actor is a great comedic performer I would highly recommend you watch the satirical Kannada film humble politician Nagaraj but in this Danish’s odd cringe-worthy an inconsistent accent bright blue colored hair and just him being that piece in this confusing puzzle seem jarring me place and took away from the otherwise engaging juxtaposition of the spiritual in the real world.

The second half of Afsos web series

This is the point where the viewers will either love the show or completely get disconnected. Where you felt invested in Nakul’s life, his change of heart and belief that there is a reason and purpose to live in the last three episodes the web series takes a contrasting turn towards the esoteric. This means that it can be understood or in the case connects with a small section of people. As a web series opens up the debate of life, death, immortality, human nature, greed, emotional and physical abuse, mental health and many other things. It often moves towards analogies and imagery that comes back to haunt the characters and poorly written new characters into the picture. This I personally felt took away from what initially invested me, the hilarious back-and-forth between Maria and Upadhyay and Nakul and Fokatya. Their personal lives influence interests in surroundings due to which they are the way they are. I felt Afsos web series had a lot of potentials to be one of its kind. Bringing our philosophical topics up in the real world where we are so busy focusing on more or fewer material forms of validation but slowly and steadily lost grasp of what made it so special in its initial journey. It is an extremely eccentric web series viewing which I definitely felt lost its stronghold in its latter half.

Let us know, how much you liked the Afsos web series in the comment section.

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