Best Marathi Web Series to watch

Best Marathi Web Series

Trying to find Marathi web series to watch, then read this post. We have made of list of Best Marathi Web Series for you to binge-watch. Marathi web series is evolving day by day. To qualify this list Web Series should be in language Marathi. Let’s get started.
Pandu web series

1. Pandu

Pandu is one of the most famous Marathi web series and this Marathi web series have1 season which contains a total of 6 episodes. Starring Suhas Sirsat, Deepak Shirke, and Trupti Khamkar in the lead roles. Pandu is a slice of a life drama Marathi Web series that Shows the daily life of Mumbai Police. It mainly focuses on the lead character of the web series and the problems which the Mumbai police face every day.

2. Year Down

Year Down is a Marathi web series starring famous Marathi actor of Zenda fame Santosh Juvekar and Pallavi Patil. Year Down is directed by Poshter Boyz director Sameer Patil. This Marathi Web Series focuses on the lead character ‘Janmajay’, a successful entrepreneur from Nasik who owns an international wine brand in Nasik. Everything was going well in his life but the problem arises when his father in law puts a condition that he must fulfill to marry his daughter. Janmajay could do anything to marry the love of his life. The condition is that he has to complete his graduation first. In order to do so, he went back to college after 12 years. Year down is all about reinvention, finding the true self, It sounds very spiritual but it’s not. This Marathi web series is full of comedy, romance, and drama.

3. Moving Out

Starring Abhidnya Bhave, Nachiket Devasthali, and  Ashutosh Hinge in the lead roles. Moving Out is the story of a modern girl from the city who is under the pressure of getting married by her parents. The storyline is basically about an ambitious girl, who is willing to go against anyone to fulfill her ambition even if it’s her own family. Watch this amazing Marathi Web Series, get a peek in the life of a girl who is fighting against all the odds, Social Boundaries to get what she wants.

4. Lukkhe Landge

Lukkhe Landge is a comedy Marathi web series about four boys, who have zero sense of life. All the boys are out of the track and the always wants to party and fun, Watch this Marathi Web Series see all their naughty plans. Lukkhe Landge has 1 season, which contains 5 episodes that have been released yet.

5. Once a year

‘Once a year’ is a Marathi web series starring Nipun Dharmadhikari and Mrinmayee Godbole in the lead roles. ‘Once a Year’ is an Mx Original romantic drama series of a small-town couple. It showcases the romantic journey of a couple over a period of six years, right after their relationship starts in the college. This web series shows the challenges of a long-distance relationship. This web series will keep you on the edge of the chair all the time because the content is very relatable. Once a year have 1 with 6 episodes released yet.

6. Men Will Be Men

Story of normal Marathi boys, who is nothing special. This web series shows the daily and very funny life moments of Marathi boys. Men Will Be Men is a comedy and slice of life Marathi web series.

7. Padded ki Pushup

Padded ki Pushup is a Marathi web series that showcase the life of a newly married guy and the problems because of his profession. Actually, the main character owns a lingerie shop. This web series is a comedy web series that is full of awkward conversations and silly dialogues.

8. Shree Kaamdev Prasanna

This web series is about a 35-year-old innocent guy ‘Milind’. His biggest problem is his inability to speak to girls and therefore no matter how hard his mother tries, Milind continues to be single. One day Lord Kaamdev, the God of Passion and Desire comes into his life and teaches him a special mantra that makes him invisible and gives him the ability to listen to the thoughts inside any girl’s head. Is this ability is going to make any changes or not, find this by watching this amazing web series?

9. Aani Kay Hava

Story of a newly married couple, who sees life in a different and modern way. The storyline focuses on the new challenges, love life that comes with a marriage.

10. Atta Majhi Satakli

This Marathi Web Series is about a doctor who is not much comfortable speaking English but when he joined one of the best hospitals and he was asked to speak in English. If he was a normal guy then he would have tried to do so but as the lead character he stood up for his mother tongue ‘Marathi’. It has1 Season with 3 episodes.

You can watch all of the above web series on Mx Player for free.

WebSeriesPro will update this list as soon as any good Marathi web series will be released.

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