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Best Web Series in Hindi : Indian Web Series

Best Web Series in Hindi

Looking for Web Series in Hindi then read this post. We have shared the name of the Hindi web series that every Indian Web Series should watch. Let’s get started.

10. Apharan


Apharan is based on the 70s era with the feeling of nostalgia and the great suspense and mystery and these remarks give him the 10th rank in this list of Best Indian Web Series. Star cast of this web series is top-notch, so is the acting and direction. The best thing about this web series is it’s story, dialogs, and music. The story follows a cop ‘Rudra’ who was falsely accused and ends up in jail for 3 years. The plot is all about the mystery of the murder of a kidnapped girl. I am avoiding spoilers, If you are getting excited about this web series then watch it now.

This web series has 12 episodes, each episode with a duration of 25 minutes. Stream this crime thriller on Alt Balaji now. It has got 8.5 ratings on IMDb. It is a Hindi Web Series.

9. Breathe


‘Breathe’ is a psychological- drama and because of the great star cast, acting and story make it worthy of the list ‘Best Indian Web Series’ and we ranked it the 9th place. The story follows a police officer ‘Kabir Sawant’, who tries to solve a mystery after going through every detail of the case, and by joining every bits and piece, he founds a suspect. Can he prove that the suspect is the original criminal? or he is wrong from the start. Acting is top-notch and every star cast justifies their character. Breathe is a fresh adaptation of modern Indian Television and the trend. You will love this thriller web series starring the big gun of the Bollywood ‘ R. Madhwan.


Stream this web series on Amazon prime and has 1 season with a total of 8 episodes. It has got 8.5 Rating at IMDb. It is a Hindi Web Series.

8. Yeh meri Family

Yeh meri Family
Yeh Meri Family is set up in the late ’90s. Great screenplay, relatable middle-class family, and people desire make it worthy of Best Indian Web Series list and we placed this web series at 8th rank. The story follows a 10-year-old kid who tries to make a balance between studies, holidays, friends, and family. He has a huge crush at one of her classmates. Characters are totally relatable and we have all have a friend like ‘Shanky’ in our life who is always there to help in any condition, especially with minds. But it was different with me because I was the Shanky of my group. So anyway back to the topic, this web series shows a mother is always caring but strict (every middle class Indian can relate), a father who loves his family and a big brother who is very good at studies. I missed one family member a cute little sister. You will love family drama with the ups and downs of life.

Yeh meri Family


It’s a worth watch show available at TVF play. It has 1 season with 7 episodes. Each episode is approximately 30 min long and has got 9.3 ratings on IMDb. It is a Hindi Web Series.

7. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates follows a cute young couple, and they are madly in love with each other. Good direction and old fashioned love story but in a relatable way make it worthy Best Indian Web Series. The story follows a couple who loves each other and they are in a long-distance relationship from the last 3 years and now they want to get married but here is the catch the princess of this series is confused about the marriage and scared from the responsibilities and commitment that is going to come with marriage. Top-level acting and screenplay, you cannot expect any less from the TVF team. This web series helped a lot of TVF in making the name for TVF on the online platform. This love and comedy dram web series is totally worth your time. I recommend you to give it a shot.

Permanent Roommates
Stream this web series on TVF play and you can also stream season 1 on youtube. Permanent Roommates have 2 seasons with 13 episodes in total and it has got 8.6 ratings on IMDb. It is a Hindi Web Series.

6. ImMature

ImMature is a teen romantic web series and made it to our list of best Indian Web Series and has got rank 6th. While seeing this web series, I felt like that my whole high school life was just enacted before my eyes. Writers and directors of this web series have done an impeccable job in creating this. The story follows a group of three friends one is the lover boy, the other one is fattu and Jan of the group and the last is the feku, who shows that he has too much experience and totally badass but in reality, it is nowhere true. We all have a Susu(fattu) and Kabir(feku) in our life.



The direction is top-notch and has done a good job in capturing trivial details like tiny acts one pursues to impress his crush. Everything in this web series is just so pristinely enacted, directed, captured and presented that will make you give your respect honor to the director and the story writers.
It’s a must-watch show and one of the best Indian web series. It has one season with 5 episodes, you can stream this web series on Mx player for free. It has 9.0 IMDb ratings. It is a Hindi Web Series.

5. Delhi Crimes

Delhi Crimes
Delhi Crimes is an Indian Crime documentary web series and the outstanding acting, screenplay, and story makes it worthy of one of the Best Indian Web Series. Web series has mainly focused on women’s safety in India. After watching this web series, I have my new found respect for the Indian Police force. Delhi crime is based on the Nirbhaya Rape case and Netflix showed this web series in a way, that will make you speechless. Before watching this web series, I didn’t know the details of the Nirbhaya Rape case but now I know. Delhi crime shows how evil one can be. While watching this web series, I was totally numb. I was thinking that how anyone can be so cruel? If you are light-hearted then don’t watch this because this web series covers a true, brutal and inhuman rape case. A must watch series for those who want to know more about the investigation of Delhi case and If you are a crime buff.
You can stream this web series on Netflix and it has a total of 7 episodes. It stands on IMDb with a rating of 8.5. It is a Hindi Web Series.

4. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is a crime drama series and its story and screenplay make it one of the best Indian web series. Mirzapur web series follows a mafia don ‘Akhandanad Tripathi’, who is a millionaire, a lawless city with an unparalleled don. His son Munna, is an unworthy power-hunger heir of the mafia, who will do anything to inherit the legacy that was created by his father Tripathi. An incident leads him to a lawyer Ramkant Pandit and his sons. How much this incident can turn the fate of the unworthy son? Find out on Amazon prime video. You will love watching this power, greed, and ambition story in the lawless city of Mirzapur.
Mirzapur has 1 season with 9 episodes and you can stream this web series on amazon prime. Mirzapur got renewed for the second season by Amazon prime. It is a Hindi Web Series.

3. TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers
Story of four friends who were fed of the normal and busy office life. Enters the business world by launching their own start-up company. TVF Pitcher is a great example of how simple things in life can be enveloped and packaged to serve you something exceptional and can change your life totally. The story is totally relatable, every group of friends has one who everyone blindly trusts (Naveen), one jugaadu (Yogi), the workaholic (Jitu) & one chutiya (Mandal). We all have a Mandal in our life. Pitchers is a worth watch show which includes comedy, drama, and emotion. TVF pitchers is a trendsetter web series for Indian web media and entertainment. This web series has focused on intelligent youth content and they did well. It’s a must-watch series for IT people and engineers.
TVF Pitchers can be streamed on TVF play and it has a total of 5 episodes. It stands at the top of the best Indian web series on IMDb with 9.2 ratings. It is a Hindi Web Series.

2. Kota Factory

Kota Factory

Kota Factory is a TVF original web series, which tries to show the real side of Kota. In brief, Kota is a district of Indian State Rajasthan. Kota is an education hub of India, where India’s top coaching is established like Resonance and Allen. The story follows an IIT aspirant and the sacrifices that he has to make to achieve his goal. Kota Factory played nice and didn’t show the dark side of the Kota. Kota factory screenplay and storytelling are the best and that makes it worthy of Rank 2 in Best Indian Web Series. In this web series, they showed everything about Kota and a JEE aspirant. They even captured a cute love story of the lead giving a charm to this web series and that made this web series one of the most successful web series made by TVF. It’s a must-watch series for everyone, especially for students. It will motivate you and also it can give you many life lessons. So make sure that you watched this web series.

Kota Factory


Stream this web series on youtube for free and you can also watch this web series on TVF play. It has 5 episodes and stands between the top Indian web series with the IMDb 9.2 ratings. It is a Hindi Web Series.

Before going to rank 1. We want to give you the name of some web series which also got too many votes but unfortunately didn’t make it to the list.

  • Tvf Tripling
  • Hostages
  • Criminal Justice
  • Flames
  • Little Things
  • Engineering Girls
  • Gandi Baat
  • College Romance

1. Sacred Games

Sacred Games
Here comes my favorite ‘Sacred Games‘, top-notch, and the best Indian Web Series. Netflix which brought us the web series ‘Narcos‘ and this web series exactly the same but in the Indian version. This web series about a man who started off by selling drugs,l ruled over the city, and became the richest person of that city. Spent time in prison, admired by the people, and became the messiah of the peoples who know him. An honest and hard-working cop Sartaj Singh who has to give his all because of his superiors, that sucks. It covers the typical classic villain type of love and romance. It covers fictional Hindu gangsters talking about killing Muslims while being smeared in saffron in a fictional web series. You will love this thriller web series that covers every aspect of a typical villain but in a relatable way. Acting is top-notch, its literally brilliant and you can expect less from the star cast like Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Season 2 is a letdown. 

Sacred Games


Stream this web series on Netflix. It has total of 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes and it has got 8.8 ratings at IMDb. It is a Hindi Web Series.
Final Thoughts
We are dedicated to providing you with honest and helpful content. In this post, we brought you a list of best Indian Web Series that is available in Hindi.
Share your thoughts about the following question.
Q. What is your Favourite Indian Web Series of All Time?

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