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Cartel Web Series Cast, Review, Trailer: Cartel is a newly released Hindi web series on Mx Player. It’s a crime drama web series that is available on Alt Balaji and MX Player to watch. Cartel depicts the story of a gangland showcasing the Gang wars and how the dark business is conducted.

Cartel Web Series Cast

The Star cast of Cartel web series is very solid. Most of the faces are already famous and know to the fans. Below is the list of the main cast of the series.

Supriya Pathak Kannan Arunachalam
Ritwik DhanjaniJitendra Joshi
Tanuj VirwaniGaurav Sharma
Divya AgarwalAnil George
Monica DograAditi Vasudev
Samir SoniGirija Oak
Cartel web series star cast

Cartel Web Series Review

Cartel is showing a tale of different gangs living together after being united by Rani Maa, who also leads all of these gangs. She is an uncrowned ruler of this gangland. Under her leadership, everything is exactly in order. Angre family is the center of focus in this series. This family is the first family of Mumbai’s crime business. Apart from Angres, there are some other gangs namely Khan, Anna, and Gajraj. Also, there is a mysterious bookie-cum-movie producer who lives there along with his gang. Each gang controls the different criminal activities in Mumbai. But when Rani Maa is suddenly attacked and is on her deathbed, the whole empire starts to shake. The future of the Cartel seems unclear. All the gangs want to take control of this criminal empire. Who will emerge victorious in this gang war? The rest of the story revolves around this question. Supriya Pathak plays the role of Rani Mai exceedingly well. She precisely displays the emotions and character without any overacting. Tanuj Virwani also aced his role of Major Bhau. Jitendra Joshi and Rithvik Dhanjani also acted well according to their respective roles.

Do you know what happens when a criminal clan gets divided into different parts? What will happen when every mafia decides to dominate the rest of the others? Cartel web series answers your curiosity.

Catel Web Series Story

Five gangs Khan, Anna, Gajraj, Angre, and a mysterious bookie-cum-movie producer and his gang live together under the leadership of one iron lady named Rani Mai. This character is played by Supriya Pathak. Rani Mai is now on her deathbed. What will happen now? Will these gangs live together like before? Or will these gangs become rivals? Will this cartel remain intact? Or will Rani Mai’s death lead to the fallout of the cartel? Who will be the next leader of this Cartel? There is only one way to find out the answers to all of these questions. And that is to watch this web series. You can either watch it on Alt Balaji or on MX Gold (a subscription service of Amazon Prime). Web series is not suitable for people who are below 18 years of age since it contains the use of abusive language. The web series features Ritwik Dhanjani, Samir Soni, Tanuj Virwani, Monica Dogra, and Divya Agarwal in prominent roles. It throws light on various aspects of the lives of the crime mafia, including their ways to operate their illegal business. The central focus of the show is on the Angre family, which is believed to be the first family that handles this business inside Mumbai.

Cartel Web Series Trailer

Mx player posted the trailer on both YouTube and Social Media. We have embedded the trailer for you to watch.

Cartel web series official trailer

If you are a fan of crime thriller web series like Mirzapur, then you are definitely going to enjoy this web series. You can say it is an Indian version of Game of Thrones that is set up in a criminal backdrop. The story is good, and the narrative is enjoyable. There are some funny moments in the web series which lighten up the mood in an otherwise tense storyline. It displays the unity of the family and the relationship between the family members. Although it has a slightly slow-paced narrative, still you do not lose interest. Its upbeat music helps in setting up the sequences. Overall, it is a must-watch if you like to watch crime thriller and drama thrill web series. You can also read Cartel Imdb article.

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