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Special Ops Web Series Review: Hotstar

Special Ops Web Series Review: Hotstar

Hotstar released a new web series Special Ops and If you are wondering that you should watch this web series or not then read this Special Ops Web Series Review. Special Ops web series is about an Indian Special Police who is trying to catch an international terrorist.
special ops review
Special Ops Web Series is an action thriller about an Indian Special Police officer who is chasing an international terrorist in the entire series. The writer-director of this web series is Neeraj Pandey and he has made crime thriller his specialty. But the context of this series is the same old crime thriller, that most resembles with Prime Video Series ‘The Family Man”. Special Ops is against the stereotype of Islamic terrorism. The series is focused on an Ismalic Muslim terrorist group, and they are planning a terrorist attack, and other good Muslim tries to stop him, a typical too-goody web series on terrorism. You can’t justify a criminal. If you start hearing their side of the story it will feel like they are not making any mistake because everyone is the hero of their own story.

In the past two weeks, Hotstar was in the news for the early arrival of Disney+ launch in India but that is on hold for now due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. But it confirmed that they are going to provide Star Wars and Marvel animation series. But no one mentioned the Hotstar Special (for Indians) besides they launched 6 web series but the level of series didn’t match the reputation of Hotstar or star India. Some Hotstar Special shows also got applauded like Hostages but still, the series feels like a stretched one.

The worst thing that happened to this web series is no character development. The director is just poping any character without their background, even after that they just discard the character if the story needs it without any character development and arc. You can’t seem to attach to any character because the writer is overly prioritizing the plot. The story is poorly written, Sometimes you will feel like rushed and sometimes feel like super slow motion.

The series is typical Pandey’s funda, as always in the Neeraj Pandey movies or series, they show a radical Islamic terror and another Muslim comes as a hero to save the day. If you compare this series with the Netflix series ‘Bard of Blood’ both tried to outright the Islamophobia but Special Ops even failed at that.

The technical team of this series lets me down most, you can identify many editing mistakes and you can even mark the fake emotion. Hotstar should act mature, they are not some newly formed production house. They should take some tips from the Amazon Prime Video teams.

Special Ops starts with 2001 attack on Indian Parliament and suddenly they jump 18 years forward to a Raw inquiry of a special agent Himmat Singh (played by Kay kay Menon). For the last 18 years, he was after a terrorist that he believes to be the mastermind of the parliament attack and many more but after the investigation of nearly 2 decades, he got nothing on him. That forced him to quit the investigation and it felt like wasting the millions on nothing. And the most frustrating part from the Himmat account is that no one believes him. As if he was changing some ghosts.

Despite having all the budgets they chose the terrible location. The most frustrating part from my behalf is that I never got to see the protagonist in the action, he was just sitting in the office and most of the time he was in the doors and following the investigation by the field agents.

You can stream all the Eight episodes of Special Ops on Hotstar, Worldwide. Keep visiting Web Series Pro for Web Series and TV shows review.

Hotstar Web Series List: Hotstar

Hotstar Web Series List

Get Hotstar web series list. Hotstar is a video streaming platform, where you can stream web series, Tv Shows and Movies. 
The Latest Web Series of Hotstar is ‘Out of love’, Hotstar always releases the quality content and they try to maintain their reputation as a quality creator. My favorite web series of Hotstar is ‘Criminal Justice’. Hotstar mainly focuses on the TV Shows and Serial because this is a franchise of Star India. You can watch all the TV serials of Star India on Hotstar for free.



Special Ops

This Hotstar web series is about an Indian Special officer chasing an International terrorist and this web series is written and directed by Neeraj Pandey, who has made many crime thriller web series. The series is about is against the stereotypes where the fight is against Islamic terrorist and good Muslims are trying to stop them. 

Out Of Love

Out of Love

This is an Hotstar special web series. Out of Love web series is about a couple and their life. They had a perfect family and ideal marriage but in the dark, there was going a secret affair between the husband and another woman. The wife caught him, what will she do? Is she going to forgive, revenge, forget or fight? Stream this web series on Hotstar.
The Office

The Office

The office is a comedy web series and set up in an office. This web series tried to show a hilarious relationship between a Boss and the employes. The best thing that happened to this web series is Star Cast, you are going to see the familiar faces like Gauhar Khan and Mallika Dua. The web series is an even-toned comedy and office drama. The web series have a total of 2 seasons, the first season has 12 and season second has 15 episodes. Watch this hilarious comedy-drama on Hotstar.


Hotstar has announced Season 2 of The Hostages and the next season of Hostages is going to be epic. Hostages web series is about a doctor, who is going to treat the CM of the State. Just before the operation day, four men break into her house taking the entire family hostage and their demand was to kill CM in Operation theatre. Is she going to kill the CM or she is going to save her family? Find out by streaming this web series on Hotstar.
city of dreams- hotstar web series list

City of Dreams

City of Dreams web series is a story of Mumbai city. The web series is about an attempted assassin of a reputed politician which led to a series of crimes, a dirty game of power and politics. The story revolves around the Gaikwad Family, brother and sister are fighting for the throne. And this is not going to be a fair or moral fight. Watch this web series to find out, what a man and woman can do to get power.
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The web series is based on a  murder and in the entire web series, they are trying to solve that murder and punish the guilty. The lead character is Aditya, a nightstand turned into a nightmare for him. When he was found near a dead body and blood in his hand. Is he guilty or not. The series gets more and more interesting as the series move towards the end. You are going to love this web series if you like watching crime thriller content because this might be the best crime thriller Indian Web Series.
Roar of The Lion

Roar of the Lion

This is more of a documentary than web series but still, it was released as a web series, that is why I included this in the list. This is the story of the struggle of the ‘Chennai Super Kings’ team during the time when their team was banned from the IPL. This web series shows the darkest phase of the Chennai super kings team and the main episode is on the captain cool Ms. Dhoni.
Keep visiting ‘Web Series Pro’ for the latest updates and Reviews of web series and TV Shows.

New Web Series 2020: Upcoming Indian web series

New Web Series of 2020

2020 is going to be another amazing year for all the Indian Web series fans because of all upcoming exciting new web series. Here is a list of all new web series with some insight, mostly exciting ones are included in this list. If you think we missed something, please let us know in the comment box.

Ghost Stories

Note- Released
Directed by Karan Johar, Joya Akhter, Anurag Kashyap, and Dibakar Banerjee.
Ghost Stories got released on 31st December of 2019 but we counted it in this list because it’s the latest and there is a fair chance that many of you haven’t seen it.
The same team of ‘Lust Stories’ reunites to tell thrilling horror tales. Ghost Stories is an upcoming Indian anthology horror film, consisting of four short film segments directed by Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, and Anurag Kashyap. You can expect nothing less to awesome from the team of epic web series “Lust stories” of Netflix. The concept will be the same, there will be four stories and each story will be directed by different directors with a totally different cast.

Code M

Note- Released
Code M is not an upcoming web series because it got just released this month but still a web series of 2020. So, I added this to the list. 

Same old police drama in the Alt Balaji way, you know what I mean. But there is a change that in this web series there is a very hot female cop. I haven’t seen this web series yet but I am planning to. I have been a little bit busy with jobs and stuff. But I will make sure to write a review for you when I will watch this web series.

Mirzapur Season 2

I have been waiting for this season for like years and I am really excited about this. Mirzapur’s team released a teaser a month ago and confirmed that they are going to release season 2 in 2020 and it is going to be awesome. The first season was a hit, everything about this web series is good. If you are a fan of Indian web series then you are not allowed to hate it. 

There hasn’t been any official announcement of the release date. So, keep looking for the dates. I have some reliable source and I can assure you that it might get released this summer.

Stream season 1 of Mirzapur on Prime Video and keep looking for the updates on season 2, I am also excited about this web series as you are.

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Breathe season 2

The most exciting thing about this season is that Abhishek Bachchan is going to make his debut in Web series. The first season of Breathe went very well. There has been no official announcement about the release date yet but our team is pretty sure that season 2 will release early 2020.

Breathe caught the audience’s eye by its catchy tagline ‘How far will you go to protect the one you love?’. The duo of a psychological killer “Amit Sadh”  and the lifesaver “R. Madhavan” was a hit. But in this season cast is almost the same but with a little bit of change, Younger Bachchan will make his debut and might replace my favorite Madhavan. But this is the same team that gave us the epic season 1, So we can expect another thrilling season from them.

Streaming on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen season 1 yet then binge-watch it right now.

The Family Man Season 2

A typical spy story, who leads his life like any other family and job dude does, a boring one. If you are planning to see season 2 of family man then you already have seen 1st. 

The family Man Season 1 has got a huge fan base and I’m pretty sure that this web series is going to get renewed for next season. It will release at the end of 2020.

For now, stream season 1 on Prime Video.

Hostages season 2

A crime thriller drama web series released on Hotstar special. This web series got a huge success and got ranked in one of the trending web series in India. Hostages are ready to launch another thriller bomb for the audience. Get ready for it. 
Hostages got renewed for season 2 only a few months ago but I’m sure it will hit the screen soon.

The year 2020 is going to be another awesome year for all the web series fans. I will keep you updated.

Class of 2020

Class of 2020 is the second season of Alt Balaji Original web series “Class of 2017”. The cast is promising like Rohan Mehra, Chetna Pandey, and Nibedita Das. You can expect another college drama with two or three love circles and more drama. College kids love this type of show, it’s like they can relate to this. I also watch this type of show, when I feel nostalgic about my college days and it helps me a lot. But don’t expect too much from this web series because it is Alt Balaji, they will always let you down when you expect too much from them. But still a good web series for nostalgia.

The class of 2020 will be released on 4 Feb 2020. You can watch this on Alt Balaji.

Sacred Games Season 3

This might be the long run because season 2 got just released in 2019 and it got a pretty bad audience review. But there is a huge chance that it might get renewed and will be released at the end of 2020. Netflix hasn’t announced anything yet but Sacred Game’s team is planning for another season and shooting takes almost a year. So, you can guess the rest.

Note: We will update the rest of the trailers as soon as it gets released.

American Horror Story Review | Honest and Helpful

American Horror Story
Horrorshow with just a more horror theme to it as a setting of the story is “American Horror Story”. American Horror Story is a very unique show in that every season of it is set in a different environment with a new story and new characters though some actors do come back for other seasons but playing different people at first it can get a little bit confusing because you see the same actors playing a different part but you already remember them as someone else and I forever call them by whatever I first saw of them but you will get used to it.
The first season of American Horror Story is all about the ghosts of a haunted house.  When the “Harmons” move into a brand new house, that is actually a real house. It’s often quite used in Hollywood so you may recognize it you know ‘Buffy’ has it in one episode and ‘Charmed’ has it as well it’s actually a pretty cool house, you can visit it as well.

American Horror Story Trailer

American Horror Story Plot: without spoilers

Anyway when the Harmons move in they start off pretty rocky, moving into a new state is stressful for any family but they already had baggage due to some family troubles but hopefully, this will be a fine new start. Things don’t quite work out that well because this is a TV show and it needs some drama. This house is pretty strange, creepy things start to happen around the house and just around the house in general even when they’re not at home there are lots of random people that just keep coming to the house. Some of them manage to get into the house regardless of its being locked.

Their neighbor “Constance” played by the great “Jessica Lange” is also creeping around the property, chatting to the strange people inside the house that turn up when the family isn’t around. What will happen to the family, what’s up with the strange house in general and why are all these people hanging around. It seems like it’s going to be a horror to fear.

How was the acting in American Horror story?

The first thing I have to talk about are the actors in this show. Now, most of them aren’t very well known before the show started and most of them are even brand-new talent but I have to say that everybody here acts very very well. The acting is top-notch every character and every single person goes through so much and the acting quality is very good. You can tell from the beginning of the show to the end of the show. How much of a range most of these characters have special standout is someone like Tate played by Evan Peters, who goes through so much in the first season. He has so many decent moments and happy moments and him trying to be a good person, but he always comes across kind of creepy.  And then of course when he does go full creep it goes way over the top and it’s really fun to watch. There are a few other actors and actresses that are just amazing in this but honestly, you just have to see it for yourself to see the acting prowess for most of these characters. There are a few names in the show like ‘Jessica Lange’ and I think the show really revitalized her career. Also ‘Zachary Quinto’ from Star Trek is in it and he just has a small part. Always like when a big actor does a small part for a television show it just makes it feel more fun like they just had some spare time and they decided to do something for television, that’s really cool.
American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Spoilers

(If you want to just find out if it’s worth- skip this paragraph)
warning – it contains spoilers 

So, let’s talk about the story of this show the overall story has this layer of mystery to it all. You will slowly learn answers as the show progresses as such a lot of what I say for the rest of this review will have spoilers. So, now let’s go into the spoilers. The show is all about the ghosts that are haunting the new house and how they deal with the new family, that has just moved in. Due to the house’s strange and long history that we learned throughout the show a lot of death and misery are attached to the house, that has lingered on. It kind of wants to acquire more.

I think the progression of this story is very well done you learn about the history of the house a little bit by a little bit. You learn the history of the main characters and ghost little by little Clues are given throughout the show which keeps you pretty intrigued or at least I was. I have to save that by the end of the story. It does start to fall a little flat, there are so many great ideas presented here especially at the start but there are many plot threads all happening at the same time, that by the end it just feels like a little bit too much. It doesn’t give a nice coherent answer to a lot of the things going on. My main gripe with the story of the rules and how they change as the show goes on the rules of the ghosts, and what they can do just feels like they make up new things. When have you heard that a ghost ‘Moira’ appears young and beautiful to men because of men’s desire to see her in that way and women see an old lady because apparently women can see the truth and souls? but she is the only one with that kind of power there is one ghost that looks freakish and causes a lot of pain by attacking and scratching people. But as it turns out that monster is actually a baby that died. 
American Horror Story
Why does that single character get special powers and a different treatment? There are plenty of other things about these rules but they are prettier. Because of this, by the end of the show, I was getting really annoyed. The world that they were trying to present to me just didn’t make much sense, and it felt like that they were making it up. As they went along even though this is a show about supernatural things, I feel that there have to rule to ground it and make it more believable. So, while I quite enjoy the story in general leading. Up to the end of the show, I felt that the actual end of the show was a bit of a letdown. The main story gets really strange and it doesn’t feel like a natural end to the story. as there are so many different main characters we have to go through many stories and many arcs of those characters throughout the show. Some of which are better than others, for the most part, I didn’t really like violet because she was a bratty teenager but the parents were much more interesting. Especially when they start going a little bit crazy. Strangely, one thing that I did like was the fate that happens to violet. A lot of the show was dedicated to Tate and his relationship with violet, and I honestly think it was an interesting way to end the story. Then we have ‘Constance’ who is like got this magnetism to her because she is just incredible to watch, but by the end of the show, it just sorts of feels like a letdown with her character too. Even though the story and mysteries were the main focus, it’s all dripping with the title of the show ‘horror’. 

Why it is called “American Horror story”?

The reason why it’s called “American Horror Story” is that the show is more based on scary things that are more in the Americana settings. Most horror, in general, is grounded in European folklore like vampires and werewolves and etc but this show not only American. It also uses air at scary aspects from American society. 

How much ‘Horror’ is in the “American Horror Story”?

The horror is fairly well done in my opinion, there are plenty of tense scenes and creepy moments with some of it quite shocking. I do feel that as the show goes on, it isn’t quite as scary especially after we start learning things. Like who is in the gimp suit etc. But the tone is pretty constant throughout at the very least, what I found to be the scariest part of this season. I guess the show, in general, is actually the intro, the music, and the imagery are simply of hazy. It is catered to each season in question but not with any actual shots of the show. I honestly think that it’s pretty damn cool. it’s so scary in fact when I watch the show with my girlfriend, we have to skip the intro every time because it scares her too much.
American Horror Story

Is it worth it to watch “American Horror Story”?

In my opinion, the first season of American Horror Story is worth it. It is a show that is quite well made the cinematography is good the acting is very constant and good. Throughout all of the actors and actresses do such an amazing job. The story itself is fairly interesting, I like all of the mysteries and all of the things that the show has going for it really pulls you in, you want to find out what’s happening.  You want to figure out what’s going on in this crazy house, just as much as the main characters do. But there is a downside to that because of this general intrigue to it.  By the time you get to the end of the season, it isn’t quite as satisfying to get to the end and that’s a big letdown. I think because the writer, just felt like they were just adding things onto it, to try and be scary but they didn’t actually have a story fully set out. And it just sorts of falls apart towards the end. This is by no means the best season of American Horror Story but this was the one that started it all. Because of this great imagery, the horror themes and good story in this show got so much attention from the audience.

Guys, Answer my one question in the comment box;-

What is your Favourite Season of American Horror Story?

karthika deepam serial cast list with image, story

Karthika Deepam is an Indian television series in the Telugu language. Stars maa tv channel broadcast Karthika Deepam tv serial. This tv series is a family shows which can be enjoyed by the whole family that is why it’s airing time is 7:30pm for the convenience of the audience. Karthika Deepam is one of the most successful Telugu tv serials. Here is the full list of the star cast of Karthika Deepam tv serial.

List of Karthika Deepam serial cast:-

Name Character Name
Premi Viswanath Deepa
Nirupam Paritala Dr.Karthik
Shoba Shetty Mounitha
Archana Ananth Soundarya
Arun kumar Anand rao
Venugopal Vihari
Seetha Mahalakshmi Tulasi
Yashwanth Aditya
Sangeetha Kamath Shravya
Baby Kritika Sourya
Baby Sahruda Hima
Narasimha Reddy Durga Prasad
Yashvi Kanakala Srilatha
Umadevi Bhagyalakshmi

Image of Karthika Deepam tv serial:-

karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast

Where Can you watch Karthika Deepam tv serial?

You can watch this tv serial in two easy ways.

1. Television:- You can watch this tv show on the “Star Maa” tv channel.

2. Internet: You can watch any show of star group channel on the hotstar and Karthika Deepam is no exception, you can also watch this tv serial on hotstar.

What is the story of Karthika Deepam tv serial?

The story mainly focuses on the Character Deepa (Premi Viswanath), a girl whose skin color is dark but she is very good at heart or There is another word for it “down to earth”. Deepa faces many problems due to her skin complexion but she manages herself very wisely. God always helps good people: This statement became true in the case of Deepa because she got a handsome, Educated(actually he is a doctor) and the most important a loving Husband. Deepa’s husband always helps and supports her. 

Is it Really worth Watching Karthika Deepam?

It depends on your interests. Let me give you a Bulleted List, if you like the majority of this topic then you are definitely going to like Karthika Deepam. 
  • Do you like watching Family show?
  • Do you like watching Shows that are mainly based on an outdated topic?
  • Do you like watching the romance between classical Indian husband and wife?
  •  Do you like watching a regional show?
  • Have you ever Watched typical Afmily drama shows?
  • Do you like watching a show in which everyone hates the main character and as the story follows everyone starts to like her?
  • The most important Story of tv serials goes endless. So, do you like watching a very long tv show?
If your answer to the Majority of the  Questions is “YES” then I recommend you to watch Karthika Deepam otherwise don’t watch it.
Fact: Karthika Deepam is the Trending Telugu tv serial.
Final thoughts:-
Webseriespro always here to help you and We only focus on your need. So, if you give us feedback then we will be really glad. In this post, we tried to help you with the honest and helpful answer to your query.

Q. What is your favourite character of Karthika Deepam?

Grey’s anatomy season 16: cast and honest review

I stumbled upon this show 2 years ago while I was searching for some good and long American tv shows because generally longer the shows go that means the audience is liking it. I never liked to watch a tv show with 1-2 seasons and search for another one because I’m a little picky, sometimes I spend hours searching for one. I’m really glad I found it.

Let’s get back to our original topic Grey’s anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 star-cast:-

Star Name Character name
Ellen Pompeo Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin Chambers Dr. Alex Karev
Chandra Wilson Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens Jr. Dr. Richard Webber
Kevin McKidd Dr. Owen Hunt
Jesse Williams Dr. Jackson Avery
Caterina Scorsone Dr. Amelia Shepherd
Camilla Luddington Dr. Jo Karev
Kelly McCreary Dr. Maggie Pierce
Giacomo Gianniotti Dr. Andrew DeLuca
Kim Raver Kim Raver Dr. Teddy Altman
Greg Germann Dr. Thomas Koracick
Chris Carmack Dr. Atticus Lincoln
Jake Borelli Dr. Levi Schmitt


Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey’s Anatomy honest review:- 

Grey’s anatomy is the seventh longest American tv-show. If you are looking for the season 16 review then you must have seen grey’s anatomy previous seasons but still, I’m going to give you a short details about grey’s anatomy.

Grey’ Anatomy is an American web series and this year season 16 got released. Grey’s anatomy focuses mainly on the center character and her lifestyle and relationship. Grey’s anatomy shows how hard life can be for a doctor in a surgery chamber, how tough it can be to make a decision that will decide the other’s future that he is going to live or die. Literally, I can say for sure that all the characters in this show are worst, you may even start hating them. I’m talking about their character, not about their acting, Star cast is the best fit for their respective character. I’m in love with the mind of the story writer because every episode blows my mind. 

How doctors manage their relationship while being a doctor? How they make a hard decision in the operation theatre? That can even kill a person or save them and every wrong decision haunts them in the dreams. How hard for them to manage their kids? Is the life of doctors is same as common people? What takes to be a good doctor, I’m not talking about study and other stuff I’m talking about courage and will power that takes to be a doctor.

Grey’s anatomy is all about doctors as you can see in the table. If you are also curious about the above-mentioned questions then you should see this show.

Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey” Anatomy Season 16: review

I’m going to give you a quick overview of grey’s anatomy season 16 and then I will review grey’s anatomy season 16 episode wise.
Fun facts or you can call it a recap of Grey’s Anatomy season 16 premiere:-
  • Guys Amelia is pregnant, yes you heard me right Dr. Amelia Shephered. She didn’t want to see her baby first but when the baby born she hold her baby tight and referred the baby as the most beautiful Baby in the world. Every parent can relate to her.
  • Alex (clean shaved and wearing a snazzy suit waiting outside the treatment facility) proposed again by bending to the knee to his sweetheart and said: “Marry me again please, I don’t want an out”. You want to know what she said: she accepted the proposal.
  • Best doctors got fired from the hospital in the name of insurance fraud. They will find a new job and what problems are waiting for them.

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 is going to be another entertaining and more exciting season. Enjoy the premiere of Grey’s anatomy season 16:


Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 1: Review  ( spoiler alert )

Nothing Left to Cling To:  Meredith, Richard, and Alex got fired by Bailey in the name of the insurance fraud. Now, they have to deal with problems like law and all. Big change in the life of Tom he gets a new position at the office and now he has to prove himself. Life of Meredith and Richard goes upside down their lifestyle got really messed up due to all this insurance fraud case and problems that came with it. Will they find a new job and how they are going to face the consequences that are waiting for them.

To Know more about episode 1 click here.

Grey's anatomy season 16


Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 2: Review  ( spoiler alert )

Back in the Saddle: Meredith is still on fire after getting fired from the hospital her attitude didn’t change a bit. While Tom’s new responsibilities came with some struggle and daily life problems as I anticipated. Maggie got in an accident. 

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 3: review (spoiler alert)

Reunited: Another day at grey’s anatomy with another life/death decision for the doctors. Can they save a guy who falls into the construction site and he is already brain dead. Brain dead is the complete loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life). 

Note:- To know more about brain dead condition click on the “Brain dead

Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 4: review (spoiler alert)

It’s Raining Men: Meredith tries to fight for her former colleague and stirs up the negative press. There is a lot going in Grey’s anatomy world. Catch the excitement now. 


Where you can watch Grey’s anatomy season 16?

India- Indian can watch this show at hotstar but you need to have a subscription that they call it Hotstar premium.

USA:- If you are from america then you can watch it on Amazon
           prime video, Indians can also watch on amazon prime video.

Final thoughts:-

Websereiespro gives you the latest and helpful updates of web series and tv shows. In this post, we tried to give you our honest view on Grey’s anatomy season 16. Hope, you liked it. If you are still reading then you must have liked my post.

Give your valuable feedback by commenting below…

Q. What is your favourite character of Grey’s Anatomy?

Hotstar tv shows download

Hotstar tv shows download

If you are looking to download Hotstar tv shows then you are at the right place. This is a guide to show you Hotstar tv show download. In this post, I have also listed all the Hotstar best shows for you to watch. Get all the information of Hotstar about their viewership, Hotstar history, we have it all.
Post content:-
  • How to download Hotstar tv-shows
  • History of Hotstar
  • Viewership of Hotstar
  • Hotstar tv shows list
  • hotstar tv serial list
  • hotstar best comedy shows list
  • Final thoughts 
  • references

How to download Hotstar tv shows?

In every Shows, you can find the download button below the video and you can click on that download button after that your video will go in downloaded videos, Now you can enjoy that video even when you are offline.

Note:- you can only download videos from the hotstar app not on the online version and one more thing you can watch offline video in hotstar app only.


Hotstar is one of the top Indian video streaming sites and they also broadcast live events like Ipl, pro kabaddi, and other sports events. Hotstar is popular in India mainly as a live sports streaming site but Hotstar much more than that like they also feature Tv serials like kumkum bhagya, Hollywood tv shows like game of thrones, web series and many more. 

History of Hotstar :-

Hotstar was officially launched by star India in February of 2014. Hotstar launched a subscription tier in 2016 for the audience to enjoy the best at a low price. Hotstar started featuring tv shows recently from their tv channels like star plus and other star channels. 

Viewership of hotstar :-

  • Hotstar crossed 340M in the cricket world cup of 2015
  • Hotstar crossed 200 M in 2016
  • They crossed 20M per day visits in the Indian premier league of 2019.
  • Hotstar broke all the records in the world cup final of 2019. 
  • Hostar has bought the Ipl streaming rights and gained a lot of viewership and the increase of internet users in India helped them a lot and it was all because of JIO that made it happen.


hotstar tv show download

Hotstar Tv shows download ( best ones):-

  • Game of Thrones ( only for premium user )
  • American horror story ( only for premium user )
  • Doctor who  ( only for premium user )
  • Empire    ( only for premium user )
  • The resident  ( only for premium user )


hotstar tv show download

Hotstar tv serials

  • yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
  • Kumkum bhagya
  • Yeh hai mohabbatein
  • Bhabhi ji ghar pe hai
  • Nagin
  • Kahaan hum kahaan tum
  • Big boss
  • Yeh rishtey hain pyar ke
  • Nimki mukhiya
  • Nimki vidhayak
  • Radhakrishna
  • Muskaan
  • Nach baliya
  • Koffee with karan
  • Master chef india
  • The voice
  • Savdhaan india

Hotstar Tv shows specials to watch and download

  • Roar of the lion
  • The office
  • Hostages
  • Criminal justice
  • city of dreams
hotstar tv show download

Hostar comedy Shows to watch and download

  • Sarabhai vs sarabhai
  • Bhau hamari rajnikant
  • kya hal Mr. Panchal
  • Khichdi
  • May I come in madam
  • laughter challenge
  • Papa by chance
Final thoughts:-
Web series pro came with another pro list for you guys. watch and enjoy these. If you want to download Hotstar tv shows then follow the method that I have stated above but if you are an Indian tv shows fan then taking subscription would be a good choice. Hotstar is one of India’s leading video streaming site and they have also launched Hotstar mobile app, you can download it via play store. 

Note – If you are a jio user then you can access most of the hotstar content for free like ipl .

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