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Maska Movie Review: Netflix 2020

Maska Movie Review: Netflix

Maska is the latest Netflix Original movie starring Manisha Koirala, Prit Kamani, Nikita Dutta, Jaaved  Jaaferi and Shirley Setia. Maska’s movie is about a Parsi boy Rumi, who wants to fulfill his dream by becoming an actor. Should you watch it or not? Read this review and decide.

In the last week, due to lockdown, I was stuck at home and binge-watching my favorite movies and web series. I was waiting for something new to pop-up and here it was Maska starring Manisha Koirala, I watched the full movie and here it’s my review of Netflix Movie Maska.

You can Watch Maska Movie Review: Netflix

The trailer of this movie revealed that the story is about a Parsi boy Rumi played by Prit Kamani, from the south Bombay. He wants to do something big in acting and in Bollywood. But his mother played by Manisha Koirala, wants him to take over the family Irani cafe ‘Rustom’,  and carry on the legacy of the family. She can give anything to his son if he agrees to take over the cafe. To achieve his dream, Rumi decides to sell the cafe. Did he do it? Find out by streaming this web series on Netflix.

If I am honestly speaking, the story has nothing new or any deep meaning but still, the movie gives you a feel-good impression. The storyline is very predictable, you can predict what’s going to happen next but still, you are going to find it amusing. The best thing that happened to the Maska movie is the star cast, especially Manisha Koirala. She has done a magnificent job and everyone was expecting that from her. You can say that the Maska of this movie is “Manisha Koirala” and the feel-good, managing, situation handler is Jaaved Jaafari. Jaaved’s performance in this movie proves that he can adapt to any character, with a unique charm.

 Prit has his own moments, like when he lases out on the casting director and in father-son moments. Prit didn’t try to do anything out of the box, he simply delivered the storyline from his heart and he did well. Despite being a young actor, he never tried to go over the top. The same goes for young India’s crush Shirley Setia, her voice and the smile is the highlight of this movie for me.

Maska Movie Review: Netflix 2020

The music of Maska movie is a plus point for this. The tune of Music is the feel-good one, which can cheer and make the moment romantic. If you are one of the love birds then it may be one of the best movies for you to watch. Maska movie is perfect for you to watch with your girlfriend. 

Angrezi Medium Movie Review: New Movie 2020

Angrezi Medium Review

Looking for Angrezi Medium Review: Read this post for full analysis of  Angrezi Medium Movie. The movie is directed by Homi Adajania and Starring Irrfan Khan, Radhika Madan, Deepak Dobriyal, Kareena Kapoor and Kiku Sharda. Let’s get started.
Angrezi Medium movie is about a single father Champak Bansal played by Irrfan Khan and his daughter Tarika Bansal played by Radhika Madan. Tarika has always dreamt of seeing the world and she can’t miss the opportunity to see London that came to her in teenage. Champak is that type of father who can go to any length for the happiness of his daughter but the problems are fear fo losing his daughter and financial challenges also and he has to overcome all of this. Somehow, Tarika ends up in London, so do Champak Bansal and his cousin Gopi. As you can predict by seeing the trailer that the men are pretending to be someone they are not, leading to a further series of misadventures, mishaps, and misunderstandings.
Watch Angrezi Medium Review Video:

At the beginning of the Angrezi Medium Movie, a text comes on the big screen and that is a Hindi word ‘Pita’ and they define the word as Parent but the actual meaning of Pita is a father.

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The plotline of the Angrezi Medium Movie sounds amazing but on the screen, the movie is not that amazing. The Angrezi Medium is evenly toned, consistently funny and a storyline which is not as impressive to keep on the edge all the time and not either that bad to make you leave the movie. 

This movie is a follow-up movie of the 2017 Bollywood movie ‘Hindi Medium’. Same as Raj of Hindi Medium Champak can also barely speak English. This is a good fun movie to watch. Kareena Kapoor also appeared in the movie for a short scene but that was a very important role.

Angrezi Medium movie is a comeback movie after 7 years for Irrfan Khan, he was diagnosed with Cancer. As from the public opinion, his performance got improved and he was totally consumed in the character of Champak. After lunchbox, Champak in Angrezi Medium Must rank as among his best work.

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Operation Parindey Review: Zee Original Movie

Operation Parindey Review

Operation Parindey Review: In this post, we are going to Review Zee Original latest crime thriller Movie Operation Parindey.

The movie is a crime action thriller starring Amit Sadh and Rahul Dev. Operation Parindey Movie is about a prime suspect of a bomb blast, who escaped from the prison, and in the entire movie Special Police task force officer is chasing him and trying to catch him. You will feel that this is an extended climax thriller movie.

Video: Operation Parindey Review

Out of nowhere, an attack is planned, coordinated and executed by another criminal (Aakash Dahiya) and in just 10 minutes, Rahul Dev is out of jail. The Police officer who is entrusted to return him to prison is SP Abhinav Mathur played by Amit Sadh. He catches him within 24 hours.
As a 50-odd minute affair, it seems like a lot has been packed in quick time with no breathing space or depth in characterization and situations. Things seem to be moving too fast with not much going into the background of the characters and their motives. Give this Zee Original Movie a Try. Sequences, especially towards the climax, could have been more detailed.

You can feel the thrill in some scenes but the killer punch and wow factor is missing from the Movie. The entire movie is a showcase of a chase between Special Police Task Force officer and a criminal but you will feel a little satisfied when Amit Sadh and Rahul dev confront themselves.

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Give Operation Parindey Movie a try and if you like that movie is getting boring or the scenes are repetitive then quit watching it, believe me, you won’t be missing much.

The Invisible man Review in Hindi

The Invisible man Review in Hindi

The Invisible Man is the latest Hollywood Sci-fi horror movie. If you are looking for The Invisible Man Review in Hindi then Read this full post.
The Invisible man

द इनविजिबल मैन का निर्देशन लेह व्हेननेल द्वारा किया गया है। इस फिल्म की हेरोइन एलिजाबेथ मॉस को एक अपमानजनक प्रेमी से भागते हुए एक महिला के रूप में दिखाया गया है , लेकिन जब उसे पता चलता है कि वह आत्महत्या कर के मर गया और उसे पांच मिलियन डॉलर की सम्पति का मालिकाना हक़ मिल गया।

सबकुछ ठीक चल रहा था  जब तक कि कोई अदृश्य शक्ति उसका पीछा करने लगा । एलिजाबेथ मॉस का मानना ​​है कि उकसा प्रेमी अदृश्य होने की सकती मिल गया है।  आप इस फिल्म के करैक्टर से अटैच होने लगेंगे।  फिर इनविजिबल मन उसे बहुत ज़्यादा परेशान करने लगता है। एलिजाबेथ मॉस की करैक्टर किसी को बता भी नहीं सकती है की उसे कोई इनविजिबल मन पीछा कर रहा है, क्योकि लोग उसे पागल समझने लगेंगे ।

Watch The Invisible Man Review in Hindi | Video

मैं इस फिल्म को देखने के लिए बहुत उत्साहित था, लेकिन आई फ्रेंकस्टीन, वोल्फमैन, ड्रैकुला जैसी फिल्मों के बाद, और मम्मी देखने के बाद मैं ये फिल्म नहीं देखना चाहता था पर ये मूवी उन सभी फिल्म से अलग है। इस पुरे फिल्म में आप thrilled रहेंगे।  ये फिल्म एक Sci -fi, हॉरर , थ्रिलर, psychological  है। 

Invisible Man Star cast:

  • एलिज़ाबेथ मॉस 
  • ओलिवर जैक्सन 
  • आदिस हॉज 
  • स्टॉर्म रैड 
  • हेरिएट दिएर 
Invisible Man movie is directed by – Leigh Whannell

Invisible Man को  ये बातें अछि बनती है –

  • एलिजाबेथ मॉस द्वारा उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन जो लगातार प्रभावित करती है।  वास्तव में इस फिल्म में बहुत अच्छा है और आप उसके लिए महसूस करते हैं , बहुत कुछ क्योंकि आप पूरी तरह से उस से संबंधित हो सकते हैं, भले ही वह एक महिला न हो। 
  • इनविजिबल मैन दूसरे sci -fi फिल्मो जैसे बिलकुल भी नहीं है।  ये फिल्म आपको दिखता है की कोई आदमी कितना पागल हो सकता है।  इस फिल्म में एलिजाबेथ मॉस के करैक्टर का दुख दिखाया गया है। 
  • इनविजिबल मैन एक अलग हैट के है। 
  • लोकेशन एंड शूटिंग बहुत ही लाज़वाब है. 
Enjoy this Movie by watching it in the nearest theatre with your friends but I would not recommend you watching with your girlfriend because it will make the situation very awkward, Just kidding.
Comment below your thoughts about this Movie.