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Hello Mini Web Series Review | Hello Mini Cast

Hello Mini Web Series: Review

Hello Mini Web Series Review
We are going to give an honest and helpful overview of Mx player Original Web Series. If you are unable to decide that ‘Should you watch “Hello Mini” or not? or Is it worth watching or not?. Then you are in luck, we will provide you with Hello mini full details like cast, and a little bit of story to get you excited about this web series and our point of view over this web series, that will clear all your doubts. So, let’s get started.

First, we are going to take a quick look over the star cast of Hello Mini web series.


Hello Mini Web Series cast:-

Anuja Joshi

Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Banerjee

Anuja Joshi is an actress and a trained singer and dancer. she is an international actress and done work in New York, Los Angeles and also in India. She is the nephew of famous Indian National Winner Pallavi Joshi.
Priya Banerjee

Priya Banerjee as Ishita

Priya Banerjee is an Indian actress. Her remarkable works are Hume Tumse Pyar kitna and Jazbaa.
Arjun Aneja

Arjun Aneja as HR Prateek Basotia

Arun Aneja is an Indian Actor and he is famous for Neerja and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Anshul Pandey

Anshul Pandey as Ekansh

Anshul Pandey is an Indian actor and known for his work in Bade ache Lagte Hain, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover

Gaurav Chopra is an actor and lives in Delhi. He has worked in Blood Diamond and Sadda Haq.

Supporting Cast:-

Director of Hello Mini Web series:- Faruk Kabir

Rating of Hello Mini Web series:- Hello Mini Web Series Rating

Hello Mini Web Series Review

Hello, Mini is an Mx Original web series released on 1 Oct 2019. In a nutshell, Hello Mini tries to justify a stalker in a way that he does not seem evil. Hello Mini is based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s book “Marry Me Stranger”. Hello Mini includes lots of topics like extreme fear, daily life problems, and sexual need. And they Have gone deep like sometimes I got scared watching this web series. You can’t justify somethings and stalking is one of them. Stalking can affect anyone’s life to the core, they might even get mentally sick. But in this web series, they tried to justify it and it was really wrong. apart from this Hello mini is superb. Hello Mini displayed, how hard life can be in a new city. They have shown enough bold content to provide better fanservice. Acting is on the other level, Mini did very well, they tried to picturise an Indian family and they did well.15 episodes are too long for the story, but Faruk used all the episodes very wisely and filled it bold and exciting content to give the viewers enough fanservice to enjoy their fullest. Some scenes are really cute as the one when Rivanah was trying to hide condoms from her dad. Being an NRI Anuja and Priya showed some excitement performance but this time Desi girl showed, who is the queen of ‘BOLD’.  This thriller and exciting web series is a worth watching show with a rating of 3-star.
Hello Mini Web Series Review

Note:- This section contains spoilers. If you hate spoilers, then skip to the bottom.

Hello Mini Web Series Story:-

Now, It’s time to get into the story of Hello Mini. Rivanah moved into a new city (Mumbai) for a job and the horror begins. She found her missing top, spine-chilling moments, she always feels someone’s presence and she was also getting creepy messages from the so-called “Stranger”. In the meanwhile, Her life at the new office. Colleagues were as creepy as hell. Let me give you her office tour- her HR Vedant always keep asking out her on a date, and the Boss was obsessed or you could say a mental. Rivanah left her sister’s house because of some personal issue and moved into a house that was already shared by two girls the one Pshyco (Asha) and the other one was an air hostess (Priya) but she is crazy. (Keep in mind that all goes parallel to stalking) Apart from stalking, her life was also a mess. She finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her and witnesses something that she wasn’t supposed to be(find out in the web series). She was really confused that the stalker was friend or foe because at first stalker helped her in the crisis but his obsession for Rivanah got the better of him. Who is the stalker? How does he know everything about Rivanah? Is he a friend of hers? Find out every answer on the Mx player and watch the “Hello Mini” Web series for free and know. Catch this excitement by clicking here.
Hello Mini Web Series Review

Acting and Cinematography of Hello Mini web series

Anuja and Priya being an NRI did a great work in the ‘Bold Scenes’. Faruk Kabir managed very well and depicted the story very well because the story was not that long for 15 episodes it’s too much but he filled every episode with excitement and ended it in a way that you will find yourself excited about every upcoming episode. As a Binge-watcher I liked Hello Mini Web series but still, I didn’t like the idea of the ‘Justifying the stalking’.
Hello Mini Web Series Review
Final thoughts:-
Web series Pro is dedicated to providing you with an honest and helpful review of web series and TV shows. In this post, we reviewed the Mx original web series Hello Mini. Hope, you liked it.

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Mismatch Web Series Cast | Mismatch Web Series Review

Mismatch Web Series cast and Review

Mismatch Web Series Review
Mismatch web series is released and produced by Hoichoi and you can watch it on Mx Player. Know about the Mismatch web series cast and Mismatch review. We are going to provide you with an honest and helpful review of the Mismatch web series. The mismatch is a Bengali web series but also available on the Mx player in Hindi dubbed.

MisMatch Web Series Cast:-

Rajdeep Gupta

Rajdeep Gupta as ‘Ayan’

Rajdeep Gupta is an Indian actor and worked in many web series and he is mainly famous for Byomkesh and The play.

Rachel White

Rachel White as ‘Diana’

Rachel White is an Indian actress and her remarkable works are One and Mismatch.

Mainak Banerjee

Mainak Banerjee as ‘Subro’

Mainak Banerjee is an Indian Actor and mainly famous for Borbaad.

Supurna Malakar

Supurna Malakar as ‘Urmi’

She is an Indian Actress, from Calcutta. her remarkable works are Burning Calcutta and Aami Je Tomaar.


Rating Of Mismatch Web Series:- ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆/ 4 star out of 5

Mismatch Web Series Review

Mismatch Web Series Review:-

Mismatch web series is one of my favourite Hoichoi web series. It’s really fun to watch. The first 2 episodes are not that good but when episode 3 begins fun begins. Acting is superb although the star cast is not much popular. The mismatch has a perfect balance of Love, Romance, Irony, and comedy. I liked the way they depicted a simple fun story. Mismatch shows how to love and sexual compatibility is important for a healthy relationship and how much it matters, especially for women. A sweet melodic drama in Bengali way, All Indian know-How Bengali are? I loved Mismatch and I recommend you to watch this. The mismatch has 2 seasons and the first season have 6 episodes and season 2 have 5 episodes. Let me make myself clear, It’s not a serious web series that will make you crazy for it, Mismatch is a simple and steady-going fun story to watch. Watch Mismatch on Mx player for free.

Note:- This section Contains Spoiler. So, If you hate spoilers then skip to the bottom there you will get some interesting scoop.


Mismatch Web Series Story:-

The story Two couples that are not happy with themselves because they are totally different. Their likes-dislikes, interest, choice everything is different and the biggest problem in their relationship is that they are not compatible with each other as a husband and wife. These couples decided to go on a mystery trip and to enjoy it. Diana and Subro tried their best to convince their partner Ayan and Urmi respectively. Diana- Subro and Ayan- Urmi got matched and now they have to spend 3 days in a hotel in the same room. The first day at the hotel Diana and Subro enjoyed their fullest but Ayan and Urmi were still uncomfortable with others. Know what happens with them and how their relationship turns out to be. Get the excitement on Mx Player.

Mismatch Web Series Review

Acting and Cinematography:-

Mismatch star cast is not very popular and they haven’t got any chance to perform at any big stages but their acting skills are really good. I like the way the director did his work. The location setup was really amazing, so that means that the backstage crew was also hard-working and innovative. I liked the Humor they tried to display. I watched this web series in Hindi because I can’t understand Bengali. Dubbing crew was the best because it never felt that I was watching any dubbed web series.

Mismatch Web Series Review

Final thoughts:-

WebSeriesPro is dedicated to providing you with honest and helpful reviews of web series and tv shows. In this post, we reviewed the Hoichoi production web series “Mismatch” that you can watch it on Mx Player for free. Hope You Liked it.

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Hindi Web series List

Hindi web series list

Looking for Hindi Web series list, get it all here. We have listed below all the Hindi web series categorized by their broadcasting rights.

Hindi Web series List
Get the list of all Hindi web series that are made to entertain the Indian people or Hindi speaking people. Hindi web series is mainly produced by Alt Balaji, Netflix, Tvf, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Mx player, hoichoi etc. Netflix is the best platform to watch web series in any language with the lowest subscription price. 

What is web series:-

Web series is a series of shows of scripted videos generally premiered in episodic way and released on the internet, It first came into notice in the late 1990s (as per Wikipedia and some other reliable source). The rise in popularity in the internet users skyrocketed the popularity of web series. In India, after 2016 there was a sudden increase in the fans of web series and in the popularity of web series in India because of the increase in internet users. 

Awards in web series:-

  • Webby Awards
  • Indie series awards 
  • IAWTV Awards 

Note:- There are other awards in web series but not very popular. They weren’t worth mentioning.

Hindi web series:-

In India web series popularity skyrocketed in late 2015. After that many web series production was formed like- Alt Balaji, tvf( formed in 2012 but started making web series in 2015), Mx player and hotstar started to feature web series and that’s how Indian web series got popularity. Nowadays Hindi web series is also watched worldwide because there are many NRI that are leaving outside of the country. 

Hindi Web series list #netflix (these are the popular one)

Hindi Web series List

Hindi web series list #altbalaji (the popular one)

Hindi Web series List

Note: To get the full list of web series that are made by MX Player CLICK HERE

Hindi Web Series List #tvf  (the popular one)

Hindi Web series List

Hindi Web Series List #amazonprime  (the popular one)

Hindi Web series List
  • Made in heaven* 
  • The Family Man*
  • Mirzapur (also available on netflix)*
  • Breathe*
  • Inside Edge
  • Inspector Chingum ( animated)*
  • Lakho me ek
  • Four more Shots please
  • The holiday*

Hindi Web series list #hotstar

Hindi Web series List
  • The Office*
  • Hostages*
  • City of dreams*
  • Criminal Justice*
  • Roar of the Lion

Hindi web series #Mx player

Hindi Web series List
  • Thinkistan*
  • Helomini 18+
  • ImMature*
  • Only for Singles*
  • F-buddies*  18+
  • Love ok please*
  • Hey Prabhu*  18+
  • Aafat*
  • Pandu
  • Adulting*
  • Black Coffee

Note:- to know more about the web series click on the name of web series.

Hindi web series List #hoichoi

Hindi Web series List
  • Hello 18+
  • Mismatch* 18+
  • Charitraheen  18+
  • Dhanbad Blues* 18+
  • Twisted* 18+
  • Paying Guest  18+

Note- Star (*) marked web seires are most recommended web series to watch, if you haven’t watched them already.

Final Thoughts:-

Web series guide brought you the selected Hindi Web Series List. Visit regularly to get more helpful content like this by bookmarking us. We regularly give you updates from the web series entertainment.

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