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Watch Gandi Baat Web Series on Jio TV

Looking for Gandi Baat Web Series on Jio TV to watch then scroll down and read this post. The web series is now available on Jio TV to watch. We will show you How to watch Gandi Baat Web Series on Jio TV.

Jio TV provides premium content for free to its subscribers to attract more customers. Recently the platform added the trending Alt Balaji original web series Gandi Baat.

Gandi Baat Web Series Jio TV

  • Step 1 – Click on the “Watch Now” link provided below.
  • Step 2 – Click on the Video/ thumbnail to play.
  • Step 3 – Enter your Jio mobile no.
  • Step 4 – Enter the OTP that you will receive on the Jio no.
  • Enjoy watching Gandi Baat Web Series

Gandi Baat Web Series Plot

The web series follows a different storyline for each episode. It reveals different women-centric stories, the living of the rural people, and their desires and fantasies. Mainly the characters are from the Rural part of India and they tried to show the Urban area fantasies in the rural and desi way. It’s a borderline web series, so try to watch it alone and forget not to wear an earphone.

Gandi Baat has a total of 5 season released till now and the season 6 trailer is also available on YouTube to Watch.


Jio has a separate platform for hosting movies, cinemas, and web series that their subscribers can watch at any time. The company follows the footsteps of Amazon. Jio is one of the biggest telecom networks in India with a market presence of over 70%.

Click the link below to watch Gandi Baat Web Series on Jio TV.

After watching the series, you can try browsing for more, the platform has over 100+ premium content available for the subscribers.

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Mirzapur Season 2 Release date and star cast | When Mirzapur season 2 will be released

Mirzapur Season 2 release date and star cast

Here is everything you need to know about Mirzapur season 2 release date, cast and plot, and story.

When Mirzapur Season 2 will be released?

Mirzapur season 2 will be released in April 2020? 

Mirzapur Season 2 has been officially confirmed by the Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video released the Mirzapur season 2 trailer on their official Youtube channel. Know all about the Mirzapur season 2 release date.

Mirzapur first season was released in 2018. So, fans were expecting season 2 in 2019 but Prime video delayed the Mirzapur season 2. Recently Amazon Prime Video released a teaser confirming the Mirzapur Season 2 but there hasn’t been any official announcement confirming the date. We did some research on our behalf and hopefully Mirzapur season 2 will release in Summer 2020. 

WebSeriesPro will update the article when the official release date will get announced. 

Farhan Akhtar confirmed to us that the Mirzapur season 2 shooting was started in early 2019 and Amazon confirmed the sequel by releasing a very short teaser. 

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Mirzapur is an Indian drama and thriller web series in Hindi and everyone was talking about this web series since the release of Mirzapur season 1 on Amazon Prime and got a huge hit. The story follows the two brothers who were trapped in the world of Mafia, violence, drugs and illegal work. The plot has got many twists and thrill to keep you entertained throughout the whole season. If you haven’t watched the first season then binge-watch it right now because this web series has got potential and it may become your one of the favorite Indian Web Series. There was a total of nine episodes in season 1 hopefully they will maintain the same in Mirzapur season 2.

Mirzapur Season 2 Release date, cast

Official cast list of Mirzapur hasn’t been announced but hopefully, the old star cast will definitely return with a slight change in the supporting cast. The Main star cast Ali Fazal will return with his character “Guddu Pandit” and you cand also see that in the latest Mirzapur season 2 teaser. Amazon Prime Video has a huge fan base in India because of its quality content and every web series, tv show, and Movies spread like fire. 

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It is not clear that Guddu’s brother Dharam Veer will be back or not because he got killed in the finale of last season. Vikrant Massey said to India Today that

 “Honestly when I started shooting for the web series, I wasn’t informed about my character’s death. I came to know about it after shooting for 15 days. I was a little taken aback. It was a well-written character and I wouldn’t have backed out, but I had no clue about this.”

Character Rampant Pandit played by Rajesh Tailing will return. Divyendu Sharma will also return as the evil Munna, the son of mafia boss Akhandanand Tripathi, played by Pankaj Tripathi will come back.

Other Returning casts list of Mirzapur season 2

  • Sweta Tripathi
  • Golu Gupta
  • Harshita Gaur
  • Rasika Dugal
  • Kulbhusan Kharbanda  

We will update this article as soon as we get more information about Mirzapur Season 2.

Panchayat Web Series Release Date, cast: TVF, Amazon Prime Video

Panchayat Web Series Release Date

We have shared the Panchayat web series release date and cast. Panchayat is an upcoming TVF web series and produced by Amazon Prime Video. Panchayat is a comedy-drama based on the life of an engineering graduate.

Panchayat web series will release on 3 April 2020.

Panchayat is a comedy-drama web series, which portrays beautifully the life of an engineering graduate. Who decided to be secretory of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh, it all happened because of the lack of a better job. The lead character decided that he is going to get out of this village where nothing is right. There are many challenges that he is going to face in the village like lack of electricity supply, better transportation, and medical support. The series tried to show the typical 90s Indian village but they forgot that it 2020 and many things have changed like nowadays almost every village has a good electricity supply.

Panchayat web series Cast:

  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Biswapati Sarkar
  • Chandan Roy
  • Raghuvir Yadav
  • Faisal Malik
  • Neena Gupta
Our Jeetu Bhaiya is playing the lead character as you can see in the trailer and on the cast list. The protagonist decides to leave the village and get a better job and he seeks the help of a friend. The friends suggest him to crack the CAT exam if he does that he will definitely get a decent job in a decent place. But the challenges make the preparation harder and the most difficult challenge was Electricity. Is he going to crack the CAT or not? Find out by watching this web series on Amazon Prime Video.
Watch Panchayat Web Series Official Trailer:

Panchayat web series is directed and produced by the same team of Hostel Daze. We all know, how good and entertaining was that web series. My expectation from the Panchayat web series is quite high. The best thing that happened to this web series is star cast, especially Jeetu Bhaiya.
We all are waiting for the Mirzapur Season 2 and Amazon Prime is showing us some hidden gems like Hostel Daze and Panchayat web series. 

College Romance Season 2 Cast, Release Date: News

College Romance Season 2

We have shared an update on College Romance Season 2. College Romance is an Indian web series made by ‘The Timeliners’ starring Gagan Arora, Shreya Mehta, Hira Ashar.
College Romance Season 2
College Romance got renewed for season 2 and you can stream college romance season 2 on Netflix. Netflix rented the Indian Web Series College Romance and they are aiming to provide Season 2 exclusively for the Netflix users. College Romance Season 1 was premiered on the official YouTube channel of The Timeliners. The Timeliners announced the next season for this web series. All the fans are very excited and they are waiting eagerly for the next season.

Star Cast of College Romance Season 2 

  • Manjot Singh
  • Apoorva Arora
  • Keshav Sadhna
  • Hira Ashar
  • Gagan Arora
  • Shreya Mehta

College Romance Season 2 Release Date – January 2021.

Series was scheduled to release at the end of 2020 but due to Corona Virus Outbreak, the series got delayed.
College Romance web series is about a group of friends. This web series has beautifully portrayed the life of a normal Indian college student. This series did not show only different relationships but they also showed the conflict that a particular one goes through to maintain the relationship. College Romance has displayed everything like a college love story, fights, small gangs, how to maintain reputation, and the most difficulty maintaining a relationship. Apart from the cast, the entire team has done a great job making this awesome series and cheers for that. If you haven’t watched it they Binge-watch it now.
You are going to find three types of relationship in this series, the first one is a simple old school love, couples are sensitive about each other feelings and they care a lot for each other. In short, everyone would like to have this type of relationship.
The second couple is the normal one, who is madly in love and they fall for each other at first sight. Honestly speaking, you can call this passionate type of relationship.
The third one is a modern type of relationship ” an open relationship”. You are not going to find any emotional attachment but still, they care for each other.
College Romance web series is really fun to watch, Stream this web series on YouTube or Netflix and wait for College Romance Season 2 to pop-up and we will give you update on that, Keep visiting our website.

TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date: News

TVF Pitchers Season 2

When “TVF Pitchers Season 2” will release? We have shared news about Season 2 of the famous web series TVF Pitchers. TVF Pitchers web series is about the four friends, who are trying to build a new start-up.

TVF Pitchers Season 2

I have bad news for all the TVF Pitchers fans because Season 2 was scheduled to release in 2016. We are in 2020, still haven’t heard anything from “The Viral Fever” about the TVF Pitchers Season 2. There are many reasons for us to assume that Season 2 is not going to happen, like:

  • TVF Pitchers Season 2 was scheduled to release in 2016 but it got delayed may be canceled.
  • The Viral fever hasn’t officially announced the cancelation of Season 2 but they haven’t said anything about season 2. So, we can assume that it’s not going to happen.
  • The cast of TVF Pitchers season 1 is pretty busy but it’s not much of a big issue they will definitely get back if paid well.
  • TVF Founder was also charged with the case of sexual harassment.


It totally depends on the mood of The Viral Fever team because of the TVF Pitchers season 1 huge fan base. But this makes the task more difficult and they need to meet the expectation of the fans and the bar has been set quite high. Honestly speaking, if they get a decent plot then they are definitely going to get back on the silver screen to give the fans, what they are waiting for. Let’s not hope for anything because we haven’t heard anything from the team.
TVF Pitcher’s is a great example of how little and simple things in life can be enveloped and packaged to serve you something exceptional that can change your life. The show is based on entrepreneurship but the context of web series is focused on the friendship and life challenges that anyone can face in their life. The series showed the challenges that you can face in any life or career stream. 
What makes us all relate best to the TVF Pitchers is that every group, we all have one friend who everyone blindly trusts (Naveen), one jugaadu (Yogi), the workaholic (Jitu) & one chutiya (Mandal). 
Probably what left me disappointed is how it all ended, frankly speaking, the caliber of the series was high and it deserved a more dramatic ending. If you compare this series with the Bollywood unrelatable content then it’s much better. The plot of the series is simple, four friends who have expertise in different fields and they complete each other. They are trying to build their own start-up but for doing so they need funding. This series showed how difficult it can be and what type of challenges you may face in the corporate world. If you haven’t watched it yet, then do it now.
You can stream all the five episodes of TVF Pitchers web series on TVF Play and on Mx Player for free. 

RRR Movie Cast and Release Date

RRR Movie Cast

RRR Movie Cast and Release Date

RRR is an upcoming movie directed by S.S. Rajamouli. The cast of RRR movie is NTR, Ram Charan Teja, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgn and the movie is set to release on 8th January 2021. Read this post to know everything about RRR Movie.

RRR Movie Cast:

  • NTR
  • Ram Charan
  • Ajay Devgn
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Olivia Morris
  • Samuthirakani
  • Alison Doody
  • Ray Stevenson

RRR Movie Release Date is 8th January 2021.

S. S. Rajamouli back with another movie RRR and fans are very excited about this movie because of the amazing cast of the movie. The movie is featuring the best actors in India like Ram Charan Teja and Ajay Devgn. RRR Movie is the first movie for S. S. Rajamouli after the blockbuster movie Bahubali 2. This movie will release nearly after 4 years of Bahubali Movie. Fans are really excited about this movie because of all the promotion and the reputation of Rajamouli that was made movies like Bahubali. The budget of this movie is nearly 400 crores, the budget is equal to the sum of both Bahubali and Bahubali 2.

RRR movie will release on 8th January 2021 and you might be wondering why 8th January. As you can see from the track record of the Rajamouli, his movies always break all the records of the box office, So he doesn’t need any special occasion to make his movie hit. The Movie is going to set another example and standard for the Bollywood and Indian movies that will be followed in another decade.

RRR Movie is set in 1920 India, so you can expect that the movie villain will be British or east India company, that was ruling the country at that time. The movie is inspired by true events but as you may have already expected that the writer has put his charm in the story. The story is going to be epic, and I have no doubt about that because of the production team of this Movie.

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Zee5 Premium Subscription Free: Zee5 Free

zee5 free subscription

Zee5 Premium Subscription Free

Zee5 providing premium subscription in free and if you want to watch premium content on Zee5 then read this post. We have shared the methods by which you can watch Zee5 premium content if free.

Zee5 is India’s leading platform where you can watch movies, web series, TV shows, and TV serials. Zee5 is popular because it’s the regular and updated content. Zee5 provides content for Indian Viewers. So, If you want to get Zee5 Premium Subscription free then follow these methods.

Method 1: Zee5 Premium Subscription in free by using Airtel thanks.

Step 1: Open Airtel thanks app in your smartphone or if you haven’t installed this app then first install this app from the play store then open it.

Step 2: Slide towards Airtel Discover and find Zee5 premium content and click the play button.

Step 3: After clicking on the Zee5 Premium content you will find a button to activate the Zee5 Subscription at the bottom. You need to click on that button.

Step 4: Then you need to register via your mobile number to get a Zee5 Premium account.

Step 5: Then It will take you to the Zee5 app or if you haven’t downloaded the ZEE5 app then it will take you to the Play store and you need to install the Zee5 app.

Step 6: Now open the Zee5 app and log in by entering the registered mobile number and password.

Step 7: Now enjoy unlimited Zee5 Premium movies, web series and many more.

Method 2: Zee5 Premium Subscription in free by using Vodafone Play.

Step 1: In case, if you haven’t installed the ZEE5 app then install the app from the Play Store. And you also need a Vodafone Play app on your phone.

Step 2: Now Open the Vodafone app and log in by entering the mobile no. and password. You can also log in via OTP.

Step 3: Find the Zee5 premium content on Vodafone play app that you wish to watch and after finding it, click on the PLAY NOW button.

Step 4: It will redirect you to the Zee5 app, Now enjoy Zee5 Premium Subscription free.

Video Tutorial: Get Zee5 subscription for free.

Zee5 is a video streaming platform owned by Zee Entertainment, the platform enables users to browse and watch a variety of movies, web series, TV Shows and much more content in several languages. They provide two types of access on is premium and the other one is free. Free access will provide you limited access to the content and you can’t watch any premium content. Premium Subscription gives access to the entire library, where you can enjoy more the 5000+ content and access unlimited movies that you may never finish.

Zee5 Provides Movies and web series in many languages but especially they are focused on the Indian viewers. So, you can find content in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, English, and many mainstream Indian languages.

By using any of the above-mentioned methods, enjoy Zee5 Premium is free. Comment if our methods worked or not. In case, methods are not working please comment below, you may have to make some mistakes. We will guide you in accessing the Zee5 Premium Subscription free.

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Yeh Saali Aashiqui Movie Streaming on Zee5

Yeh Saali Aashiqui Movie Streaming on Zee5

Yeh Saali Aashiqui is a romantic and thriller movie and it is going to premiere on 25th March 2020 at Zee5. Yeh Saali Aashiqui’s movie is the IMDB best-rated movie of 2019. So, stay tuned to watch this movie on Zee5.

Yeh Saali Aashiqui features the grandson of the famous Bollywood star Amrish Puri and this was his debut movie. Yeh Saali Aashiqui is a spine chilling Bollywood motion picture. The film has been produced by the Pen Studios and the main creative group members are Rajeev Amrish puri and Dhaval Gada.

Zee5 is the platform where you can find this movie easily. I was trying to find this movie and Download Yeh Saali Aashiqui full movie but I couldn’t find it but now the problem is solved because you can stream this movie of Zee5, you need to just visit their website or app then search “Yeh Saali Aashiqui” and enjoy watching online. You can also download this web series from Zee5 and watch it offline but you need to use the app of Zee5.


Watch Trailer of Yeh Saali Aashiqui Full Movie:


So many thriller movies are releasing nowadays, setting up a crisp entity in this age and day is a difficult task. But Yeh Saali Aashiqui passed all the hurdles and the audience enjoyed watching this movie and the Movie met the expectation of the fans. As you would have expected from the trailer of this movie. The movie keeps you engaged all the time, you will never feel bored watching this movie.

Despite both leads being the debutants Vardhan Puri and Shivaleeka Oberoi tried to give their best performance and the fans are quite hyped and intrigued by their performance. They made the plot look alive, and you can expect them to little mess up but they didn’t. The plot is the best part that happened to this superhit movie and as a result, the critics gave this movie a fantastic review. Yeh Saali Aashiqui’s movie is the most rated movie of 2019 at IMDb. Let me give you a peek on the plot. The movie started off pretty weird and you can’t connect with the characters first but as the movie moves towards the end you will feel the thrill and everything will start making sense. At first, I thought maybe they are taking this movie in a different direction and they are definitely going to mess it up or they may not be able to connect every part but I was wrong. They connected it very well. I was really impressed with the story writer and the director, who managed to put it all together.

The plot starts with the story of the male lead and when you start believing him, the situations will start giving more credit to the other side of the story and that’s from the female lead character. Because she had proof of everything. The story starts off with the charming love and it ends with the sadistic sad story. You are going to enjoy this especially if you are going through a breakup.

Zee5 is the platform where you can find this movie easily. I was trying to find this movie and Download Yeh Saali Aashiqui full movie but I couldn’t find it but now the problem is solved because you can stream this movie of Zee5, you need to just visit their website or app then search this movie and enjoy this.

Who’s Your Daddy Cast and Release Date: Alt Balaji

Who's Your Daddy Cast and Release Date: Alt Balaji

Who’s Your Daddy Cast and Release Date: Alt Balaji

Alt Balaji’s next upcoming web series is Who’s Your Daddy they released the official trailer on 21st March 2020. In this post, we will share Who’s Your Daddy Cast and Release Date.

Who’s Your Daddy Cast:

  • Rahul Dev
  • Harsh Beniwal
  • Shobha Kapoor
  • Nikhil Bhambri
  • Divinaa Thackur
  • Anveshi Jain

What is the release date of the “Who’s Your Daddy” web series?

“Who’s your Daddy” web series release date is 2 April 2020. You can stream all episodes on Alt Balaji official website or mobile app.
“Who’s your Daddy” web series is about a boy who makes adult film CDs in the early days played by the famous Indian YouTuber Harsh Beniwal. Let me tell you about the Harsh’s character in the upcoming Alt Balaji web series is a comic one, who pursued a very unique career by selling CDs. The story is set up in the time of 2020 when he has a son without a mother. The series is based on solving the mystery of a boy and finding the truth about his mother. As the story follows the story leads in finding the dad also.
You are going to like this web series if you like watching the old conceptual typical Bollywood comedy-drama movies because this series is the same. The star cast of this series looks very promising because you can find the very famous Rahul Deb portraying as a father and the very famous Harsh Beniwal, who is known for his comic roles and videos from his youtube channel. And the three most beautiful girls in the digital industry like Anveshi and Divinaa.

Watch official Trailer of Who’s Your Daddy:

The series will surely give you a good laugh but I don’t know about the story and how they are portraying the characters. Stay tuned and check WEB SERIES PRO for the REVIEW of web series and TV Shows.

Watch and Download State of Siege 26/11: Zee5 Web Series

State of Siege 26/11 Web Series: Zee5

Watch and download the “State of Siege 26/11” web series now on the Zee5 premium. Zee5 released the new web series State of Siege 26/11 web series on 20 March 2020. In this time of quarantine, you should stay home and be safe, in the meanwhile you can stream State of Siege 26/11 web series on Zee5, now.
Watch and Download Stage of Siege 26/11: Zee5 Web Series

Zee5 released its latest original web series State of Siege 26/11 web series for its premium users. You can watch this web series online or you can download this web series to watch it offline by using the Zee5 app. Allow us to draw your attention to this amazing new Zee5’s web series. Let me tell you some amazing facts that will convince you to watch “State of Siege 26/11”.

State of Seige 26/11 web series is based on the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack in India. The series has a total of 8 episodes for you to binge-watch. The Web Series is based on the journalist Sandeep Unnithan’s book Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11. Journalist Sandeep Unnithan is very famous for his work in journalism due to his previous work and reputation you can assume that the research would be very thorough and top-notch. It also means that the series is going to reveal many facts about the 2008 Mumbai Terror attack is unknown to the common people like us. As you already know that the Mumbai Terror attack is India’s worst terror attack that put a terror on the entire Indian community.

To prevent the bias and give the series a fair look and to avoid mixing this with a nationalistic stance, State of Siege 26/11 has been directed by an American director ‘Matthew Leutwyler’. The nationalistic stance, foreign country ground, and common people believe has been handled maturely and perfectly in the series.

Watch Trailer of “State of Siege 26/11” web series:

As a matter of fact, the shooting schedule of State of Seige 26/11 web series also had ‘Lt. Colonel Sundeep Sen’ who was part of Operation Black Tornado (2nd in Command at the NSG) and he was entrusted with recreating the many obstacles and challenges faced by the NSG Commandos during 2008 Mumbai Terror attack. State of Siege is the first to see the 26/11 attack from the NSG point of view and how they managed to stop the whole freaking situation and what they had to face during the attack not only physical but also at the mental level. To recreate the same situation they even managed to get IL- 76 aircraft, the same aircraft that brought NSG commandos from Harayana base to Mumbai to fight the terrorist.

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The cinematography and the visuals are kept very real they only used natural lights to shoot and you can feel every moment like you are there at the time with them in the background. The series made a special impact on me and I  recommend you to watch this web series or If you want to watch the web series offline then you can download State of Siege web series from ZEE5 but you need to have a premium membership.

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