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Angrezi Medium Movie Review: New Movie 2020

Angrezi Medium Review

Looking for Angrezi Medium Review: Read this post for full analysis of  Angrezi Medium Movie. The movie is directed by Homi Adajania and Starring Irrfan Khan, Radhika Madan, Deepak Dobriyal, Kareena Kapoor and Kiku Sharda. Let’s get started.
Angrezi Medium movie is about a single father Champak Bansal played by Irrfan Khan and his daughter Tarika Bansal played by Radhika Madan. Tarika has always dreamt of seeing the world and she can’t miss the opportunity to see London that came to her in teenage. Champak is that type of father who can go to any length for the happiness of his daughter but the problems are fear fo losing his daughter and financial challenges also and he has to overcome all of this. Somehow, Tarika ends up in London, so do Champak Bansal and his cousin Gopi. As you can predict by seeing the trailer that the men are pretending to be someone they are not, leading to a further series of misadventures, mishaps, and misunderstandings.
Watch Angrezi Medium Review Video:

At the beginning of the Angrezi Medium Movie, a text comes on the big screen and that is a Hindi word ‘Pita’ and they define the word as Parent but the actual meaning of Pita is a father.

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The plotline of the Angrezi Medium Movie sounds amazing but on the screen, the movie is not that amazing. The Angrezi Medium is evenly toned, consistently funny and a storyline which is not as impressive to keep on the edge all the time and not either that bad to make you leave the movie. 

This movie is a follow-up movie of the 2017 Bollywood movie ‘Hindi Medium’. Same as Raj of Hindi Medium Champak can also barely speak English. This is a good fun movie to watch. Kareena Kapoor also appeared in the movie for a short scene but that was a very important role.

Angrezi Medium movie is a comeback movie after 7 years for Irrfan Khan, he was diagnosed with Cancer. As from the public opinion, his performance got improved and he was totally consumed in the character of Champak. After lunchbox, Champak in Angrezi Medium Must rank as among his best work.

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The Bull of Dalal Street Review, Cast | Ullu Web Series

The Bull of Dalal Street Review | Cast

Looking for Review of The Bull of dalal street web series then read this post. The Bull of Dalal Street is the latest web series of ULLU Originals. We are going to talk about The Bull Of Dalal Street plot, how to watch online, how to download Bull of Dalal Street and Review.

The Bull of Dalal Street Review

The Bull of Dalal Street is a story of the journey of  ‘Harshil Mehra’, how a common man became rich from Rag. He gambled his entire fortune in the share market and he got lucky and became a big of share market. But we all know great fortune comes with great consequences, this going to change his entire life. Let me tell you morea about Harshil Mehra , he has iniquitous thoughts and a dynamic personality.

Video: The Bull of Dalal Street Review

The Bull of Dalal Street Cast:

  • Iqbal Khan as Harshal
  • Ashmit Patel as Dilip
  • Kunal Verma as Kunal
  • Priyal Gor as Nidhi
  • Aparna Sharma as Akanksha
  • Naina Chhabra as Jhanvi

How to Download The Bull Of Dalal Street web series?

If you want to download this web series, you just need to open Mx Player’s app or website and search Bull of Dalal street then open it. You will find a little Download button below the video, click and download the Bull of Dalal Street web series.

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How to watch online The Bull of Dalal Street for free?

If you want to watch online The Bull of Dalal Street web series without the subscription of Ullu then read carefully. Mx Player has bought the rights to stream this web series. Now, you can watch The Bull Of Dalal Street web series for free on Mx Player.

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Good aspects of The Dalal Street web series:

It’s not just a meaningless web series which only exist to seduce the audience to make a lot of money like other Ullu web series. The Bull of Dalal Street has a decent story, Rivalry, and Climax. This web series is not too short or big. The first season has a total of 8 episodes. And they released more four episodes in the 3rd part. The acting of web series is bearable because you Ullu is not known for their acting and good star cast but this one web series is going to make a difference.

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Underwhelming aspects of The Dalal Street web series:

The beginning of the web series is quite nice but after the third episode, you will feel like they are just making the situation increase the watch time.
You may feel like unattached with the characters in the middle of the web series
In this web series, they are just popping out the characters without any background building and adding value to the story.

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Gandi Baat Web Series Review | Altbalaji Web Series

Gandi Baat Web Series Review | Altbalaji Web Series

Looking for the Altbalaji superhit web series Gandi Baat Review, then read this full post because in this post we are going to talk about Gandi Web Series, which was produced by ALTBalaji.
Gandi Baat is an Indian web series in Hindi. This web series is one of the most trending web series on IMDb. Gandi Baat web series has a total of 4 seasons and each season has 4 or 5 episodes. 

Gandi Baat Web Series

What is the Gandi Baat web series is all about?

I have seen all the four seasons of the Gandi Baat web series, which is made and produced by Alt Balaji. According to WebSeriesPro, it uncovers, deepest desires and complex connections,, unbelievable and unknown facts about the Indian rural area, which are very hard to believe and sense. As the generation change and time goes, how Indian rural people fantasies can change but keep that in mind that these stories are not the true story it’s just writer’s dark stories or fantasies that came to life via this web series. The unusual fantasies and unexplored space of people through a progression of exciting and energizing stories from the country and Rural part of India. Illustrate the erotic-themed stories from the urban and rural areas of the country. It represents bold stories and every story in particular from other yet weaved with the string of darkest desire which will abandon you with unexpected twists and turns and the most amazing part of these stories are that you can feel it even though they are nowhere near to be true.

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Gandi Baat Season 1 Review

In Gandii Baat season 1, it reveals different women-centric stories, living of the rural people and their desires and fantasies. Mainly the characters are from the Rural part of India and they tried to show the Urban area fantasies in the rural and desi way. Gandi Baat season 1 has a total of 4 episodes and the very first episode of this season is my favorite of all. Season 1 is the second-best season of Gandi Baat, If you like watching Alt Balaji content then you are going to like Gandi Baat season 1 a lot.

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Gandi Baat Season 2 Review

In Gandii Baat Season 2, the Plot and storyline dig deep down about the people’s lives in each episode, who have such brutal desires. In these stories, it is shown how deeply the rural Indian population is affected by their dark fantasies. How Urban desires and fantasies are affecting rural India. And it’s not that only men, but also women. In Gandi Baat season 2, they showed that female partners can also go to any extent for the sake of their desire including criminal activities. Overall, these stories prove that it can actually change your life. Gandi Baat season 2 is the best season of between all the four-seasons of Gandi Baat.

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Gandi Baat Season 3 Review

Gandi Baat Season 3 is a desperate struggle to bank and make money upon the fans due to the moderate success of Gandi Baat season 1 and a huge fan following of Gandi Baat season 2. In Season 3 story is way off because they tried to rush into it. Character in each episode is boring and theme way off. Simply this season is a black mark on the charm of the whole Gandi Baat web series. Alt Balaji should stop playing with the heart of the fans and should stop trying to just make money. Overall, in this season they just tried to make a random same themed story with a change in star cast and location.

The episode with the honeymoon bus with over the top guides with no sense, buses getting stolen, mysterious girl, old man, cross-dressing guy with a history- So much weird stuff within an episode made it unbearable (I salute myself to sit through this one till the end).

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Gandi Baat Season 4 Review

Gandi Season 4 is not bad as Season 3 but it also nothing in comparison with the second Season. Alt Balaji is not understanding and they are just making it worse by making content without any stories they have just made theory and following and they had made a lot of money by that. Alt Balaji makes 1 or 2 seasons with a good effort and makes a huge fan base for the particular web series then they pitch some random shit and tries to make unbearable episodes with some spices. And Gandi Baat Season 4 is part of that plan. Same old drama with some random shit but they made a huge effort to raise their level from season 3. If you have free time, and an Alt Balaji subscription then watches the Season 4 otherwise keep a safe distance from this one.

This was all for Gandi Baat Web Series Review, Comment below your thoughts.

Afsos Web Series Review: Amazon prime video latest web series

Afsos web series review

Afsos Web Series Review

From the beginning of 2020, there are so many web series and films getting scheduled and releasing on a consistent basis. Amazon Prime released the latest web series ‘Afsos‘ with a total of 8 episodes. Afsos web series starring Gulshan Devaiah and Hiba Shah in the lead roles. Basically the two most impressive aspects of ghost stories. Afsos web series which is directed by Anubhooti Kashyap the sister in the Kashyap Family, who has been an assistant director in films like Gangs of Wasseypur has been responsible for all eight episodes. 

Afsos web series focuses on the life of “Nakul” played by Gulshan Devaiah, demotivated in a creative rot, an absence of friends and ostracization from the family, and only therapy guiding him in some productive way. It led Nakul to give up on life, after multiple failed attempts of dying, the man seeks for a permanent and error-free solution from an illegal source called ’emergency exit’. They provide multiple ways to assist in suicide as they like to call it at least. This is where ‘Upadhyay‘ comes into the picture played by “Hiba Shah“. Who is a contract killer known to have a perfect kill streak the madness that ensures that ‘Nakul’ has a change of heart and Upadhyay always finishing every task handed over to her is the premises of  Afsos. 

The web series tried to shed light on many aspects such as the futility of life, the inconsequential existence of individuals in a universe, so vast the concept of life, death and even more so immortality aspects.

Let’s talk about the good and bad aspects of “Afsos”. So that you can ultimately decide whether you want to watch it on Amazon Prime or not.

The good aspects of Afsos Web Series: Amazon Prime Video

Style of humor and writing

The most striking quality of the web series which I am sure you may have inferred from the trailer is that the series is a dark comedy. It focuses on the concept of death and stays far far away from what Indian audiences are used to seeing in films. Death as a concept being treated as something catastrophic in a premise mostly conveyed through blaring soundtracks and some dramatic sobbing. Afsos web series has a brilliant way of integrating music mostly light-hearted and jovial whistles and symphonies with the most gruesome acts that are committed in each episode. You immediately understand the ride you are in for that there is going to be a lot of bloodshed and mayhem for the eight episodes and the wheel will keep on turning what makes the human, the web series is extremely effective because of its inventive writing by Divya Chatterjee, Anirban Dasgupta, and Saurav Gosh. No matter how ghastly the act the series has a method of making you hysterically laugh in sequences, while the elixir of life is being discussed between a man and a sadhu. Well, the police are being approached for the case, they find the force is playing on thoughts free with the criminals in the Station. These are just some of the hilarious gems you will find throughout the web series.

The Screenplay of Afsos Web Series

The brilliance of Afsos web series is that it does not take time to set up. The very first frame of the web series has that ‘Nakul’ on the railway track ready to kill himself. Bored by the time that the train is staking transitioning to getting a pillow for himself to make you understand the morbid humor that will persist throughout it. The series is a thriller created and designed to provide you turn of events you would least expect, it has the quality in multiple situations to lead you to believe something but cleverly the writers have several gotcha moments. Even though it does dwell into the philosophical which may lead to audiences disconnecting especially in its latter half which I will come to later it still provides for elements of the thriller that I essential a premise that cannot be deciphered easily. Honestly, its final sequence and conclusion were the last thing I expected.

Performances of Afsos Star Cast

See, what has happened with the emergence of content on OTD platforms is two things one bad and one good, the bad part is that it becomes a dumping ground for content that is in the back burners of reputed production companies and the good is that talented actor genuinely talented actors who had no link in the film industry that was restricted to doing plays and commercials only having a nice fanbase finally got the opportunity to show off in front of the masses. The series showcases brilliant performances from the most fleshed-out characters and even the ones that were inconsequential. 

Anjali Patil an actor that you may remember from ‘Newton’  as Ms. Sloka, Nakul’s therapist as a commendable job with the written material, a character with many traits that slowly unravel is a web series progresses. 

Similarly, Akash who plays as a cop frustrated at the incompetence of the police force with the limited scream time does a great job.

Ratnavali Bhattacharya as Maria, who manages the company that aids people to commit suicide is simply brilliant in this series. She manages to perfectly balance being dramatic and in empty spaces provide comedic gems, there are moments of improvisation where you can clearly tell these veterans are having so much fun playing with the material.

The stars of the web series Hiba Shah and Gulshan Devaiah, Hiba is the contract killer who possesses that stoic and ruthless demeanor perfectly. The mysticism about the character really does generate intrigue and wanting to understand why is the character the way she is. Gulshan, as you all know is one of the most talented actors we have in the industry today. Playing the role of Nakul, a man absolutely frustrated with how life has transpired for him personally and professionally generates empathy as well as concern from the viewers. A character that many people will gravitate towards, in many ways like many others losing sight of what the purpose of living is as their surroundings thrive and prosper. Gulshan like most of his filmography presents a very convincing and layered performance.

Beyond the material

Afsos web series on the surface may be about a man deciding to kill himself and how this conclusive decision leads to several elements going disarray but the web series sheds light on several facets such as the futility of life, the importance of a strong foundation of friends and family, the key difference between clinical depression and situational sadness, and how many individuals are shaped through their experiences in their formative years. Even though it imparts strays away from the interest generated in the viewers from the perspective of the characters and the premise it medially does provide a new take on such complex subjects.

Afsos web series review: Hiba shah

The underwhelming aspects

Inconsistency and Convenience – There are many aspects of the web series that will make you skeptical look at the situations in the convenience with which people get away with it. One gripe that I have with the Indian creators when they’re designing thrillers or anything where crime is being committed left right and center is there are some staple features, some of which include corrupt cops merciless killings taking place with little to no effect to them getting caught and over a period of time a realization of the severity of the acts due to which the cops come into the picture to become holier than thou. There are so many acts of violence committed oftentimes and broad daylight with several witnesses on sight but the killer goes scot-free living life and executing orders very easily in the future. Inconsistencies creep in when you consider a character like Upadhyay, a person so skilled and meticulous in her execution for her to get an order and mess up so drastically comes across as weirdly inconsistent. Even though the mystery around Hiba’s character develops intrigue her actions often become confusing, transitioning from being borderline psychotic orally sadistically or just a troubled human, it’s tough to keep track. 

Danish Sait’s character, the one character in the web series that sticks out like a sore thumb is Danish Sait’s character. A character that I can’t speak much about as he comes into the picture as the pandemonium exists but his personality seemed to be the most half-baked and directionless. Even though the actor is a great comedic performer I would highly recommend you watch the satirical Kannada film humble politician Nagaraj but in this Danish’s odd cringe-worthy an inconsistent accent bright blue colored hair and just him being that piece in this confusing puzzle seem jarring me place and took away from the otherwise engaging juxtaposition of the spiritual in the real world.

The second half of Afsos web series

This is the point where the viewers will either love the show or completely get disconnected. Where you felt invested in Nakul’s life, his change of heart and belief that there is a reason and purpose to live in the last three episodes the web series takes a contrasting turn towards the esoteric. This means that it can be understood or in the case connects with a small section of people. As a web series opens up the debate of life, death, immortality, human nature, greed, emotional and physical abuse, mental health and many other things. It often moves towards analogies and imagery that comes back to haunt the characters and poorly written new characters into the picture. This I personally felt took away from what initially invested me, the hilarious back-and-forth between Maria and Upadhyay and Nakul and Fokatya. Their personal lives influence interests in surroundings due to which they are the way they are. I felt Afsos web series had a lot of potentials to be one of its kind. Bringing our philosophical topics up in the real world where we are so busy focusing on more or fewer material forms of validation but slowly and steadily lost grasp of what made it so special in its initial journey. It is an extremely eccentric web series viewing which I definitely felt lost its stronghold in its latter half.

Let us know, how much you liked the Afsos web series in the comment section.

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Charitraheen Web series Cast | Charitraheen Web Series Review

Charitraheen Web Series

Charitraheen Web Series
Charitraheen Web Series is an Indian web series produced by Hoichoi web media and now also streaming on Mx Player. Charitraheen is a thriller Bengali web series with two seasons but it is also available on Mx Player in Hindi Dubbed Version. Charitraheen web series has 2 seasons and with a total of 21 episodes and it can be streamed on Mx Player for free. We are going to review this web series and also we take a look into the cast. So, here is everything that we know about the Charitraheen web series.

Charitraheen Web series Cast


Gaurav Chatterjee as  Haran

Gaurav Chatterjee is a trained composer and actor. He is famous for his work in Breakerr.

Sourav Das as Satish

Sourav Das is a Bengali actor and worked in many Bengali web series and shows.

Naina Ganguly as  Kiran

Naina Ganguly is an Indian actress and has worked in the Bengali Film industry. Her remarkable appearance is in Vangaveeti and Beautiful.

Sayani Ghosh as Sabitri

she is known for the movie Pocketmar.

Sourav Chakraborty as Abhay

Sourav is an actor and a director. He is Known for Dhanbad blue (another Hoichoi web series).

Sweta Chaudhuri as Vengchi

She is an actress and has worked in Taranath Tantrik. Sweta is not very famous in the mainstream Indian film industry but she has quite a name in the Bengali Film Industry.

Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama

Mumtaz is a Bollywood actress and also works in web media. She was a cast in the famous Bollywood movie Sala Khadoos.


Charitraheen Web Series

Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya

     3.5-star rating.


Charitraheen Web Series Review

Charitraheen literal translation in English is ‘Characterless’. Charitraheen web series is based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel of the same name. This web series tried to depict all the characters characterlessly and aimed to provide the viewers with a thrilling, lust, love and desireful web series. The plot is very tangled and too many twists and unexpected events. This is a dark tale of desire, love, and lust shown over boldly. It’s an 18+ rated web series with a lot of intimate scenes and fanservice as you can guess it by seeing Charitraheen’s trailer. If you haven’t seen trailer then watch it now, it will give you a glance of this series link is given below. There are lots of bed scenes that will drive you insane. But we can’t ignore the fact that this web series has a remarkable plot. This a dark erotic web series and it is sure to make an impact on the viewers. The story revolves around two couples and their tangled relationship. If you like bold content with a little dark story then this one is for you. Now, enjoy the Charitraheen web series dubbed in Hindi on Mx Player for free.

Watch the trailer- click here

Charitraheen Web Series

Story of Charitraheen web series season 1

The story follows a couple named Kiran and Haran. Kiran is a very beautiful woman, who loves her husband and loyal to him. But something dark lies in their past, that can ruin their relationship. Haran’s dark fantasy might overcome his love for Kiran. The social life of Kiran was ruined by some stranger, someone put all the intimate pictures on the fake social media account, who is behind all this? and why? Will she find all these answers and who is going to win the game of lust and betrayal? find out all this in the exciting and thrilling web series Charitraheen season 1. 

Story of Charitraheen Season 2:-

Kiran’s husband is dead now, Vengchi becomes a teenager and sent to rehab because of the mental health issue as her suspicion still remains that “Is her mother in a physical relationship with someone? In the meanwhile, Satish and Kiran meet and a new chapter begins of their life. Kiran going to fall prey to the lust of a man, once again in her life? Find out in season 2 of Charitraheen.

Charitraheen is a very complicated and tangled web series with too many characters and Kiran (protagonist) connects them all. Dark fantasy with lust stories and hidden desires of men and women, this web series shows them all. Charitraheen is a worth watch show, but it not a show for baby hearted people.

Final thoughts:- 

You will like this 3.5 stars rated web series and Watch Charitraheen on Mx player for free.

Web series pro is dedicated to providing you with honest and helpful reviews. In this post, we reviewed the Hoichoi web series “Charitraheenh”. Hope, you liked it.

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Hello Mini Web Series Review | Hello Mini Cast

Hello Mini Web Series: Review

Hello Mini Web Series Review
We are going to give an honest and helpful overview of Mx player Original Web Series. If you are unable to decide that ‘Should you watch “Hello Mini” or not? or Is it worth watching or not?. Then you are in luck, we will provide you with Hello mini full details like cast, and a little bit of story to get you excited about this web series and our point of view over this web series, that will clear all your doubts. So, let’s get started.

First, we are going to take a quick look over the star cast of Hello Mini web series.


Hello Mini Web Series cast:-

Anuja Joshi

Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Banerjee

Anuja Joshi is an actress and a trained singer and dancer. she is an international actress and done work in New York, Los Angeles and also in India. She is the nephew of famous Indian National Winner Pallavi Joshi.
Priya Banerjee

Priya Banerjee as Ishita

Priya Banerjee is an Indian actress. Her remarkable works are Hume Tumse Pyar kitna and Jazbaa.
Arjun Aneja

Arjun Aneja as HR Prateek Basotia

Arun Aneja is an Indian Actor and he is famous for Neerja and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.
Anshul Pandey

Anshul Pandey as Ekansh

Anshul Pandey is an Indian actor and known for his work in Bade ache Lagte Hain, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover

Gaurav Chopra is an actor and lives in Delhi. He has worked in Blood Diamond and Sadda Haq.

Supporting Cast:-

Director of Hello Mini Web series:- Faruk Kabir

Rating of Hello Mini Web series:- Hello Mini Web Series Rating

Hello Mini Web Series Review

Hello, Mini is an Mx Original web series released on 1 Oct 2019. In a nutshell, Hello Mini tries to justify a stalker in a way that he does not seem evil. Hello Mini is based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s book “Marry Me Stranger”. Hello Mini includes lots of topics like extreme fear, daily life problems, and sexual need. And they Have gone deep like sometimes I got scared watching this web series. You can’t justify somethings and stalking is one of them. Stalking can affect anyone’s life to the core, they might even get mentally sick. But in this web series, they tried to justify it and it was really wrong. apart from this Hello mini is superb. Hello Mini displayed, how hard life can be in a new city. They have shown enough bold content to provide better fanservice. Acting is on the other level, Mini did very well, they tried to picturise an Indian family and they did well.15 episodes are too long for the story, but Faruk used all the episodes very wisely and filled it bold and exciting content to give the viewers enough fanservice to enjoy their fullest. Some scenes are really cute as the one when Rivanah was trying to hide condoms from her dad. Being an NRI Anuja and Priya showed some excitement performance but this time Desi girl showed, who is the queen of ‘BOLD’.  This thriller and exciting web series is a worth watching show with a rating of 3-star.
Hello Mini Web Series Review

Note:- This section contains spoilers. If you hate spoilers, then skip to the bottom.

Hello Mini Web Series Story:-

Now, It’s time to get into the story of Hello Mini. Rivanah moved into a new city (Mumbai) for a job and the horror begins. She found her missing top, spine-chilling moments, she always feels someone’s presence and she was also getting creepy messages from the so-called “Stranger”. In the meanwhile, Her life at the new office. Colleagues were as creepy as hell. Let me give you her office tour- her HR Vedant always keep asking out her on a date, and the Boss was obsessed or you could say a mental. Rivanah left her sister’s house because of some personal issue and moved into a house that was already shared by two girls the one Pshyco (Asha) and the other one was an air hostess (Priya) but she is crazy. (Keep in mind that all goes parallel to stalking) Apart from stalking, her life was also a mess. She finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her and witnesses something that she wasn’t supposed to be(find out in the web series). She was really confused that the stalker was friend or foe because at first stalker helped her in the crisis but his obsession for Rivanah got the better of him. Who is the stalker? How does he know everything about Rivanah? Is he a friend of hers? Find out every answer on the Mx player and watch the “Hello Mini” Web series for free and know. Catch this excitement by clicking here.
Hello Mini Web Series Review

Acting and Cinematography of Hello Mini web series

Anuja and Priya being an NRI did a great work in the ‘Bold Scenes’. Faruk Kabir managed very well and depicted the story very well because the story was not that long for 15 episodes it’s too much but he filled every episode with excitement and ended it in a way that you will find yourself excited about every upcoming episode. As a Binge-watcher I liked Hello Mini Web series but still, I didn’t like the idea of the ‘Justifying the stalking’.
Hello Mini Web Series Review
Final thoughts:-
Web series Pro is dedicated to providing you with an honest and helpful review of web series and TV shows. In this post, we reviewed the Mx original web series Hello Mini. Hope, you liked it.

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Mismatch Web Series Cast | Mismatch Web Series Review

Mismatch Web Series cast and Review

Mismatch Web Series Review
Mismatch web series is released and produced by Hoichoi and you can watch it on Mx Player. Know about the Mismatch web series cast and Mismatch review. We are going to provide you with an honest and helpful review of the Mismatch web series. The mismatch is a Bengali web series but also available on the Mx player in Hindi dubbed.

MisMatch Web Series Cast:-

Rajdeep Gupta

Rajdeep Gupta as ‘Ayan’

Rajdeep Gupta is an Indian actor and worked in many web series and he is mainly famous for Byomkesh and The play.

Rachel White

Rachel White as ‘Diana’

Rachel White is an Indian actress and her remarkable works are One and Mismatch.

Mainak Banerjee

Mainak Banerjee as ‘Subro’

Mainak Banerjee is an Indian Actor and mainly famous for Borbaad.

Supurna Malakar

Supurna Malakar as ‘Urmi’

She is an Indian Actress, from Calcutta. her remarkable works are Burning Calcutta and Aami Je Tomaar.


Rating Of Mismatch Web Series:- ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆/ 4 star out of 5

Mismatch Web Series Review

Mismatch Web Series Review:-

Mismatch web series is one of my favourite Hoichoi web series. It’s really fun to watch. The first 2 episodes are not that good but when episode 3 begins fun begins. Acting is superb although the star cast is not much popular. The mismatch has a perfect balance of Love, Romance, Irony, and comedy. I liked the way they depicted a simple fun story. Mismatch shows how to love and sexual compatibility is important for a healthy relationship and how much it matters, especially for women. A sweet melodic drama in Bengali way, All Indian know-How Bengali are? I loved Mismatch and I recommend you to watch this. The mismatch has 2 seasons and the first season have 6 episodes and season 2 have 5 episodes. Let me make myself clear, It’s not a serious web series that will make you crazy for it, Mismatch is a simple and steady-going fun story to watch. Watch Mismatch on Mx player for free.

Note:- This section Contains Spoiler. So, If you hate spoilers then skip to the bottom there you will get some interesting scoop.


Mismatch Web Series Story:-

The story Two couples that are not happy with themselves because they are totally different. Their likes-dislikes, interest, choice everything is different and the biggest problem in their relationship is that they are not compatible with each other as a husband and wife. These couples decided to go on a mystery trip and to enjoy it. Diana and Subro tried their best to convince their partner Ayan and Urmi respectively. Diana- Subro and Ayan- Urmi got matched and now they have to spend 3 days in a hotel in the same room. The first day at the hotel Diana and Subro enjoyed their fullest but Ayan and Urmi were still uncomfortable with others. Know what happens with them and how their relationship turns out to be. Get the excitement on Mx Player.

Mismatch Web Series Review

Acting and Cinematography:-

Mismatch star cast is not very popular and they haven’t got any chance to perform at any big stages but their acting skills are really good. I like the way the director did his work. The location setup was really amazing, so that means that the backstage crew was also hard-working and innovative. I liked the Humor they tried to display. I watched this web series in Hindi because I can’t understand Bengali. Dubbing crew was the best because it never felt that I was watching any dubbed web series.

Mismatch Web Series Review

Final thoughts:-

WebSeriesPro is dedicated to providing you with honest and helpful reviews of web series and tv shows. In this post, we reviewed the Hoichoi production web series “Mismatch” that you can watch it on Mx Player for free. Hope You Liked it.

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Fitrat Web Series Review | Fitrat Web Series Cast

Fitrat Web Series Review

Fitrat Web Series Review

Fitrat web series is a production of Alt Balaji web media. Fitrat is an Indian romantic web series in the Hindi language directed by Santosh Singh. Know everything about the Fitrat web series of Alt Balaji, We are going to give you the Fitrat Web series review with keeping in mind honesty and helpfulness.

Fitrat web series cast:-

Fitrat Web Series Cast

1. Krystle D’Souza as ‘Tarini bist’

Sher is famous for work in Belan Wali Bahu, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, and Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

Fitrat Web Series Cast

2. Aditya Seal as ‘Veer Shergill’

Aditya Seal is an Indian actor and also worked in many Bollywood movies. He is mainly famous for his work in Student of the year 2 and Purani jeans.

Fitrat Web Series Cast

3. Anushka Ranjan as ‘Amrita Sareen’

Anushka Ranjan is an Indian actress and manly famous for her work in Batii Gul Meter Chalu.

Fitrat web series Trailer:-

Fitrat web series Story:-

The story follows the trio Tarini bist, Veer Shergill, and Amrita Sareen. I want to make it clear that Fitrat is a romantic web series. Traini is a gold medalist in journalism. Her beauty is inexpressible. 

Trarini wants to gets rich as soon as possible and she could do anything for that but you know what, she is a gold digger and always wanted to marry a very rich guy and live a luxurious life. Tarini has a best friend named ‘Amrita Sareen’, who belongs to a very rich family. Amrita suggested an idea to Tarini that she should approach her brother and by doing this, Tarini can leave her dream life and Amrita will get her best friend for a lifetime and they can live together. But Life is not that simple, Traini falls in love with Amrita’s fiancee ‘Veer Shergill’. And In return Veer also started loving Tarini. Now, It started a war between the two best friends over a boy. Who will get the Boy? and What will happen to the other? catch this excitement in the Fitrat web series released by Alt Balaji

Fitrat Web Series Review

Fitrat Web Series Music:- 

Music of Fitrat web series is really amazing apart from the bad story depiction. you will love the Music of Fitrat web series. I’m going to give you a song below and listen to it, and give your opinion in the comment box.

Acting and cinematography of Fitrat web series:-

See, the star cast is really good because everyone had their past experiences and they performed really well.

But I think direct and story flow is not very good because they started the webs series very well but the flow of the story really sucked. I got bored halfway of the series but finished because I have to write a review over this web series. 

I think the focus of the director was really distracted because they tried to just attract a specific group of audiences by giving them fanservice. Literally, they overdid that because sometimes even I realized that they are really stretching some part although, I love long web series because it gives you time to understand and gives you fill what’s really happening. In the climax, they tried to do some experiments but didn’t go well.

Fitrat Web Series Review

Life lesson From Fitrat web series:-

I don’t agree with the Fitrat team about their view of youth India. Because I think 90% of youth want to become useful for society or at least for their family. They are showing a very different image from reality and it can also make a bad impact on the youth.

Rating:- ⭐⭐☆☆☆ / 2 out of 5 star rating.

Final Thoughts on Fitrat Web series: Review:-

I was expecting more from Alt Balaji because they were producing some really good web series from the last 2 months but this was not a good example for them. Because it was like scattered. My recommendation is to not waste your precious time over this crap. Watch some other Alt Balaji web series that are really good.

WebSeriesPro tried to provide you with an honest and helpful review of the Fitrat web series that was released by Alt Balaji production and directed by the famous Santosh Singh.

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Wanna have a good time web series: Ullu original

Wanna Have a Good Time

Wanna Have a Good Time is an Indian web series in the Hindi language that you can watch on ULLU official website. Know all about web series “Wanna Have a Good Time” in this post like cast, story, Review, where you can watch wanna have a good time web series? and many more things like this. Let’s get started.

Wanna Have Good Time Cast:-

Manish Raisinghan

 He has done modeling and he is mainly popular for print and ramp model, Manish Raisingham has also participated in Mr. India  ‘Grasim Mr. India contest in 2002, placing fourth overall and he won three titles (Mr. Photogenic, Mr. Best Smile, and Mr. Best Dressed Male).

Flora Saini

Flora Saini Made her acting debut in the Telugu Film industry. she has also worked with the famous Indian Singer Sonu Nigam. Flora Saini has worked in the Alt Balaji web series ” GANDI BAAT”.
  • Dhiraj Rai

Story of Wanna Have a Good Time:-

The story follows Shilpa ( Flora Saini) and her husband. When Shilpa goes to visit her mom, her husband wants to have a good time and called a number that was in the newspaper. But guess what, he encounters a girl with the same face as his wife. Both are the same or not? ( it’s the only twist of the story. So, I don’t want to ruin your mood by giving you a spoiler.) 

What’s good about Wanna have a Good time Web series?

If you like watching the love quarrel and the couple romance then this is web series for you. You will love this couple and their concept of love. They are a couple from college days. It’s a heartwarming, a little bold, 18+ story with the story of love, obsession, the desire of love, mistake, misunderstanding, and betrayal. with a lot of Fanservice.

Wanna Have Good Time web series

What bad about Wanna have a Good Time?

It’s a very short web series v with only four episodes and a story that is too short. It was like when you are just getting the feel of the story and you find out that it’s the climax and end of the story. A very fast-paced story.

Final Thoughts:-

You should watch this web series if you like watching bold content. Because this web series has a very short story and just made to get the audience’s attention by the cheesy name and attractive tailer, and it was pretty much expected from the ULLU production Team.

In this post, we tried to provide you with an honest and helpful web series review of Wanna Have a Good Time that was produced by the ULLU app. We hope you liked our post.

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Video Review of  Wanna have a Good Time: Hindi

Generation Gap Ullu web series

Generation Gap Web series

Generation Gap Ullu web series
Generation Gap is an Indian web series released by ULLU
web media. Get all the information about the Generation Gap ULLU web series. We brought you a full review, cast and every information on the Indian web series Generation Gap in this Post.
Generation Gap is an Indian web series released by ULLU. A bold drama with a slice of love and regret directed by Deepak Pandey. It is an 18+ rated movie.

The cast of Generation Gap Web series:-

  • Paras Arora
  • Neetu Vadhava
  • Tasmeem Changi
  • Abha Velankar
  • Amrit Singh
  • Amey
  • Kadir

Director Generation Gap Web series- Deepak Pandey

Story of Generation Gap Web series:-

This web series follows a teenager named Vipin and her Aunt Poonam. It’s a web series that shows an unknown relationship between an aunt and a nephew. A relationship that should not exist but it did. At first, Vipin tries not to get much involved with her aunt but as the story goes Vipin attraction toward her aunt also goes up. Mrs. Poonam also tries to encourage Vipin because she also likes him. It may be an adult need or maybe a Teen mistake that brought this unknown relationship. As the story goes Vipin and Mrs. Poonam face many problems due to their relationship.

Generation Gap Ullu web series

Why You should watch Generation Gap Web series?

If you are confused that you should watch Generation Gap or not then this the answer. I am going to give you some points If you like them then you must watch this show.
  • It is a bold drama web Series.
  • Out of the box story.
  • It depicts an unknown relationship between an Aunt and a Nephew that shouldn’t exist.
  • Short web series with only 4 episodes.
  • Not much of a story.
  • produced by ULLU.
If you like the mentioned point then you must watch this web series. let me say it again that this is an 18+ rated movie. So, you are going to get many bold scenes.

 Best Ullu Web Series of 2020

Why you shouldn’t watch Generation Gap?

It is a:-
  • Bold and 18+ rated web series. If you don’t like to see movies like this you should watch this web series.
  • Not much of a story, same old crap with a little more fanservice.
  • The story, without any twist.
  • Pretty much predictable, you can almost predict what is going to happen next.
  • Very short Web series. Generation Gap has only 4 episodes.

Now, when you have decided that you should watch this web series or not then, I’m going to show the easiest way to watch this web series.

Generation Gap Ullu web series

Where to Watch Generation Gap Web series?
You can Generation Gap web series by visiting the official site of the ULLU. or you can just click the link Given Below.

Watch generation Gap 

Note:- You need to login to ULLU to watch any content.

 Watch now Wanna have Good Time 

Final thoughts:-

Web Series Pro always tries to give an honest and helpful review of web series and tv shows. In this post, we brought you a new Indian web series Generation Gap. We hope that you liked this post.