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Bahu begum Serial cast: tv

Bahu begam Serial cast

Bahu Begum is an Indian tv serial tv is being premiered on colors tv and, Bahu Begum tv serial is on-trend of youtube. Bahu Begum tv serial is a family drama and romantic tv serial which shows the romance between the love birds  Azaan Akhtar Mirza ( played by Arjit Taneja), Shayra Sayyed and Noor Qureshi ( played by Diana khan and Samiksha Jaiswal) or you can say a love trio. The story follows a royal family of Bhopal. 

Watch this video – a teaser of Bahu Begum episode of 9th October 2019

Commonly Indian tv serial follows a family and there is always some villain who gives his/her all to ruin the happiness of the family and Bahu Begum follows the same concept but with some little change. Bahu Begum empathizes with the romance part and makes it look like the typical Bollywood movie type. It was enough for the introduction of the Bahu Begum Tv serial let’s get back to the star cast.

Bahu Begum Serial cast:-

Name Character Name
Arjit Taneja Azaan Akhtar Mirza
Diana Khan Shayra Sayyed
Samiksha Jaiswal Noor Qureshi
Simone Singh Begum Raziya Mirza
Amrapali Gupta Begum Suraiya Mirza
Alka Kaushal Begum Gazala Mirza
Mohammad Nazim Asgar Mirza
Rehaan Roy Khalid Mirza
Supriya Shukla Yasmin Qureshi
Maera Mishra Saba Mirza
Bahu begam Serial cast

How can you watch Bahu Begum tv serial?


  • Offline:- You can watch Bahu Begum on the colors tv channel
Bahu begam Serial cast

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