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TVF Aspirants Cast: Naveen, Shivankit, and others in web series

Read this post to know about TVF Aspirants Cast. Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, and many others. Scroll down to see the list of all cast in the web series. TVF Aspirants is the latest web series released on YouTube this week.

TVF Aspirants cast

The series runs along with two different timelines 6 years apart, successfully threading the transition. The series focuses on three college friends who decided to become UPSC aspirants. TVF Aspirants is one of the most inspirational yet realistic web series I have ever watched.

TVF Aspirants Cast

Naveen Kasturia as Abhilash Sharma

The 36-year-old actor played the character of Abhilash Sharma. In the series, he played the character of an IAS officer. In the series, his character was earlier working as an employee in a big corporate company. He has also acted in popular web series like TVF Pitchers, Shanghai, Jashnn, and many more.

Shivakant Singh Parihar as Guri

Shivakant played the Guri Character in TVF Aspirants. In the series, his character owns a shoes business. He played the Guri character with perfection and showed his acting potential. Guri is one of the tripod who got in fight with Abhilash and both manages to overcome this in the end of the series.

Abhilash Thapliyal as SK

Abhilash played the SK character in the series. His character is a UPSC preperation teacher that helps students in clearing the competitive exams. In the series all three friends worked really hard to clear the UPSC exam but only one passed. Later on SK started working in a UPSC coaching in Old Rajendra Nagar. SK character is very lovable and this character grows on you as the series goes on.

Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep Bhaiya

Sunny Hinduja played one of the most loved character in Indian web series community “Sandeep Bhaiya”. Sandeep Bhaiya character portrays a very dedicated, talented UPSCS aspirants but ultimately fails to clear the examination. Every aspirant can feel the emotion of the character and the way his played is remarkable. Sunny showcased his talent and overnight got the fame. In the finale, he manages to crack the PCS exam but in journey he lost his love of life. The character reached to the heart of every viewers.

Namita Dubey as Dhairya

Namita plays the main lead female character in the series ‘Dhairya’. Dhairya is also a UPSC aspirant, who joined the same coaching classes as Abhilash. Both started liking each other and started dating but everyone knows Rajendra Nagar’s relationship doesn’t work. This relationship was not any exception. In the finale, Dhairya ended up marrying Guri.

Kuljeet Singh as Walia Uncle

In the series Walia Uncle character is the building owner where Abhilash lives. The character ‘Walia’ is a typical India guy in his 40s.

Bijou Thaangjam as Prema Rijiju

Prema Rijiju is a character who started preperaing for UPSC exam under family pressure. His interest was in rap music but never got the chance to do anything in the field. Everyone knows half harted approach never going to work in UPSC.

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5 Web Series Like TVF Aspirants

Liked watching TVF Aspirants and want to watch more series like this. Read this post to watch 5 Web Series like TVF Aspirants.

TVF Aspirants is the latest sensational web series released on YouTube. The series consists of 5 episodes and each 50 min. long. TVF Aspirants is the most realistic yet inspirational web series I have ever watched. The series portraits the story of all UPSC aspirants living in Rajendra Nagar. We all know if you want to clear the UPSC exam then go to Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi.

The series runs along with two different timelines 6 years apart. successfully threading the transition. The series focuses on three college friends who decided to become UPSC aspirants. Starcast in this series is perfect and the dialogues are well written.

As expected, TVF has done an incredible job in this series. The series is very relatable and realistic to the core. I enjoyed watching the all 5 episodes very much.

Here are the web series like TVF Aspirants

Kota Factory

Kota Factory is a TVF original web series, which tries to show the real side of Kota. In brief, Kota is a district of Indian State Rajasthan. Kota is an education hub of India, where India’s top coaching is established like Resonance and Allen. The story follows an IIT aspirant and the sacrifices that he has to make to achieve his goal. Kota Factory played nice and didn’t show the dark side of the Kota.

Kota factory screenplay and storytelling are the best and that makes it worthy of Rank 2 in Best Indian Web Series. In this web series, they showed everything about Kota and a JEE aspirant. They even captured a cute love story of the lead giving a charm to this web series and that made this web series one of the most successful web series made by TVF. It’s a must-watch series for everyone, especially for students. It will motivate you and also it can give you many life lessons.


Panchayat is a comedy-drama web series, which portrays beautifully the life of an engineering graduate. Who decided to be the secretory of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh, it all happened because of the lack of a better job. The lead character decided that he is going to get out of this village where nothing is right.

There are many challenges that he is going to face in the village like lack of electricity supply, better transportation, and medical support. The series tried to show the typical 90s Indian village but they forgot that it 2020 and many things have changed like nowadays almost every village has a good electricity supply.

TVF Pitchers

Story of four friends who were fed-up with the normal and busy office life. All friends quit their job and started working to build their own start-up company, but to that, they needed an investor and we all know how hard it can get. TVF Pitchers is an amazing and entertaining series that showcase the struggles of entrepreneurs and the result of hard work and confidence.


The series is set in Mumbai of the 90s. The storyline is about the journey of two copywriters, Hema, and Amit and both are totally different characters one speaks only barely Hindi and the other speaks barely English. Both face different types of challenges in their new career and overcomes them.

Selection Day

Selection Day is a Netflix Original Indian web series. The series is about the two brothers Radha, Majnu, and his father. The fathers want them to become very famous cricketers and that’s why he is training them since they were kids. When they became a teenager, they were admitted in Mumbai cricket academy and started preparing for the selection day of the National Team. There they met Rival and also met some friends. The story is very engaging and the character will start growing on you as the series moves towards the end.

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