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Ullu Web Series Name list 2020: Ullu Original

Check out Ullu Web Series Name List 2020. We have gathered all the Ullu web series that got released in 2020. You can watch all the web series on the Ullu app on your mobile phone or desktop.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2020

Ullu is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of genres from drama, horror, suspense, thriller to comedy & beyond. Binge-watch from the collection of web series, movies, Ullu Originals, and more in your regional language. You can enjoy unlimited video streaming and downloads via getting a subscription plan. The platform focuses on the very specific types of viewers and provides them the ultimate experience in that genre. The OTT platform mainly creates short and mini web series for a quick watch. Generally, the content doesn’t any plotline but still, subscribers enjoy watching it.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2020

  • Peshawar
  • Right or Wrong
  • Slip
  • Paper
  • Helpless
  • Bribe
  • Ashuddhi
  • The Producer
  • Wife in a Metro
  • Sweet Lie
  • Bhasudi
  • Blue Lies
  • Pasta
  • Innocent
  • Kyon Tum Chale Gaye
  • The Chair
  • Woodpecker
  • Prabha Ki Diary
  • Sunny Winter
  • Kasak
  • Ishq Kills
  • Riti Riwaj
  • Smartphone
  • Love is Blind
  • Kavita Bhabhi
  • The Bull of Dalal Street
  • Khul Ja Sim Sim
  • Degree Wala Teacher
  • Tadap
  • Auction
  • Julie

You can stream all the above web series on Ullu App.

I would recommend watching the trailer before streaming any of the UllU web series. It will give you a heads up of what you are getting into. Everyone is not going to like the above web series and it was never meant to. If you are curious to know more about the platform and the content they produce, then visit their website and YouTube channel. It has many paid subscription plans like monthly and yearly, you can choose whichever suits you the most.

You can find the trailer of all the above web series on Ullu’s official YouTube channel. The platform popularity is growing day by day and monthly search has crossed over millions. It’s because of only one thing ‘focus towards a specific genre’. If you are one of the viewers, then you must be getting what I mean.

In 2020, the Ullu platform saw a huge rise in traffic due to the lockdown. Everyone was at home and doing nothing, many tried to find something interesting to watch. Ullu grabbed the chance and started releasing new content every week for its viewers.

Comment your favourite Ullu web series released in 2020.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021: Ullu Original

Check out Ullu Web Series Name list 2021. We have created a list of all Ullu web series that got released in 2021 for you to select the best one and watch. You can watch all web series on the Ullu app platform that’s mentioned below.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021

Ullu is an on-demand video streaming platform focused on Indian users. You can stream this on your android, ios or on your browsers. Ullu web series is currently trending in India because of their specific niche. This is a subscription-based platform, you will have to pay a fixed amount every month to stream the Ullu web series.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021

  • Paro
  • Lovely Massage Parlour
  • Lovely Massage Parlour Part 2
  • Salahkaar – Charmsukh
  • Meri Padosan – Charmsukh
  • Aate ki Chakki – Charmsukh
  • Aate ki Chakki Part 2 – Charmsukh
  • Jaane Anjane Mein – Charmsukh
  • Sali Aadhi Gharwali
  • Laal Lihaaf
  • Third Eye
  • Breast Tax
  • Prabha Ki Diary
  • Halala
  • Kavita Bhabhi Season 3
  • Possessed Love

You can stream all the above Ullu Original web series on Ullu app.

Ullu web series is not for every viewer, it’s focused on niche-specific users. If you haven’t watched any of its content then keep yourself as far as you can. But if you have seen and liked it then you are the target viewers. Before streaming any web series make sure that you are in your personal space and have an earphone for best viewer experience.

You can find the trailer of all the above web series on “Ullu” official YouTube channel. Make sure to watch the trailer before streaming any of the web series. It will give you an idea about what you are getting into. Ullu Original mainly creates mini-series that are very short. The series consists of 4 episodes on average and each episode will be 20 min. long. The platform has more than a million visitors a month and generating revenue according to that.

You can find some of the popular Ullu web series on other websites that you can watch for free like Mx Player, Jio Cinema, Airtel TV, etc. These platforms buy the streaming rights from Ullu to provide premium content to their subscribers.

Comment your favourite Ullu web series that got released in 2021.

Le De Ke Bol Cast, Review: ULLU

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Le De Ke Bol is the latest web series released by ULLU. It’s a fun watch web series, you can watch this on ULLU or you can download it. Read this post to know about the full cast and review. It has a great storyline that will hook you up to the series and you are going to enjoy watching it.

le de ke bol

Le De Ke Bol Cast

  • Gaurav
  • Nisha Mavani
  • Jitendra Trehan
  • Aditya Uppal
  • Jyoti Mishar
  • Kiran T


In this modern society where gender equality and women empowerment matter and everyone is supporting it. Piyali fights against society and the conventional demands of dowry and gets married to Rakesh. They both worked in the same company and Rakesh was a lot junior compared to Piyali. The romance started in the company and both ended up getting married.


The series is very different and better from all the meaningless ULLU web series. In this series, the writer tried to showcase the backward society where dowry is still present and people are practicing it.

ULLU always tries to entertain its users with steamy content but this series is more focused on the story. The series has enough amount of hot scenes to make its audience happy. It’s a quick watch of 20 min., if you have the ULLU Subscription add this series to your watchlist. The actress is really hot and showed her best performance in the series.

Watch and Download now – ULLU

Please comment your review after watching it.

Charmsukh web series Cast, Review, Wiki

Charmsukh web series cast Saumya Tiwari, Nidhin Mahawan, Nikita, Akash, and others featured in the series. Scroll down to read about the series cast, review, and wiki.

charmsukh web series

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Charmsukh is series of mini web series produced by ULLU. Each mini-series is consists of 2-3 episodes and each episode is 20 min. long. If you like content created by ULLU then this web series may become one of your favorites. Charmusukh web series is one of the best web series on the ULLU platform that’s fun to watch and very short that you can normally finish in your daily free time.

Charmsukh web series Cast

  • Saumya Tiwari
  • Nidhi Mahawan
  • Nikita Nikas
  • Ashutosh
  • Jinnie Jaaz
  • Dinesh Vidya
  • Lalit Dixit
  • Unika Ray
  • Lakshya Handa
  • Neha Mandal

Charmsukh web series has many parts that and the readers of this website have commented to get the full list of charmsukh full series list.

Charmsukh web series list, all part names:

Chawl House
Degree Wala Teacher
Jane Anjane Mein


Characters in these web series has acted well and the sound effects are really good. Director tried to make the scenes as much entertaining as he can. If you are a fan of mature movies and like watching Ullu content then give it a try you will have fun.

Although there is not much to the story of these mini web series is very intriguing. In just an hour the director managed to showcase the emotions of each and every character in the series. Every episode unfolds with a twist and captures the emotions of the audience. The mini-series is target towards the audience from Indian village and tier B-cities who doesn’t care much about the story of the series and watched only for the quick pleasure. If you like to watch something meaningful then think again before getting into this. The ratings are high not because of the meaning of the content, it’s high because it delivers the expected joy to its audience.

Let me tell you a story of a part of this big series that will help you clarify the decision that you should watch this or not. Preeti unwillingly gets convinced by her family to marry Shekhar, a millionaire. It’s a story of a typical Indian arranged marriage, where boys and girls meet and get married. Oh Boy, Shekhar is the exact type that Preeti wants in a man and she likes to try this marriage with a liv in a relationship. Then the director showcases his utmost skill to make the love scenes as steamy as he can.

If this is something you like to watch then give it a try, but make sure to close the gate and put on earphones to have some privacy.

Watch the web series now on ULLU App.

All Charmsukh Web Series List: Ullu web series

Charmsukh is a very famous min web series with more than 10 parts released till now. You can watch all the following web series on ULLU App official page.

This list consists of all the parts of the web series tagged by ULLU as Charmsukh

Charmsukh Web Series List:

  • Behrupiya
  • Chawl House
  • Degree Wala Teacher
  • Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat
  • Flat 69
  • Highway
  • Meri Padosan
  • Pajama Party
  • Promotion
  • Pyaas
  • Role Play
  • Sauda
  • Sautela Pyaar
  • Sex Education
  • Telephone Booth
  • Jane Anjane Mein
  • Jane Anjane Mein 2
  • Jane Anjane Mein 3
  • Jane Anjane Mein 4
  • Trapped
  • Humse na ho Payega
  • Mom and Daughter

If you watched any of one part and liked it then binge-watch the rest of them, you will like it. Ullu creates the web series focused on the Indian regional language and they are targeting a particular section of customers who like to watch short erotic content. Charmsukh is the most successful series of ULLU Platform.

Although there nothing more to the story but still each episode manages to entertain you to the fullest. No one watched this type of content for the story. Each story has a certain premise that gets the audience to connect with the content in the first 5 minutes and later on the pleasure starts. That’s actually the best thing about this series it doesn’t waste a lot of time on irrelevant things and directly gets to the point. According to the ULLU audience, they like to watch more short content rather than a 1-hour episode.

Actors in each part showcase the best play and the sound quality of all the series are amazing. Try using earphones for the optimal experience. You can find and watch every web series on the ULLU official app or website. Some series are also available on MX Player to watch for free.

Please leave a comment if you like to watch ULLU content and Why?

Watch Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 on Ullu

Kavita Bhabhi Season 2

Watch Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 on Ullu. Kavita Bhabhi season 2 will release on 7th April 2020. The web series is featuring Kavita Radeshyam as it’s the lead role.

All the fans of the Kavita Bhabhi web series are excited to watch season 2 of Kavita Bhabhi. Ullu released the official trailer of Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 on its official YouTube channel.

In this new season, Ullu is introducing another character named Maya as a surprise for their fans. You can stream the new episodes of Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 on Ullu.

Kavita Bhabhi web series is about a woman named Kavita but everyone calls her Kavita Bhabhi, you must have already guessed that. But you need to know a very interesting fact about this woman named Kavita. The main character of this web series is self-employed and she does a very unique type of job. She talks on the phone with strangers and helps them release their stress and makes them feel good and for doing that she charges them money.

If you watch the Ullu web series then you must know about them and their audience. Ullu’s contents have no story. Ullu has focused all their money on a particular group of audience, who can pay to watch their content. There is nothing wrong with that because if they wouldn’t do it, then someone else is going to do so.

Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Review:

Kavita Bhabhi Season 1 was a super hit and earned good money for the Ullu and impressed a lot of fans. Ullu is gaining a lot of audience and fans day by day because of its regular content and they are not deviating from the aim. Ullu is focused on a particular group of audience and they are doing well. Kavita Bhabhi is one of the best works of Ullu’s yet.

If you like watching Ullu web series then Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 is a must-watch web series for you. If you haven’t watched any of Ullu web series then keep a safe distance and avoid these web series as much as you can. There is plenty of good content on Netflix and on Prime Video to make good use of your time.

Riti Riwaj Web Series Cast, Story, Release Date

Riti Riwaj Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series cast, story, release date

Riti Riwaj is an Ullu web series released on 17 March 2020. Featuring Ankita Bhattacharya in a lead role. In this post, we are going to share the Riti Riwaj web series cast, Story and Release Date. Let’s get started.

Riti Riwaj Web Series Cast:

  • Sanni Singh as Santa
  • Payal as Beena
  • Ankita Bhattacharya as Maya
  • Yugant Pandey as Bhagat Ram
  • Vipul Gupta as Prakask

What is Riti Riwaj Web Series Release Date?

Riti Riwaj web series was released on 17th March 2020 by Ullu web series production.

What is the story of Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Riti Riwaj web series is setup is in the past when there was no water supply in many villages of India and people had to walk miles just to get a jar of water for their family. In that time there was a man who was living with his family happily. But her wife said that she is not able to handle all the housework herself. So, she proposed a way to solve the problem, she asked her husband to marry one more woman, apparently, at that time a man can marry more than one woman at a time and it was allowed lawfully. So he did but the jealously got better of the first wife and she overworked the newly married wife and due to an accident she broke her leg. So to replace the lady she suggested her husband marry again. He had the taste earlier so he did marry the third woman just to help her first wife with the housework and in bringing the water.

Video: Riti Riwaj Review

As you can see, how ridiculous the story is but you might already have anticipated it because of the Ullu web series production reputation. Ullu never makes a web series with some decent story, so here it is some another web series with the typical Ullu charm and repeated context they released a new web series for their viewers. And the more frustrating part is that the audience is liking it. Let me tell you something despite being a terrible web series this one will do great business because of the marketing and seductive content.
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Riti Riwaj Web Series Review: Ullu Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series Review: Ullu Web Series

Ullu released a new web series Riti Riwaj on 17 March 2020. If you are looking for Riti Riwaj web series Review then read this post.

Riti Riwaj Web Series

Riti Riwaj web series is set in the past in some village areas of India when there was no secured water supply available. The story is about a man, who was living a happy family life but his wife said that she is having problems handling the house works alone. As an alternative, she suggested that he should marry another woman and they can live together and another wife’s help would make things easier. As you see at that time ‘Polygamy’ was allowed that means a man can marry more than one woman if he wants. He married another woman and the first wife was happy with another hand helping in housework. The main problem was the drinking water supply, they have to get it by walking miles. But everything went to hell for the first wife when her husband started having an intimate relationship with the second wife and as a result, the first one got jealous. She started giving overwork to the second one, by an accident the second wife broke her legs. Now the same problem again for the first wife. The man marries the third time for her wife to help her wife in bringing water supply for the house.

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As you can see, how rediculous a plot can be but Ullu never ceases to amaze, but on the contrary, they are again going to do good business with this web series. Because of the same obvious reason ‘Seductive Content’. There is nothing wrong with this, people like watching these type of web series that’s why they are making it, I mean someone will eventually. Ullu has made a simple mindset to make the same type of content over and over again for the same particular group of people. Ullu web media doesn’t behave like Alt Balaji, they make some great web series like Mentalhood and then again they jump to the web series like Gandi Baat. As for Ullu they never do that, they are totally focused.

Video: Riti Riwaj Web Series Review

Ullu web series have made their name in the digital media for the obvious reason and if you watch its web series then I don’t have to say it out loud. Web Series like Kavita Bhabhi, Singardaan and the very famous The Bull of Dalal street but the last one was a little good if you compare it with the other ones, these all web series did a good business for the production house.

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As for Riti Riwaj web series, No one in the right mind would marry three women just to help with house works or if you use a web series tagline ‘Just to bring the water’. As you must have known that they also named this web series water wives, how ridiculous it can get.

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In the last, if you like watching Ullu web series then you are going to love this web series because this one is also the same old web series with the Ullu special charm of seduction and boldness. But let me warn you if you haven’t watched any of the Ullu web series then keep a safe distance from this one.

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Riti Riwaj Web Series: Ullu Original Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series: Water Wives

Riti Riwaj is the latest upcoming web series of Ullu. Ullu released the official trailer of Riti Riwaj Web Series on their YouTube channel yesterday. Riti Riwaj is a Hindi web series, the story is about an Indian couple and the setup is in the 80s. When polygamy was allowed, it means one man can marry more than one woman.


Riti Riwaj is a bold web series. We all know about Ullu and their web series they just want to bank upon a particular group of people who are addicted to these type of web series you aren’t going to find any decent story in Ullu web series but still they make good money just by seducing their audience. But still, they follow a simple plotline and also there is one in Riti Riwaj web series.

Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series Release date is 17th March 2020.

Riti Riwaj Web Series Tagline is Water Wives and it’s because of the plot. The man marries 3 women just to carry water, how much logicless a web series can be and Ullu never cease to amaze

The storyline of Riti Riwaj Web Series is very simple, there is a couple living in the rural Indian in the 80s. At that timeline, the water supply wasn’t available in the village area and people need to carry the water from the well to home and the well is very far from home. At that time one man can marry more than one woman. The female partner suggested that he should marry another woman to help her with house chores but the plan backfired the newly married partners got into an intimate relationship. The first woman got jealous and she started making her overwork and unfortunately, the second woman hurt her legs. Now another wife comes into the picture because the first woman still wants help in the house chores.

The story is totally absurd because you can’t marry just to help with housework but maybe I can’t understand the logic because of the generation gap. But still, the story doesn’t make any sense. Acting and character are immature then don’t know how to perform on the screen, maybe because they haven’t worked with the right crew. I can understand because Ullu releases new web series regularly and the crew has to work non-stop but you can’t make any decent content if you are pacing the production.

Plotline suits the aim of Ullu because they just want to give their audience what they like and what they expect from the ULLU web series. Riti Riwaj web series will make a huge hit on the digital platform just like other new Ullu web series because the context of all web series of Ullu is same, they just changes the faces and plotline to suit the audience but you can clearly see they repetition but then again many of it doesn’t matter if the audience likes it.

How to watch the online Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Riti Riwaj is Ullu Original web series and if you want to watch this web series online you need to visit the Ullu website or you can stream this web series on the Ullu mobile app. Maybe after a month if the series makes a hit then Mx Player can host the web series for free like they hosting The Bull of Dalal street and you watch Riti Riwaj Web Series for free.

How to Download Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Ullu app provides a way to save the web series for offline watching and to do that you need to find the download button, click on the button and you Riti Riwaj Web Series will be downloaded. As I said earlier if Mx Player hosts this web series then you can download Riti Riwaj Web Series for free.

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How to watch Ullu web series free | Ullu Original

Trying to watch Ullu Web Series free, then ‘Web Series Pro’  can help you. We will share the right way to watch Ullu Web Series for free. Even if you don’t have a subscription to this platform but still you can watch all the web series. We have a solution for you and if you follow our method you can watch it. Read this post to know that.

How to watch ullu web series in free

You can watch ULLU web series for free on Mx Player. Mx Player has bought the rights to stream some of the famous Ullu web series like Mona home delivery and The Bull of Dalal Street. You just need to open an Mx player mobile app or you can also visit their website and search the name of your desired Ullu web series.

How many Ullu web series you can watch for free?

See, Mx player buys the rights to stream the content the same as Netflix but the only difference between Netflix and Mx Player is that Mx Player is free and it hosts mainly Indian content. Mx Player buys only the premium and worth watching content. You can find all the famous and best web series of Ullu Originals on Mx Player but still, I am going to list the name of the web series that you can watch on Mx Player.

  • Kavita Bhabhi
  • Khul Ja Sim Sim
  • The Bull of Dalal Street
  • Auction
  • Julie
  • Metoo wolf of bollywood
  • Mona Home Delivery
  • Dance Bar
  • Singardaan
  • Ganika – Movie
  • Le De Ke Bol – Movie
  • Bambai – Movie
  • Inspiration – Movie
  • The Cottage – Movie
  • Caught –  Movie

I am sure that Mx Player will add more Ullu Web Series soon and whenever they will do that ‘Web Series Pro’ will update this article to give you Updated content.

What is Ullu Web Series?

Ullu is a premium video streaming platform where you can watch Ullu Original Web Series and Movies but in order to access that you need to pay a subscription price. Ullu provides web series of various genres like Horror, Romance, Thriller, Drama in different Indian Languages.

If you know more ways to do it, comment below.