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Charitraheen Web Series

Charitraheen Web Series
Charitraheen Web Series is an Indian web series produced by Hoichoi web media and now also streaming on Mx Player. Charitraheen is a thriller Bengali web series with two seasons but it is also available on Mx Player in Hindi Dubbed Version. Charitraheen web series has 2 seasons and with a total of 21 episodes and it can be streamed on Mx Player for free. We are going to review this web series and also we take a look into the cast. So, here is everything that we know about the Charitraheen web series.

Charitraheen Web series Cast


Gaurav Chatterjee as  Haran

Gaurav Chatterjee is a trained composer and actor. He is famous for his work in Breakerr.

Sourav Das as Satish

Sourav Das is a Bengali actor and worked in many Bengali web series and shows.

Naina Ganguly as  Kiran

Naina Ganguly is an Indian actress and has worked in the Bengali Film industry. Her remarkable appearance is in Vangaveeti and Beautiful.

Sayani Ghosh as Sabitri

she is known for the movie Pocketmar.

Sourav Chakraborty as Abhay

Sourav is an actor and a director. He is Known for Dhanbad blue (another Hoichoi web series).

Sweta Chaudhuri as Vengchi

She is an actress and has worked in Taranath Tantrik. Sweta is not very famous in the mainstream Indian film industry but she has quite a name in the Bengali Film Industry.

Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama

Mumtaz is a Bollywood actress and also works in web media. She was a cast in the famous Bollywood movie Sala Khadoos.


Charitraheen Web Series

Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya

     3.5-star rating.


Charitraheen Web Series Review

Charitraheen literal translation in English is ‘Characterless’. Charitraheen web series is based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel of the same name. This web series tried to depict all the characters characterlessly and aimed to provide the viewers with a thrilling, lust, love and desireful web series. The plot is very tangled and too many twists and unexpected events. This is a dark tale of desire, love, and lust shown over boldly. It’s an 18+ rated web series with a lot of intimate scenes and fanservice as you can guess it by seeing Charitraheen’s trailer. If you haven’t seen trailer then watch it now, it will give you a glance of this series link is given below. There are lots of bed scenes that will drive you insane. But we can’t ignore the fact that this web series has a remarkable plot. This a dark erotic web series and it is sure to make an impact on the viewers. The story revolves around two couples and their tangled relationship. If you like bold content with a little dark story then this one is for you. Now, enjoy the Charitraheen web series dubbed in Hindi on Mx Player for free.

Watch the trailer- click here

Charitraheen Web Series

Story of Charitraheen web series season 1

The story follows a couple named Kiran and Haran. Kiran is a very beautiful woman, who loves her husband and loyal to him. But something dark lies in their past, that can ruin their relationship. Haran’s dark fantasy might overcome his love for Kiran. The social life of Kiran was ruined by some stranger, someone put all the intimate pictures on the fake social media account, who is behind all this? and why? Will she find all these answers and who is going to win the game of lust and betrayal? find out all this in the exciting and thrilling web series Charitraheen season 1. 

Story of Charitraheen Season 2:-

Kiran’s husband is dead now, Vengchi becomes a teenager and sent to rehab because of the mental health issue as her suspicion still remains that “Is her mother in a physical relationship with someone? In the meanwhile, Satish and Kiran meet and a new chapter begins of their life. Kiran going to fall prey to the lust of a man, once again in her life? Find out in season 2 of Charitraheen.

Charitraheen is a very complicated and tangled web series with too many characters and Kiran (protagonist) connects them all. Dark fantasy with lust stories and hidden desires of men and women, this web series shows them all. Charitraheen is a worth watch show, but it not a show for baby hearted people.

Final thoughts:- 

You will like this 3.5 stars rated web series and Watch Charitraheen on Mx player for free.

Web series pro is dedicated to providing you with honest and helpful reviews. In this post, we reviewed the Hoichoi web series “Charitraheenh”. Hope, you liked it.

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