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Charmsukh web series Cast, Review, Wiki

Charmsukh web series cast Saumya Tiwari, Nidhin Mahawan, Nikita, Akash, and others featured in the series. Scroll down to read about the series cast, review, and wiki.

charmsukh web series

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Charmsukh is series of mini web series produced by ULLU. Each mini-series is consists of 2-3 episodes and each episode is 20 min. long. If you like content created by ULLU then this web series may become one of your favorites. Charmusukh web series is one of the best web series on the ULLU platform that’s fun to watch and very short that you can normally finish in your daily free time.

Charmsukh web series Cast

  • Saumya Tiwari
  • Nidhi Mahawan
  • Nikita Nikas
  • Ashutosh
  • Jinnie Jaaz
  • Dinesh Vidya
  • Lalit Dixit
  • Unika Ray
  • Lakshya Handa
  • Neha Mandal

Charmsukh web series has many parts that and the readers of this website have commented to get the full list of charmsukh full series list.

Charmsukh web series list, all part names:

Chawl House
Degree Wala Teacher
Jane Anjane Mein


Characters in these web series has acted well and the sound effects are really good. Director tried to make the scenes as much entertaining as he can. If you are a fan of mature movies and like watching Ullu content then give it a try you will have fun.

Although there is not much to the story of these mini web series is very intriguing. In just an hour the director managed to showcase the emotions of each and every character in the series. Every episode unfolds with a twist and captures the emotions of the audience. The mini-series is target towards the audience from Indian village and tier B-cities who doesn’t care much about the story of the series and watched only for the quick pleasure. If you like to watch something meaningful then think again before getting into this. The ratings are high not because of the meaning of the content, it’s high because it delivers the expected joy to its audience.

Let me tell you a story of a part of this big series that will help you clarify the decision that you should watch this or not. Preeti unwillingly gets convinced by her family to marry Shekhar, a millionaire. It’s a story of a typical Indian arranged marriage, where boys and girls meet and get married. Oh Boy, Shekhar is the exact type that Preeti wants in a man and she likes to try this marriage with a liv in a relationship. Then the director showcases his utmost skill to make the love scenes as steamy as he can.

If this is something you like to watch then give it a try, but make sure to close the gate and put on earphones to have some privacy.

Watch the web series now on ULLU App.

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