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Fitrat web series

Fitrat Web Series Review

Fitrat web series is a production of Alt Balaji web media. Fitrat is an Indian romantic web series in the Hindi language directed by Santosh Singh. Know everything about the Fitrat web series of Alt Balaji, We are going to give you the Fitrat Web series review with keeping in mind honesty and helpfulness.

Fitrat web series cast:-

1. Krystle D’Souza as ‘Tarini bist’

Sher is famous for work in Belan Wali Bahu, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, and Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

2. Aditya Seal as ‘Veer Shergill’

Aditya Seal is an Indian actor and also worked in many Bollywood movies. He is mainly famous for his work in Student of the year 2 and Purani jeans.

3. Anushka Ranjan as ‘Amrita Sareen’

Anushka Ranjan is an Indian actress and manly famous for her work in Batii Gul Meter Chalu.

Fitrat web series Trailer:-

Fitrat web series Story:-

The story follows the trio Tarini bist, Veer Shergill, and Amrita Sareen. I want to make it clear that Fitrat is a romantic web series. Traini is a gold medalist in journalism. Her beauty is inexpressible. 

Trarini wants to gets rich as soon as possible and she could do anything for that but you know what, she is a gold digger and always wanted to marry a very rich guy and live a luxurious life. Tarini has a best friend named ‘Amrita Sareen’, who belongs to a very rich family. Amrita suggested an idea to Tarini that she should approach her brother and by doing this, Tarini can leave her dream life and Amrita will get her best friend for a lifetime and they can live together. But Life is not that simple, Traini falls in love with Amrita’s fiancee ‘Veer Shergill’. And In return Veer also started loving Tarini. Now, It started a war between the two best friends over a boy. Who will get the Boy? and What will happen to the other? catch this excitement in the Fitrat web series released by Alt Balaji

Fitrat Web Series Music:- 

Music of Fitrat web series is really amazing apart from the bad story depiction. you will love the Music of Fitrat web series. I’m going to give you a song below and listen to it, and give your opinion in the comment box.

Acting and cinematography of Fitrat web series:-

See, the star cast is really good because everyone had their past experiences and they performed really well.

But I think direct and story flow is not very good because they started the webs series very well but the flow of the story really sucked. I got bored halfway of the series but finished because I have to write a review over this web series. 

I think the focus of the director was really distracted because they tried to just attract a specific group of audiences by giving them fanservice. Literally, they overdid that because sometimes even I realized that they are really stretching some part although, I love long web series because it gives you time to understand and gives you fill what’s really happening. In the climax, they tried to do some experiments but didn’t go well.

Life lesson From Fitrat web series:-

I don’t agree with the Fitrat team about their view of youth India. Because I think 90% of youth want to become useful for society or at least for their family. They are showing a very different image from reality and it can also make a bad impact on the youth.

Rating:- ☆☆☆ / 2 out of 5 star rating.

Final Thoughts on Fitrat Web series: Review:-

I was expecting more from Alt Balaji because they were producing some really good web series from the last 2 months but this was not a good example for them. Because it was like scattered. My recommendation is to not waste your precious time over this crap. Watch some other Alt Balaji web series that are really good.

WebSeriesPro tried to provide you with an honest and helpful review of the Fitrat web series that was released by Alt Balaji production and directed by the famous Santosh Singh.

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