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Alt Balaji released a new web series fixer and here is the full review of fixer web series.
magine an honest police officer, who gives everything to his duty and he gets suspended because of the corrupt Indian police system. Then, That police officer becomes the enemy of the law. Any honest worker or any good employee knows everything about their company’s pros and cons and this also applies to the police system. Police know exactly how anyone can use the law against the law. In this, series the same happens. We will discuss this whole in this post let start by fixer web series introduction.

Fixer is an Indian 18+ trending web series produced by Alt Balaji production. I saw this web 2 days ago and I thought that “I need to write about this web series”. Alt Balaji is famous for its bold content aand this web series is not an exception. The audience is liking this web series a lot. So, here is everything that I know about the fixer web series.

Fixer web series cast:-

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia
  • Isha Koppikar
  • Mahie Gill
  • Karishma Lala Sharma
  • Rajat Rawail
  • Varun Badola
  • Anshuman Malhotra
  • Gagan Anand
  • Mukesh Chhabra

Why should you watch Fixer? Reasons:-

  • Thriller web series
  • Mind-blowing plot. If you like to see the shows which have a good lot then, you should be watching the Fixer web series.
  • Full of action scenes- you are going to get many action scenes where our hero is trying to solve the case with his gun.
  • Great star cast- you can find beautiful actress and the most handsome tv actor.
  • Not very long and not very short web series – Fixer web series has got a total of 12 episodes.
  • Plenty of bold scenes- it is one of the pros or cons, I can’t decide because it can vary with the people’s choice.

Fixer web series tag line:- twinkle twinkle little star Bharve nikle sab mere yarr.

If you are thinking that you should watch this series or not then this section is the most important for you. Fixer is a thriller drama show. This web series shows that how can you use the law for yourself. Never underestimate the people who are working under you. If you like thriller web shows then this series is the best fit for your choice.

Warning:- this review contains spoiler

What is the story of the Fixer web series?

A handsome and honest police officer “Malik”, everyone admired him. His fellow policemen always looked up to him. He got suspended because he shot innocent women but it was unavoidable in that situation. I can’t reveal this right now because it is going ruin all the feel of fixer web series. After getting suspended, there was a reborn of the character from the hero he became a villain but not for rich people. Malik is like a god for the rich person’s but very costly. See, Rich People’s sons always make trouble for their parent and sometimes adults also and then Malik’s role begins. Malik solves the problem and Takes the y. He deals in crores. 

After Reborn, Malik’s character was totally changed now he is like a lion in the jungle. Malik has no fear of death and too much love for money. This is really simple Malik solves the dirty problem and clears the names and he takes the Money. 

Let me tell you a hilarious part of the story- a rich and old guy died in the bed with a call girl. Can you imagine this?  Then it became viral news of the country and now Malik roles begin and he clears the name and tampered the evidence and gets the money as simple as this. All 12 episodes are based on this Rich person or Rich people’s son or politician gets himself in a problem and malik solves then and demand s money. In this process, he makes friends and enemy but you know what number of enemies are much larger than the number of friends.

In the meanwhile, Malik finds a girlfriend and they also made love but you know what Malik was already married. As I mentioned earlier Fixer web series is a18+ rated web series and produced by alt Balaji. So, you can expect bold scenes.

Fixer web series trailer:- 

For starter, you can watch this official trailer that was released by the Alt Balaji production their official youtube channel.

Where can you watch the fixer web series?

Now, If you made your mood to watch this web series then let me tell you where you can find this web series. You can just type in google and click on the first result and watch Fixer web series but you need to have a subscription to watch this whole web series.

you can always take a friend’s help or you can just get yours.

Final thoughts:-

Webseriespro always tries to help their audience as much as we can. In this post, we tried to provide you with an honest and helpful review of the fixer web series of Alt Balaji production. We hope that you liked it.

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Fixer Web Series: Honest Review | Alt Balalji

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