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Gandi Baat Season 4 News: Alt Balaji

Gandi Baat Season 4

Gandi Baat Season 4

Gandi Baat web series got renewed for season 4. Alt Balaji production and the Gandi Baat team released it’s season 3 recently and it was an instant hit. Now, Alt Balaji made it clear that they are going for the next season and they also released season 4 special episode trailer on youtube 2 days ago. Gandi Baat special episode trailer got a huge and positive response from the audience and the trailer was trending on #1 and Gandi Baat also started trending on IMDB 1 day ago in ‘Top Hindi Movies and Shows’. So, If you are also a fan of Gandi Baat season 4 and want to know the tea then here is everything that we know about Gandi Baat Season 4.
Director – Sachin Mohite, Alt Balaji is not in any mood to change the off-screen crew because of the huge success of the Gandi Baat previous season. Hope, Sachin going to bring some more naughty baatein to impress their viewers. 

Gandi Season 4 Special episode is going to be released on 7 November 2019.

So, Mark the date and get ready for some Gandi Baat in the style of Alt Balaji with some spices mixed to it.

Gandi Baat Season 4
Alt Balaji made it clear that they are going for another season of Gandi Baat by releasing the special episode trailer. But, I want to make it clear that they are not going to release season 4 right after that because they just-released season 3 and they haven’t even finished the casting and scheduling for the season 4. 

So, you must be wondering why they are releasing the special episode for season 4 because they didn’t do the same for the previous seasons.

Let me explain, they are trying to make hype in the audience for the Gandi Baat Season 4 and trying to update them about the next season of Gandi Baat. And the result is very clear and positive because they got trend #1 at both youtube and IMDb making it clear that viewers are excited about the next season of the Gandi web series.
Watch Gandi Baat Season 4  special episode trailerWatch it now

What can you expect from the Gandi Baat Season 4?

Our team did some researched and asked some insiders ( team of Gandi Baat) about the next season and it’s clear that they are not going to give any major spoilers, even if they did we can’t share it with you. So here is the thing, season 4 is going to be much wilder and bold from the previous seasons, and from the audience reviews Alt Balaji is going to give much more importance to the story. Sometimes, it looked like that they are just trying to create an episode with some crappy story and with some bold content to just keep engaged the viewers but they are not going to this anymore.

It looks like Flora Saini might be back in an episode because of the huge audience demands, but it’s not 100% guaranteed. So, keep visiting webseriespro.com to stay updated about your favorite web series and TV shows.


Sachin Mohite (director of Gandi Baat) uploaded a post about Gandi Baat Season 4 on the exclusive trend on IMDb. 


We tried to get Gandi Baat Fans’ reaction on season 4 special episode and about Gandi baat as a web series and some reaction was expected and some were totally unique and out of the box thoughts. So, we are going to share that with you guys.
We are going to make it clear that we only talked to Gandi baat fans and our first question was Have you watched Gandi Baat and did you liked it or not? If the answer was supportive then we only proceed and asked them other questions.
Q. Most favorite Season Episode of Gandi Baat?
– The majority of the answer was Season 2 but Season 3 was also in the competition. It was expected that Season 2 will outmatch the other season because of the outstanding star cast and the story.
Q. Most Favourite Episode of Gandi Baat?

– It was no different and unexpected. Everyone’s favorite Season 2 Episode1. But Season 2 episode 4 also got a remarkable vote because of the plot.

Q. The Most favorite character?

–  Sajli (the Bai)

Final thoughts:- 

We hope you liked our post on Gandi Baat season 4. Visit webseriespro for regular updates. 

Share your favourites in the comment box and answer our simple questions.

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