Gandi Baat Web Series Review | Altbalaji Web Series

Gandi Baat Web Series Review | Altbalaji Web Series

Looking for the Altbalaji superhit web series Gandi Baat Review, then read this full post because in this post we are going to talk about Gandi Web Series, which was produced by ALTBalaji.
Gandi Baat is an Indian web series in Hindi. This web series is one of the most trending web series on IMDb. Gandi Baat web series has a total of 4 seasons and each season has 4 or 5 episodes. 

Gandi Baat Web Series

What is the Gandi Baat web series is all about?

I have seen all the four seasons of the Gandi Baat web series, which is made and produced by Alt Balaji. According to WebSeriesPro, it uncovers, deepest desires and complex connections,, unbelievable and unknown facts about the Indian rural area, which are very hard to believe and sense. As the generation change and time goes, how Indian rural people fantasies can change but keep that in mind that these stories are not the true story it’s just writer’s dark stories or fantasies that came to life via this web series. The unusual fantasies and unexplored space of people through a progression of exciting and energizing stories from the country and Rural part of India. Illustrate the erotic-themed stories from the urban and rural areas of the country. It represents bold stories and every story in particular from other yet weaved with the string of darkest desire which will abandon you with unexpected twists and turns and the most amazing part of these stories are that you can feel it even though they are nowhere near to be true.

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Gandi Baat Season 1 Review

In Gandii Baat season 1, it reveals different women-centric stories, living of the rural people and their desires and fantasies. Mainly the characters are from the Rural part of India and they tried to show the Urban area fantasies in the rural and desi way. Gandi Baat season 1 has a total of 4 episodes and the very first episode of this season is my favorite of all. Season 1 is the second-best season of Gandi Baat, If you like watching Alt Balaji content then you are going to like Gandi Baat season 1 a lot.

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Gandi Baat Season 2 Review

In Gandii Baat Season 2, the Plot and storyline dig deep down about the people’s lives in each episode, who have such brutal desires. In these stories, it is shown how deeply the rural Indian population is affected by their dark fantasies. How Urban desires and fantasies are affecting rural India. And it’s not that only men, but also women. In Gandi Baat season 2, they showed that female partners can also go to any extent for the sake of their desire including criminal activities. Overall, these stories prove that it can actually change your life. Gandi Baat season 2 is the best season of between all the four-seasons of Gandi Baat.

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Gandi Baat Season 3 Review

Gandi Baat Season 3 is a desperate struggle to bank and make money upon the fans due to the moderate success of Gandi Baat season 1 and a huge fan following of Gandi Baat season 2. In Season 3 story is way off because they tried to rush into it. Character in each episode is boring and theme way off. Simply this season is a black mark on the charm of the whole Gandi Baat web series. Alt Balaji should stop playing with the heart of the fans and should stop trying to just make money. Overall, in this season they just tried to make a random same themed story with a change in star cast and location.

The episode with the honeymoon bus with over the top guides with no sense, buses getting stolen, mysterious girl, old man, cross-dressing guy with a history- So much weird stuff within an episode made it unbearable (I salute myself to sit through this one till the end).

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Gandi Baat Season 4 Review

Gandi Season 4 is not bad as Season 3 but it also nothing in comparison with the second Season. Alt Balaji is not understanding and they are just making it worse by making content without any stories they have just made theory and following and they had made a lot of money by that. Alt Balaji makes 1 or 2 seasons with a good effort and makes a huge fan base for the particular web series then they pitch some random shit and tries to make unbearable episodes with some spices. And Gandi Baat Season 4 is part of that plan. Same old drama with some random shit but they made a huge effort to raise their level from season 3. If you have free time, and an Alt Balaji subscription then watches the Season 4 otherwise keep a safe distance from this one.

This was all for Gandi Baat Web Series Review, Comment below your thoughts.

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