Grey’s anatomy season 16: cast and honest review

I stumbled upon this show 2 years ago while I was searching for some good and long American tv shows because generally longer the shows go that means the audience is liking it. I never liked to watch a tv show with 1-2 seasons and search for another one because I’m a little picky, sometimes I spend hours searching for one. I’m really glad I found it.

Let’s get back to our original topic Grey’s anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 star-cast:-

Star Name Character name
Ellen Pompeo Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin Chambers Dr. Alex Karev
Chandra Wilson Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens Jr. Dr. Richard Webber
Kevin McKidd Dr. Owen Hunt
Jesse Williams Dr. Jackson Avery
Caterina Scorsone Dr. Amelia Shepherd
Camilla Luddington Dr. Jo Karev
Kelly McCreary Dr. Maggie Pierce
Giacomo Gianniotti Dr. Andrew DeLuca
Kim Raver Kim Raver Dr. Teddy Altman
Greg Germann Dr. Thomas Koracick
Chris Carmack Dr. Atticus Lincoln
Jake Borelli Dr. Levi Schmitt


Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey’s Anatomy honest review:- 

Grey’s anatomy is the seventh longest American tv-show. If you are looking for the season 16 review then you must have seen grey’s anatomy previous seasons but still, I’m going to give you a short details about grey’s anatomy.

Grey’ Anatomy is an American web series and this year season 16 got released. Grey’s anatomy focuses mainly on the center character and her lifestyle and relationship. Grey’s anatomy shows how hard life can be for a doctor in a surgery chamber, how tough it can be to make a decision that will decide the other’s future that he is going to live or die. Literally, I can say for sure that all the characters in this show are worst, you may even start hating them. I’m talking about their character, not about their acting, Star cast is the best fit for their respective character. I’m in love with the mind of the story writer because every episode blows my mind. 

How doctors manage their relationship while being a doctor? How they make a hard decision in the operation theatre? That can even kill a person or save them and every wrong decision haunts them in the dreams. How hard for them to manage their kids? Is the life of doctors is same as common people? What takes to be a good doctor, I’m not talking about study and other stuff I’m talking about courage and will power that takes to be a doctor.

Grey’s anatomy is all about doctors as you can see in the table. If you are also curious about the above-mentioned questions then you should see this show.

Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey” Anatomy Season 16: review

I’m going to give you a quick overview of grey’s anatomy season 16 and then I will review grey’s anatomy season 16 episode wise.
Fun facts or you can call it a recap of Grey’s Anatomy season 16 premiere:-
  • Guys Amelia is pregnant, yes you heard me right Dr. Amelia Shephered. She didn’t want to see her baby first but when the baby born she hold her baby tight and referred the baby as the most beautiful Baby in the world. Every parent can relate to her.
  • Alex (clean shaved and wearing a snazzy suit waiting outside the treatment facility) proposed again by bending to the knee to his sweetheart and said: “Marry me again please, I don’t want an out”. You want to know what she said: she accepted the proposal.
  • Best doctors got fired from the hospital in the name of insurance fraud. They will find a new job and what problems are waiting for them.

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 is going to be another entertaining and more exciting season. Enjoy the premiere of Grey’s anatomy season 16:


Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 1: Review  ( spoiler alert )

Nothing Left to Cling To:  Meredith, Richard, and Alex got fired by Bailey in the name of the insurance fraud. Now, they have to deal with problems like law and all. Big change in the life of Tom he gets a new position at the office and now he has to prove himself. Life of Meredith and Richard goes upside down their lifestyle got really messed up due to all this insurance fraud case and problems that came with it. Will they find a new job and how they are going to face the consequences that are waiting for them.

To Know more about episode 1 click here.

Grey's anatomy season 16


Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 2: Review  ( spoiler alert )

Back in the Saddle: Meredith is still on fire after getting fired from the hospital her attitude didn’t change a bit. While Tom’s new responsibilities came with some struggle and daily life problems as I anticipated. Maggie got in an accident. 

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 3: review (spoiler alert)

Reunited: Another day at grey’s anatomy with another life/death decision for the doctors. Can they save a guy who falls into the construction site and he is already brain dead. Brain dead is the complete loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life). 

Note:- To know more about brain dead condition click on the “Brain dead

Grey's anatomy season 16

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 4: review (spoiler alert)

It’s Raining Men: Meredith tries to fight for her former colleague and stirs up the negative press. There is a lot going in Grey’s anatomy world. Catch the excitement now. 


Where you can watch Grey’s anatomy season 16?

India- Indian can watch this show at hotstar but you need to have a subscription that they call it Hotstar premium.

USA:- If you are from america then you can watch it on Amazon
           prime video, Indians can also watch on amazon prime video.

Final thoughts:-

Websereiespro gives you the latest and helpful updates of web series and tv shows. In this post, we tried to give you our honest view on Grey’s anatomy season 16. Hope, you liked it. If you are still reading then you must have liked my post.

Give your valuable feedback by commenting below…

Q. What is your favourite character of Grey’s Anatomy?

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