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Hello web series Review

Hello web series Review

Hello is a Bengali drama, thriller web series created by Hoichoi. Featuring Raima Sen, Joy Sengupta, and Priyanka Sarkar in the lead roles. ‘Hello’ web series focuses on the life of housewife residing in Kolkata, the web series shows the complexities that come with marriage. Read this Review of Hello Web series by Web Series Pro.

Hello web series review

‘Hello’ Web Series is the story of a married couple named Nandita and Ananyo. This was a perfect marriage because Nandita is a good and typical Indian housewife and her husband loves her very much. Let me introduce you to the character named Nandita played by Raima Sen, she is a perfect housewife and everyone in the family loves her. A very beautiful honest housewife and she does everything and always tries to make her husband happy. And for Ananyo, he also behaves as a loving and caring husband and they reside in the Kolkata.

But everything changes after she receives an MMS from an unknown number featuring her husband with another woman in an intimate relationship. After finding Ananyo’s extramarital affair, what she will do. Is she going to forget, forgive or she will take revenge, fight or something else? But she chooses an alternative and that makes this web series special, she tries to win back her husband by any means and wants to save her marriage.

The other woman named Nina played by Priyanka Sarkar is one with an extramarital affair with Ananyo. There is not much of a background on this character, she is just shown as an obstacle between the two married couple but she is going to become a big mistake of Ananyo. As the series follows, thrill gets interesting and more intense. This web series is the best work on Hoichoi yet.

‘Hello’ web series was an instant success for the Hoichoi media and this web series also got featured on Mx Player. The reason behind the success was, seductive and bold content and also people loved watching the Raima Sen as Nandita, who is fighting for her husband and even he cheated on her, she tries to win him back. But the question is Will Nandita be able to take care and amend things in her marriage? Or will she fail in doing the same and Nina will be able to take Ananyo? To Know all of this watch this web series.

How to download ‘Hello’ Web Series?

This web series is available on Mx Player. You just need to open the Mx Player app and find Hello web series. You can find a download button below every episode of Hello web series, just click on it and your download will start.

How to watch online Hello web series?

There are two options for you. The first one is you an just open the Mx player website and find the Hello web series and enjoy watching online. The second option is to open the Mx Player app and do the same.

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