Helmet Movie Review, Cast, Story: Zee5

Helmet Movie Review, Cast, Story: The movie got released on Zee5 today. If you are wondering whether you should watch it skip then read this review and decide. The film is filled by lots of comedy bits but it also keeps reminding us throughout the movie that the characters are not a funny business.

Helmet is an upcoming movie that is going to be released on Zee5. It is a Hindi language movie that can be categorized under the comedy genre. It is directed by Satram Ramani. But before we jump to the story, let us get to know about the cast.

Helmet Movie Cast

  • Aparshakti Khurana
  • Pranutan Bahl
  • Abhishek Banerjee
  • Anurita Jha
  • Ashish Verma
  • Rohan Shankar
  • Vikram Singh Sodha

Helmet Movie Review

The movie is a hilarious take on a sensitive topic. People usually tend to avoid such topics and do not talk about them. But very few people have the guts to make a movie around this kind of topic. And this movie deals with the issue with a hilarious twist. Now let us see how the audience will react to this movie. Recent movies made on sensitive topics have received a positive response, but still, we are not sure about what will be the reaction of people to this movie. I hope that this movie also exceeds our expectations.

Helmet Movie Story

Lucky and his friends are quite desperate to earn some quick money. For the same purpose, they decide to rob an e-commerce company that deals with electronic gadgets. But the hilarious surprise (or shock) awaits them. They soon came to know that instead of robbing an e-commerce company, they have looted a box that is filled up with condoms. What will happen now? Will lucky be able to get rid of the box. How will he hide this from everyone? Will he be able to get out of this situation. You can find the answers only by watching the movie.

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The movie is available to watch on Zee5. Zee5 is constantly releasing some brilliant content nowadays. In an attempt to become a more prominent OTT platform, it is trying to acquire more and more content that is rich in quality. The music is good and the actors aced their roles.

Earlier, the audience enjoyed watching Bollywood masala movies that do not necessarily have a good story or are based on a social issue. But in present times, the audience is evolving. People are more interested to watch quality content instead of typical masala movies. Content is really the king now. That is the reason many movies with no big actors became super hit and many movies with a huge star cast and no proper storyline were a huge flop. The same is the case with actors. Earlier, people preferred to watch well-built actors play the role of the hero. But as you know that nowadays, only good actors get to play the lead role. In this changing scenario, it is good to see the filmmakers are choosing to make movies on sensitive issues and social issues. And Helmet is one such movie. Let us hope that this movie also plays a role in changing the view of society for good.

You can stream this movie on Zee5 now.

So, if you are have watched movies sensitive topics before and want to experience another movie that addresses a serious issue with some quirky comedy, then you should consider watching this movie.

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