Watch 10 Best Hindi Web Series Online

Check our list of Best Hindi web series online to watch. The Internet has become a blessing for all web series fans. You can watch Hindi web Series Online at your finger touch.

Hindi web series online
Hindi web series online


Mirzapur is an Indian drama and thriller web series in Hindi and everyone was talking about this web series since the release of Mirzapur season 1 on Amazon Prime and got a huge hit. The story follows the two brothers who were trapped in the world of the Mafia, violence, drugs, and illegal work. The plot has got many twists and thrill to keep you entertained throughout the whole season.

TVF Aspirants

The series focuses on three college friends who later on decided to become UPSC aspirants. All three friends moved to Old Rajendra Nagar, New d and The series runs along with two different timelines 6 years apart, successfully threading the transition. TVF Aspirants is one of the most inspirational yet realistic web series I have ever watched.

TVF Pitchers

Story of four friends who were fed-up with the normal and busy office life. All friends quit their job and started working to build their own start-up company, but to that, they needed an investor and we all know how hard it can get. TVF Pitchers is an amazing and entertaining series that showcase the struggles of entrepreneurs and the result of hard work and confidence.

Kota Factory

Kota Factory is a TVF original web series, which tries to show the real side of Kota. In brief, Kota is a district of Indian State Rajasthan, an education hub of India. Where India’s top coaching is established like Resonance and Allen. The story follows an IIT aspirant and the sacrifices that he has to make to achieve his goal. Kota Factory played nice and didn’t show the dark side of the Kota.

The series portrayed everything about Kota and a JEE aspirant. They even captured a cute love story of the lead giving a charm to this web series and that made this web series one of the most successful web series made by TVF.

Sacred Games

The series is focused on the lead character who started off by selling drugs, and became the richest person in that city. Spent time in prison, admired by the people and became the messiah of the peoples who know him. An honest and hard-working cop Sartaj Singh, an ideal and honest cop. The series covers rag to riches story but from underworld. You will love this thriller web series that covers every aspect of a typical villain but in a relatable way. Acting is top-notch and brilliant, you can expect nothing less from the star cast like Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

The Family Man

A typical spy story, the series focuses on the protagonist played by Manoj Bajpai. He leads his life like any other family and has a common job. The Family Man web series is about a secret agent featuring Manoj Bajpai. He lives like a common man in a normal Middle-class family but he is a secret agent doing the government high profile work. The Family Man tries to justify Islamic Terrorism and also shows the Kashmir situations and problems of people living there.

Yeh Meri Family

The web series is a TVF original web series and Netflix has rented the web series for the audience. You can also stream this web series on TVF play. Yeh Meri family is an Indian web series in the Hindi language and you are going to love this web series because it is realistic.

You can identify every character in your life. The story is set in the ’90s, A middle-class family residing in Jaipur Rajasthan. This web series tried to show the life and challenges of a middle-class family in the time of the ’90s and the narrator of this series is a 12-year-old boy.


ImMature is a teen romantic web series and made it to our list of best Indian Web Series and has got rank 6th. While seeing this web series, I felt like that my whole high school life was just enacted before my eyes. Writers and directors of this web series have done an impeccable job in creating this. The series follows a group of three friends and their school life.


The series showcases the typical lifestyle of any Indian village. Our Jeetu Bhaiya is playing the lead character as you can see in the trailer and on the cast list. The protagonist decides to leave the village and get a better job and he seeks the help of a friend. His friend suggests cracking the CAT exam to get a decent job that pays well. But the challenges make the preparation harder.

Selection Day

Selection Day is a Netflix Original Indian web series. The series is about the two brothers Radha, Majnu, and his father. The fathers want them to become very famous cricketers and that’s why he is training them since they were kids. When they became a teenager, they were admitted in Mumbai cricket academy and started preparing for the selection day of the National Team. There they met Rival and also met some friends. The story is very engaging and the character will start growing on you as the series moves towards the end.

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