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Hotstar Web Series List: Hotstar

Hotstar Web Series List

Get Hotstar web series list. Hotstar is a video streaming platform, where you can stream web series, Tv Shows and Movies. 
The Latest Web Series of Hotstar is ‘Out of love’, Hotstar always releases the quality content and they try to maintain their reputation as a quality creator. My favorite web series of Hotstar is ‘Criminal Justice’. Hotstar mainly focuses on the TV Shows and Serial because this is a franchise of Star India. You can watch all the TV serials of Star India on Hotstar for free.



Special Ops

This Hotstar web series is about an Indian Special officer chasing an International terrorist and this web series is written and directed by Neeraj Pandey, who has made many crime thriller web series. The series is about is against the stereotypes where the fight is against Islamic terrorist and good Muslims are trying to stop them. 

Out Of Love

Out of Love

This is an Hotstar special web series. Out of Love web series is about a couple and their life. They had a perfect family and ideal marriage but in the dark, there was going a secret affair between the husband and another woman. The wife caught him, what will she do? Is she going to forgive, revenge, forget or fight? Stream this web series on Hotstar.
The Office

The Office

The office is a comedy web series and set up in an office. This web series tried to show a hilarious relationship between a Boss and the employes. The best thing that happened to this web series is Star Cast, you are going to see the familiar faces like Gauhar Khan and Mallika Dua. The web series is an even-toned comedy and office drama. The web series have a total of 2 seasons, the first season has 12 and season second has 15 episodes. Watch this hilarious comedy-drama on Hotstar.


Hotstar has announced Season 2 of The Hostages and the next season of Hostages is going to be epic. Hostages web series is about a doctor, who is going to treat the CM of the State. Just before the operation day, four men break into her house taking the entire family hostage and their demand was to kill CM in Operation theatre. Is she going to kill the CM or she is going to save her family? Find out by streaming this web series on Hotstar.
city of dreams- hotstar web series list

City of Dreams

City of Dreams web series is a story of Mumbai city. The web series is about an attempted assassin of a reputed politician which led to a series of crimes, a dirty game of power and politics. The story revolves around the Gaikwad Family, brother and sister are fighting for the throne. And this is not going to be a fair or moral fight. Watch this web series to find out, what a man and woman can do to get power.
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The web series is based on a  murder and in the entire web series, they are trying to solve that murder and punish the guilty. The lead character is Aditya, a nightstand turned into a nightmare for him. When he was found near a dead body and blood in his hand. Is he guilty or not. The series gets more and more interesting as the series move towards the end. You are going to love this web series if you like watching crime thriller content because this might be the best crime thriller Indian Web Series.
Roar of The Lion

Roar of the Lion

This is more of a documentary than web series but still, it was released as a web series, that is why I included this in the list. This is the story of the struggle of the ‘Chennai Super Kings’ team during the time when their team was banned from the IPL. This web series shows the darkest phase of the Chennai super kings team and the main episode is on the captain cool Ms. Dhoni.
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