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Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth it in India?

If you are wondering that you should take Amazon Prime Membership or not? Then read this full post and your every doubt will be clear.

Amazon Prime Membership

Is Amazon Prime Membership worth it?

Yes, very much and here are many reasons that will help you decide it:

  • Amazon Prime Membership provides access to Prime Video.
  • Early access to deals and offers on Amazon.
  • Amazon Prime provides premium movies to their audience
  • Amazon Prime Membership also gives you many advantages on Amazon shopping platforms like free shipping with no minimum order value
  • Super fast delivery of your order.
  • Amazon Prime has released some of the best Indian web series like Mirzapur and if you want those web series then you must take the Membership.
  • Amazon Prime provides some of the premium international TV shows that you can watch only on Amazon Prime If you are an Indian.
  • Amazon Prime membership includes many exclusive comedy shows like trending standup comedy.
  • Prime members usually get a number of Prime-exclusive deals and offer you a great discount.

These reasons are enough for you to decide that you should take Membership or not.

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What is Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime is a paid membership that offers a large number of benefits to its customers at a certain price that you have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Benefits include free shipping with no minimum order value, early access to deals and offers, free access to Prime Video and Prime Music, and a lot more. If you do most of your shopping on Amazon and on a regular basis, it makes sense to become a Prime member, it will help you save a lot of money and time. Prime members usually get a number of Prime-exclusive deals and offer you a great discount.

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What is Amazon Prime Membership Fee in India?

In India, the Amazon Prime membership fee is 129 per month and Rs. 999 in India annually. While there’s a free trial for the new customer, In case you want to try it out, the trial period will help you in making sense of the Amazon Prime Membership. If you want to join Amazon Prime in free then try to contact the telecom company that provides you their network, in some cases, they provide free membership and access to all the features to promote their network.

WebSeriesPro will update this article as soon as Amazon makes any changes in their plan.

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