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Kannamoochi Web Series Review: Zee5

Kannamoochi Web Series Review: Zee5

Read Kannamoochi Web Series Review before watching or downloading the Kannamoochi web series. Kannamoochi is the lates Zee5 Web Series starring Poorna.

kannamoochi web series review
Kannamoochi Web Series is about a single mother ‘Priya’ and her daughter ‘Aishu’, they moved into a new apartment and which is believed that it is haunted. The sixth floor of that building was haunted, several years ago a resident of that floor committed suicide and after that people started seeing a ghost on that floor and started keeping a distance from that house. This story also affected the newly moved mother and daughter which is the main character of this web series. The series of several creepy moments and spooky events scared the hell out of the Priya and Aishu. After that, the daughter got missing, her mother has no clue to find her daughter but in the heart, she knows a little about the whereabouts of her daughter and where she should start looking for her daughter. She started trusting her instinct to find her daughter. The apartment plays a crucial role in finding the links. Will the mother succeed to find her daughter or not? Watch this web series on Zee5 to find out.

You are not going to find any known faces in this web series. The star cast of this web series is mediocre or even you can say ‘disappointing’. The character’s development is not so great and this web series doesn’t give anything to root for. Whenever the thrill gets intense they spill a crucial clue and everything goes to hell, you may start losing the interest.

The direction of this web series makes it worse because the series is directionless, without any wow factor. The writer tried to make it an epic thriller web series but they totally failed in doing so. The script of this web series is very predictable, if you are trying to make a thriller content you must not get predictable, otherwise, it’s not even worth it.

Better script and production may have given some charm to this web series and could have given something to worth a try. When I finished watching this web series, It felt like something is missing from this web series and I can’t define that in words but I have already written the major points of this web series. Now, It’s your turn to decide that you should watch this web series or not. I was expecting a little much from Zee5 but they let my expectation down.

The visual of this web series is not good. If Zee5 ever want me to give some suggestion then I would be sure to tell them to never pick the same technical team like this again because sometimes you can totally see that visual mistakes. Music not too bad and not even that much good to get applause.

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