karthika deepam serial cast list with image, story

Karthika Deepam is an Indian television series in the Telugu language. Stars maa tv channel broadcast Karthika Deepam tv serial. This tv series is a family shows which can be enjoyed by the whole family that is why it’s airing time is 7:30pm for the convenience of the audience. Karthika Deepam is one of the most successful Telugu tv serials. Here is the full list of the star cast of Karthika Deepam tv serial.

List of Karthika Deepam serial cast:-

Name Character Name
Premi Viswanath Deepa
Nirupam Paritala Dr.Karthik
Shoba Shetty Mounitha
Archana Ananth Soundarya
Arun kumar Anand rao
Venugopal Vihari
Seetha Mahalakshmi Tulasi
Yashwanth Aditya
Sangeetha Kamath Shravya
Baby Kritika Sourya
Baby Sahruda Hima
Narasimha Reddy Durga Prasad
Yashvi Kanakala Srilatha
Umadevi Bhagyalakshmi

Image of Karthika Deepam tv serial:-

karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast
karthika deepam serial cast

Where Can you watch Karthika Deepam tv serial?

You can watch this tv serial in two easy ways.

1. Television:- You can watch this tv show on the “Star Maa” tv channel.

2. Internet: You can watch any show of star group channel on the hotstar and Karthika Deepam is no exception, you can also watch this tv serial on hotstar.

What is the story of Karthika Deepam tv serial?

The story mainly focuses on the Character Deepa (Premi Viswanath), a girl whose skin color is dark but she is very good at heart or There is another word for it “down to earth”. Deepa faces many problems due to her skin complexion but she manages herself very wisely. God always helps good people: This statement became true in the case of Deepa because she got a handsome, Educated(actually he is a doctor) and the most important a loving Husband. Deepa’s husband always helps and supports her. 

Is it Really worth Watching Karthika Deepam?

It depends on your interests. Let me give you a Bulleted List, if you like the majority of this topic then you are definitely going to like Karthika Deepam. 
  • Do you like watching Family show?
  • Do you like watching Shows that are mainly based on an outdated topic?
  • Do you like watching the romance between classical Indian husband and wife?
  •  Do you like watching a regional show?
  • Have you ever Watched typical Afmily drama shows?
  • Do you like watching a show in which everyone hates the main character and as the story follows everyone starts to like her?
  • The most important Story of tv serials goes endless. So, do you like watching a very long tv show?
If your answer to the Majority of the  Questions is “YES” then I recommend you to watch Karthika Deepam otherwise don’t watch it.
Fact: Karthika Deepam is the Trending Telugu tv serial.
Final thoughts:-
Webseriespro always here to help you and We only focus on your need. So, if you give us feedback then we will be really glad. In this post, we tried to help you with the honest and helpful answer to your query.

Q. What is your favourite character of Karthika Deepam?

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