Minnal Murali Release Date is 10 September 2021

Minnal Murali Release Date: The makers of the movie have not revealed any official release date for the movie, but according to some reports, the movie will be released around 10 September 2021.

Minnal Murali is an upcoming movie about a man who is struck by lightning. This incident gave him some superpowers, including superfast reflexes. It is originally made in the Malayalam language but will be released in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu languages.

The main star cast of the movie Tovino Thomas, Mammukoya, Basil Joseph, Aju Varghese.

The movie falls under Adventure, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. It will be released in five languages with different names. In Malayalam and Tamil, the movie is called ‘Minnal Murali’. In Hindi, it is titled ‘Mister Murali’. The movie is named ‘Merupu Murali’ in Telugu. ‘Minnal Murali’ is the name in Kannada. The movie is about a man named Murali who is accidentally got struck by the lightning. After that, he realizes that he has got some superpowers. There are very few superhero movies made in India, and this one adds to the list. It will be exciting to see an Indian superhero after a long time. The trailer seems promising, let us see if the movie is worth the hype that has been generated because of this trailer and the concept of the movie.

Watch Minnal Murali Official Trailer on YouTube.

The movie will be released directly on an OTT platform. As many movies are choosing the movies to be released directly on OTT platforms, this option is slowly becoming the new normal in the COVID times. Choosing a direct OTT release is proving to be beneficial and convenient for the makers as well as for the audience.

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