New South Movie Hindi Dubbed List | How to watch or download South Movie Hindi Dubbed

New South Movie Hindi Dubbed

New South Movie Hindi Dubbed

Trying to find New South Movie Hindi dubbed to download or watch then you are in luck. This post has a list of New South Movie Hindi Dubbed and also we are going to help in downloading the films. Most films are South Indian Movie Dubbed in Hindi 2020 or 2019. Read this full post to download New South Movie Hindi dubbed 2020.

How to Download or watch New South Movie Hindi Dubbed?

I am going to provide you with the legal ways to watch and download the New South Movie Hindi Dubbed. All movies that are listed below are available on youtube and you can easily watch it or download it.
Steps to do so:
  • Open the youtube app
  • Search for the movie in the search box
  • Click on the Movie that you want to watch
  • Watch it or if you want to download it watch offline then click on the download button, which you can find below the video.

iSmart Sankar

iSmart Sankar is a rare Sci-fi, thriller drama movie. I said rare because in south Indian Movies Sci-fi Movie is very rare. Mostly family drama, typical small-town Love and Rivalry genre are popular in the south Indian Film Industry.

iSmart Sankar is a new south movie Hindi dubbed list, this movie trending on youtube and have over 60 million views on youtube and all the south Indian Movie fans are liking it. This movie is about a gangster Sankar, who is a contract killer. He found the love of his life but she got killed in the crossfire between the encounter with the police. His intuition said that this was a setup by a villain and he tries to find the main villain for revenge. A typical Love revenge story with a sci-fi twist and surprise. This movie is filled with action and romantic stuff.


Majili is a new South Movies Hindi Dubbed. This is about the failed love story of a star gully cricketer, who may have got selected for the Indian Team. Majili’s movie is about a couple who is madly in love, but their family is very different. They got forcefully separated due to family interference from the female side. After a couple of years, the hero gets married to a different girl who loves him a lot. But our hero is still in love with his old lover and waiting for her and spends his days drinking and remembering her. As the story goes he finds and understands the love of his wife.

Dear Comrade

Simply the story is about the love story of bobby and lily their traveling and their careers.  The story is very lovely and you will feel totally invested throughout the movie but I can give you clarity about the movie. I like the first half of the movie, where the love buds meet and fall in love but due to fighting between the couple they get separated{avoiding spoiler}. This movie also has some comedy, the scenes were a little extended. You can feel bored in the middle of the first half. The storyline and character build-up are nice especially the female character. The second half is lagging at some point in time. But the climax is good.


Vijetha is a new south movie Hindi dubbed, this movie is a typical family drama about the young generation. The storyline focuses mainly on the male character. Vijetha’s movie is about a 25-year-old young guy, his morality, job, and carrier. Main character relentless, a carefree character with little to no seriousness about his future or career. But the health problem of his father gives him the sense that he should do something to help his family. When he gets serious, he launches a startup and business start booming and problems go away.

This movie has a great social message especially for the adult who is trying to achieve their dream. Actors in this film have no big names in the industry but they did their best.

Srinivasa Kalyanam

This movie is all about the marriage starring Actors Nithin and Rashi Khanna. The movie revolves around the concept of marriages portraying the importance of marriages. Also comparing the present-day marriage with those of olden days. The movie focuses on marriage rules and why is it important to follow those. This movie tries to define the importance and the meaning of the rules.

Geeta Govindam

Geeta Govindam is a new south movie Hindi dubbed, this movie shows a totally different love story. Vijay Govindam (Vijay Deverakonda) is a well mannered and a decent guy who follows traditions very religiously. He falls in love with Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna) who he spots at a temple. They accidentally meet again on their travel on a bus. Due to the wrong advice from friends, Vijay makes an unintentional mistake like kissing her but it was not intentional. She hates him for that. But both of them are forced to travel together for a few days. The rest of the story is all about how Geetha realizes that Vijay is decent. After realizing that She falls in love with him.

What works for the film are characterizations and performances by lead characters. Vijay Deverakonda amazes you how smoothly he transforms totally opposite from one end of the spectrum in Arjun Reddy to the other end in Geetha Govindam. You may watch it.


Comali is a new south Indian Movie Dubbed in Hindi, this movie shows the side effects of latest smartphones and gadgets and these modern technologies affecting our daily life. Comali movie has a totally unique setup and the way the story process makes you fully invested throughout the film you will never feel any boredom in the film. The story is about a guy who goes into a coma for 20 years due to an accident. When he wakes up the city is totally changed. Technologies are on the whole other level. You will like this movie if you like watching typical south Indian films because this movie has everything like romance, a good amount of comedy, a thrill, a sweet love story.


This movie is a superb love story with an unexpected ending. Star caste really fits in their role. Mindblowing story. Really the movie deserves great appreciation.


Thadam” is an interesting thriller and mystery film, it will keep you on the edge of the seat. Rather than focusing on the investigation, the movie is focusing to dig out the past of protagonists. The storyline focuses on the character build-up, they don’t just pop up every character randomly. What stands out in this film is the excellent acting of Arun Vijay.

This movies have some irrelevant scenes from the plot but you can say that they are trying to prepare the stage for the main story, like the scenes associated middle-aged lady who smokes. This movie is about a murder investigation the audience like me might doubt whether the police have put forward the best of their effort to crack this case or not? This film have enough thriller to fill you with all the enjoyment you want.

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