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Operation Parindey Review: Zee Original Movie

Operation Parindey Review

Operation Parindey Review: In this post, we are going to Review Zee Original latest crime thriller Movie Operation Parindey.

The movie is a crime action thriller starring Amit Sadh and Rahul Dev. Operation Parindey Movie is about a prime suspect of a bomb blast, who escaped from the prison, and in the entire movie Special Police task force officer is chasing him and trying to catch him. You will feel that this is an extended climax thriller movie.

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Out of nowhere, an attack is planned, coordinated and executed by another criminal (Aakash Dahiya) and in just 10 minutes, Rahul Dev is out of jail. The Police officer who is entrusted to return him to prison is SP Abhinav Mathur played by Amit Sadh. He catches him within 24 hours.
As a 50-odd minute affair, it seems like a lot has been packed in quick time with no breathing space or depth in characterization and situations. Things seem to be moving too fast with not much going into the background of the characters and their motives. Give this Zee Original Movie a Try. Sequences, especially towards the climax, could have been more detailed.

You can feel the thrill in some scenes but the killer punch and wow factor is missing from the Movie. The entire movie is a showcase of a chase between Special Police Task Force officer and a criminal but you will feel a little satisfied when Amit Sadh and Rahul dev confront themselves.

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Give Operation Parindey Movie a try and if you like that movie is getting boring or the scenes are repetitive then quit watching it, believe me, you won’t be missing much.

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