Raktanchal Web Series Review: Mx Player

Raktanchal web series

Raktacnchal Web Series Review: Mx Player

Raktanchal is the latest Mx Player’s Original Web Series featuring Nikitin Dheer, Kranti Prakash Jha, Vikram Kochchar. Raktanchal is a Hindi web series streaming on Mx Player.

Story of Raktanchal Web Series

The storyline is based in the 1980s, Raktanchal is the latest Hindi web series that shows the underworld and mafia crime in Purvanchal. Vijay Singh is like any other well-educated youngster aiming to lead a secure and happy life, making his parents proud. However, his father was murdered by the fearsome gangster Waseem Bhai (who runs an illegal-land mining plot) and this incident was the turn event for the life of Vijay. Vijay takes the charge against the crime lord Waseem Bhai, representing the alternative power-center in the town. To avenge his father’s death, Vijay joined the hands with Saahib Singh to upstage the Purvanchal crime lord. Now, the game of Politics and power begins between the new and young Vijay Singh and the crime lord of Purvanchal.

Raktanchal Web Series Review

Crime- dramas and the gangster rivalry are trending across streaming platforms and the reason is crystal clear. However, Raktanchal is a good example to prove the fact that the formula isn’t always going to work.  Now let’s talk about how I felt after watching Raktachal web series, Raktanchal is neither impressive nor bad enough to bore you out. The web series made me feel nostalgic made me remember some Akshay Kumar’s action movies, I even watched one. The show portraits Vijay as a gangster with self-conscience like a messiah for the helpless. Don’t misinterpret my words to Robinhood. In the beginning, you can feel the emotion of character but as the series follows it fades. After 6 episodes you are going to find meaningless killings just to gain power over each other.

 If you want to make an entertaining show, you still need smart and creative writing with the touch of real-life experience, that way viewers are going to relate with the content. Typical revenge drama was the main genre of the Bollywood in the 20s and they made quite a number on it. Mx player wanted to bag the money with the same logic but its the 22nd century. To impress the viewers you need to make something creative and relatable, Nowadays you are not going to see Gangster running wild in the city (not talking about Underworld).

Writing gets sloppy as it reaches the end, but as human nature, I wanted to see how the story ends. Raktanchal web series is entertaining but not so much impressive.

Raktanchal web series trailer: Mx Player

Raktanchal web series is streaming on Mx Player. 

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