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Riti Riwaj Web Series Review: Ullu Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series Review: Ullu Web Series

Ullu released a new web series Riti Riwaj on 17 March 2020. If you are looking for Riti Riwaj web series Review then read this post.

Riti Riwaj Web Series

Riti Riwaj web series is set in the past in some village areas of India when there was no secured water supply available. The story is about a man, who was living a happy family life but his wife said that she is having problems handling the house works alone. As an alternative, she suggested that he should marry another woman and they can live together and another wife’s help would make things easier. As you see at that time ‘Polygamy’ was allowed that means a man can marry more than one woman if he wants. He married another woman and the first wife was happy with another hand helping in housework. The main problem was the drinking water supply, they have to get it by walking miles. But everything went to hell for the first wife when her husband started having an intimate relationship with the second wife and as a result, the first one got jealous. She started giving overwork to the second one, by an accident the second wife broke her legs. Now the same problem again for the first wife. The man marries the third time for her wife to help her wife in bringing water supply for the house.

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As you can see, how rediculous a plot can be but Ullu never ceases to amaze, but on the contrary, they are again going to do good business with this web series. Because of the same obvious reason ‘Seductive Content’. There is nothing wrong with this, people like watching these type of web series that’s why they are making it, I mean someone will eventually. Ullu has made a simple mindset to make the same type of content over and over again for the same particular group of people. Ullu web media doesn’t behave like Alt Balaji, they make some great web series like Mentalhood and then again they jump to the web series like Gandi Baat. As for Ullu they never do that, they are totally focused.

Video: Riti Riwaj Web Series Review

Ullu web series have made their name in the digital media for the obvious reason and if you watch its web series then I don’t have to say it out loud. Web Series like Kavita Bhabhi, Singardaan and the very famous The Bull of Dalal street but the last one was a little good if you compare it with the other ones, these all web series did a good business for the production house.

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As for Riti Riwaj web series, No one in the right mind would marry three women just to help with house works or if you use a web series tagline ‘Just to bring the water’. As you must have known that they also named this web series water wives, how ridiculous it can get.

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In the last, if you like watching Ullu web series then you are going to love this web series because this one is also the same old web series with the Ullu special charm of seduction and boldness. But let me warn you if you haven’t watched any of the Ullu web series then keep a safe distance from this one.

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