Riti Riwaj Web Series: Ullu Original Web Series

Riti Riwaj Web Series: Water Wives

Riti Riwaj is the latest upcoming web series of Ullu. Ullu released the official trailer of Riti Riwaj Web Series on their YouTube channel yesterday. Riti Riwaj is a Hindi web series, the story is about an Indian couple and the setup is in the 80s. When polygamy was allowed, it means one man can marry more than one woman.


Riti Riwaj is a bold web series. We all know about Ullu and their web series they just want to bank upon a particular group of people who are addicted to these type of web series you aren’t going to find any decent story in Ullu web series but still they make good money just by seducing their audience. But still, they follow a simple plotline and also there is one in Riti Riwaj web series.

Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series Release date is 17th March 2020.

Riti Riwaj Web Series Tagline is Water Wives and it’s because of the plot. The man marries 3 women just to carry water, how much logicless a web series can be and Ullu never cease to amaze

The storyline of Riti Riwaj Web Series is very simple, there is a couple living in the rural Indian in the 80s. At that timeline, the water supply wasn’t available in the village area and people need to carry the water from the well to home and the well is very far from home. At that time one man can marry more than one woman. The female partner suggested that he should marry another woman to help her with house chores but the plan backfired the newly married partners got into an intimate relationship. The first woman got jealous and she started making her overwork and unfortunately, the second woman hurt her legs. Now another wife comes into the picture because the first woman still wants help in the house chores.

The story is totally absurd because you can’t marry just to help with housework but maybe I can’t understand the logic because of the generation gap. But still, the story doesn’t make any sense. Acting and character are immature then don’t know how to perform on the screen, maybe because they haven’t worked with the right crew. I can understand because Ullu releases new web series regularly and the crew has to work non-stop but you can’t make any decent content if you are pacing the production.

Plotline suits the aim of Ullu because they just want to give their audience what they like and what they expect from the ULLU web series. Riti Riwaj web series will make a huge hit on the digital platform just like other new Ullu web series because the context of all web series of Ullu is same, they just changes the faces and plotline to suit the audience but you can clearly see they repetition but then again many of it doesn’t matter if the audience likes it.

How to watch the online Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Riti Riwaj is Ullu Original web series and if you want to watch this web series online you need to visit the Ullu website or you can stream this web series on the Ullu mobile app. Maybe after a month if the series makes a hit then Mx Player can host the web series for free like they hosting The Bull of Dalal street and you watch Riti Riwaj Web Series for free.

How to Download Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Ullu app provides a way to save the web series for offline watching and to do that you need to find the download button, click on the button and you Riti Riwaj Web Series will be downloaded. As I said earlier if Mx Player hosts this web series then you can download Riti Riwaj Web Series for free.

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