Short film: definition| everything about short film that you need to know

Short film: definition

I was wondering what is a short film? , Which type of films can be called a short film? How to create a short film? and something like this, then I did some research and here is everything that you need to know about short films and short movies.

What is a Short Film definition?

Short films are a type of original motion picture that has very less running time like 40min or less and the word ‘Short is an abbreviation for it. Short films are generally made by the independent filmmaker or by aspiring filmmakers with low budget. Short films are generally showcased to show their talents to get funding for their future projects.
How to create a short film

Table of content:-

  • What is a Short Film definition?
  • How to create a short film?
  • What makes a short film good?
  • What are some best Short Film and Short Movies?
  • Where you can watch a short film?
  • How short Film earn money?
  • Final thoughts

How to create a short film?

If you are an aspiring filmmaker then this paragraph is the most important for you. You should start to make a short film on your own at first. You actually don’t need to create very entertaining content but Be creative.

You need to have a story of a short film in your mind- the most important.

If you are going on a trip with preplanning then you face a much lesser problem than without planning (actually it saves a time a lot). Create a sitemap in your mind according to your story of the short film. 

Creating a Short script for your Short Film.

Independent filmmakers usually don’t have a budget. So, you don’t want to create a script that includes a lot of budgets like car trashing and digital effects. Here is a tip you for creating a script:-

  • You can search for script online
  • You can talk with successful writers on medium and you can use social media to contact them best would be LinkedIn.
  • Write a script and mail it to friends to read it and take their feedback
how to create a short film

Pre-production of your short film

  • Location for the shoot:- scout for a location that suits your script. You might need to take legal permission for the shoot.
  • Crew– if your friends share some interest in film making then it would be best to contact them because it will help you with your budget. You can contact a professional( expensive choice).
  • Star cast– Recruit some people with good acting skill but pay attention like if your story is related to poor people and village don’t recruit very handsome and rich people because people will not get the feel from the film and that’s the most important. 

Note- I’m not saying that poor people don’t look handsome

  • Pay attention to costumes, visuals, and background.
  • Editing ( most important):- If you don’t have technical knowledge then it would be best to hire a professional because editing needs skills and you can’t overcome that overnight.

Note:- If you want to do it on your own here is an article that may be helpful for you. 

The title needs to be relatable and creative– Audience can relate to the title and it needs to be attractive. ( I know it’s the obvious one but it was important for me to guide you for the title of your short film because you might not consider that “title needs to be relatable to the audience”.

What makes a short film good?

A short film is really short that why we call them short films and you have to impress your audience in that limited time. So the most important things are 
  • Entertaining ( but don’t focus the main story on entertainment)
  • It needs to give a message to the audience.
  • The third one is obvious but still the most important – having a good script.
  • An exciting and creative idea. 
  • Avoid repetition of punchlines and dialogues.
  • Warning:- Never create a short film on topics that are actually made or popular. Like you can make a new short film on- “climate changebest topic for 2019.
  • Short film needs to be relatable to the audience.

If you follow these, I guarntee that you are going to make a great short film.

best Short Film and Short Movies

What are some best Short Film and Short Movies?

If you talk to successful people then it would make your roadmap clear. Same here, Know and watch the short movies are there and try to make something innovative like that but never copy.

list of some best short film and short movies:-

best animation Short Film and Short Movies

Animated short film:-

Documentary short Film:-

Note:- If you want to get more information on each short film just click on the name, you will get redirected to Wikipedia page of that short film.


Watch short film

Where you can watch a short film?

If you want to watch in free then the best choice would be Google video streaming platform Youtube but you can watch very limited number of short films because youtube doesn’t have streaming rights for all of them. 
The second choice would be Netflix- It has a wide range of content but it’s a subscription-based platform. You can also watch many movies and tv shows. Netflix would be the best choice if you are a movie freak and enjoy to watch movies and tv shows online. 
Pixar- They are famous for short films.
short film earning

How short Film earn money?

As I said earlier that short films are generally made by aspiring Filmmakers to get funding for their future projects but it doesn’t mean that short film doesn’t earn money. Some short films get viral and they get featured on Netflix and other video streaming platforms and Filmmakers get paid for that. 

Or, you can publish it on your own youtube channel and earn money by showing ads on them. this method is very helpful for local filmmakers and who don’t have any connections in the film industry.

Final thoughts:-

I did all the research on the short film and this post is the result of all that research. If you are an aspiring filmmaker then it will help you in many ways or if you just want to get information like me then this post can save you a lot of time. I hope, this post will help you guys. Short Film is a great way to show your talent, view, and thoughts with a very low budget. Keep visiting our website for more exciting posts like this. 

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