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Special Ops Web Series Review: Hotstar

Special Ops Web Series Review: Hotstar

Hotstar released a new web series Special Ops and If you are wondering that you should watch this web series or not then read this Special Ops Web Series Review. Special Ops web series is about an Indian Special Police who is trying to catch an international terrorist.
special ops review
Special Ops Web Series is an action thriller about an Indian Special Police officer who is chasing an international terrorist in the entire series. The writer-director of this web series is Neeraj Pandey and he has made crime thriller his specialty. But the context of this series is the same old crime thriller, that most resembles with Prime Video Series ‘The Family Man”. Special Ops is against the stereotype of Islamic terrorism. The series is focused on an Ismalic Muslim terrorist group, and they are planning a terrorist attack, and other good Muslim tries to stop him, a typical too-goody web series on terrorism. You can’t justify a criminal. If you start hearing their side of the story it will feel like they are not making any mistake because everyone is the hero of their own story.

In the past two weeks, Hotstar was in the news for the early arrival of Disney+ launch in India but that is on hold for now due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. But it confirmed that they are going to provide Star Wars and Marvel animation series. But no one mentioned the Hotstar Special (for Indians) besides they launched 6 web series but the level of series didn’t match the reputation of Hotstar or star India. Some Hotstar Special shows also got applauded like Hostages but still, the series feels like a stretched one.

The worst thing that happened to this web series is no character development. The director is just poping any character without their background, even after that they just discard the character if the story needs it without any character development and arc. You can’t seem to attach to any character because the writer is overly prioritizing the plot. The story is poorly written, Sometimes you will feel like rushed and sometimes feel like super slow motion.

The series is typical Pandey’s funda, as always in the Neeraj Pandey movies or series, they show a radical Islamic terror and another Muslim comes as a hero to save the day. If you compare this series with the Netflix series ‘Bard of Blood’ both tried to outright the Islamophobia but Special Ops even failed at that.

The technical team of this series lets me down most, you can identify many editing mistakes and you can even mark the fake emotion. Hotstar should act mature, they are not some newly formed production house. They should take some tips from the Amazon Prime Video teams.

Special Ops starts with 2001 attack on Indian Parliament and suddenly they jump 18 years forward to a Raw inquiry of a special agent Himmat Singh (played by Kay kay Menon). For the last 18 years, he was after a terrorist that he believes to be the mastermind of the parliament attack and many more but after the investigation of nearly 2 decades, he got nothing on him. That forced him to quit the investigation and it felt like wasting the millions on nothing. And the most frustrating part from the Himmat account is that no one believes him. As if he was changing some ghosts.

Despite having all the budgets they chose the terrible location. The most frustrating part from my behalf is that I never got to see the protagonist in the action, he was just sitting in the office and most of the time he was in the doors and following the investigation by the field agents.

You can stream all the Eight episodes of Special Ops on Hotstar, Worldwide. Keep visiting Web Series Pro for Web Series and TV shows review.

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