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Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Stranger Things season 3 has been uploaded to Netflix in July 2019. I watched the whole season without taking any break because It’s a perfect excuse for me to do nothing ( like writing a post for my blog) but watch stranger things so that was really fun.

Where is everyone and What are they doing?

In this season much to hoppers, Eleven and Mike are dating now and learning things about each other because it’s right about that age for both of them. Joyce is mourning a loss from the previous season and trying to pick up the pieces. Dustin has returned from Camp proclaiming that he has a new girlfriend that nobody believes him. Nancy and Jonathan are both trying to hold down jobs in a terrible environment. Steve and a new friend named Robin are working at an ice cream parlor at the new star Court mall and, Will begins to sense that the upside-down and the entities that live there may not quite be done with them as Billy encounters something pretty terrifying. 

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How Stranger things Season 3 began?

I’ve liked both seasons of stranger things so far, while the second one definitely started out slower than the first, it picked up steam. Season 3  does the exact same thing, the first few episodes are fine mostly because I like those characters and, that’s when a great TV show has some leeway when the show isn’t doing quite as well, you at least love the characters. You want to see what they’re doing. The storytelling for the first few episodes felt very much like set up, there were some funny jokes, they were well directed and, well-acted but it didn’t really feel like anything was happening. A plot involving evil Russians is introduced and it felt a bit cheesy but that’s kind of the charm of stranger things. Quite a bit of the show embraces the cheesiness in particular of the 80s and finds ways to show versions of that today.

Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Character setup, Management, and storytelling

Obviously, the styles, the clothing, the music choices all of it is meant to feel very nostalgic but again I don’t think this show relies entirely on that because the acting is just far too good. The characters are far too well-rounded and, the show is extremely well directed. If this relied entirely on nostalgia it wouldn’t have made it past season 1 because yes it has all of that but it also has really great storytelling and that for the first few episodes. I would say around episode four this season got goddamn awesome. One of the greatest things about this show is the production. This show is beautiful especially this mall, they spent a lot of money to make this looks like a 1980s mall. My god, I mean you really have to hand it to the people working behind the scenes crafting all of this making this look and feel like a 1980s show.

Why Stranger things is one of my favorite tv show?

Across the board all performances are excellent. All the kids are great Winona Rider, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown- once again is one of the best young talents working today. She proves that throughout this entire season but Dacre Montgomery as Billie, in particular, got a lot more to do this season.


Stranger Things Season 3

Strangers Things season 3 spoilers 

Now, we’re gonna get into some spoilers. I want to warn you ahead of time I enjoyed this season if you haven’t seen all of it yet I had a good time with it go watch the rest of it but if you have we’re gonna get into spoilers. 

Dacre Montgomery–  had a lot more to do and that’s because he gets taken over in a way and he becomes sort of a vessel for this thing.  That’s getting larger inside this Factory rats around town, people are eating fertilizer and then they’re blowing up or if they’re turning into goo and this thing is sucking them up. It just getting larger and larger and becoming this gigantic force.  but 

Billy–  Throughout the season Billy is overtaken by this monstrous thing and he makes choices that surprise all of his friends. In particular, his sister max, who has no clue what’s going on. 

I liked the way they introduced romance in this season.

So, they got to play a lot with relationships in this season both familial and romantic. They did a lot of good work there especially with hopper and Joyce, there’s some really sweet stuff. They do a lot of arguing and it’s kind of cute and obviously with Eleven and Mike. This season does a pretty good job of showing the ups and downs of young romance, how one day it can be really great and the next day you have no idea what’s happening and everyone hates each other. It was entertaining, played well enough for comedy but they also took it to a serious level. I appreciated the fact that they were able to go there without making it feel too cheesy. Speaking of cheesy this show really heavily embraces the hilarity of an evil Russian organization underground in a mall. 

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Stranger Things Season 3

Introduction of the evil Russian organization-

Dustin and Steve and Robin intercepting this signal, and then having to decode it and figure out where it’s coming from and that felt pure 80s to me. Some people today you’re gonna look at that and be like that’s dumb and it is but I feel like it’s lovingly embracing the fact that for a very long time Russians were like the villain. In every movie and it’s basically recycling that which this show does and it has received criticism for but I will say this again if this show was only recycling if it was only nostalgia it would not be as successful as it is. Because we’ve seen tons of shows and movies try to do that and they don’t go anywhere because you didn’t give a shit about the characters. This show has characters that people love which is why it’s so successful just like how they got Sean Astin for the last season. This season has Cary Elwes another actor very famous for the 80s. In particular, the Princess Bride and I like seeing him as this evil corrupt mayor and there are some great confrontations between him and hopper. 

Where is Hopper? How’s Hopper doing?

Which reminds me, Hopper is basically pissed off throughout this entire season from episode 1, he is at this heightened level of anger, and I love that. He never really got a chance to calm down. Every obstacle they gave that character pushed him kind of shoved him beyond his comfort zone to make him feel constantly uncomfortable. The choices they made with the characters throughout this season, really worked for me. Honestly, I thought it was pretty intense after episode four. The fourth episode, in particular, was great. The finale of that episode was really nail-biting as was the last two episodes really really good. Stuff everything after four was really solid and really entertaining very fast-paced but let’s talk about how they choose to wrap things up.

Dustin's Girlfriend stranger things

Is Dustin’s girlfriend real?

I like the idea of Dustin’s girlfriend actually existing. Although I kind of predicted that from episode 1, when everybody was doubting him. That you wouldn’t see her for the whole show and then you’d find out she’s real and everyone’s surprised. That happened but I’m glad it happened. I also loved what they did with Steve and Robin, the friendship that’s shown there I thought was really adorable and well-developed. Then being on drugs from the Russians was hilarious.

I have to talk about Praia Ferguson as Erika Sinclair because she was hilarious throughout this whole show. They gave her so much to do and that is a bit of a risk because this is a young character that doesn’t have a lot of development. Throughout the previous seasons, she’s sort of being thrown into this world. I thought friar Ferguson was magnificent, she really ate it up her sarcasm and how blunt she was about everything.

 I was surprised at what they were able to do with the character Alexi because he’s kind of defecting his comrades view him as a traitor and his development and then his eventual tragic fate was actually kind of heartbreaking. Surprisingly they did a great job of taking characters that you thought were established in a certain way and just subverting your expectations from that it’s just like how Steve Harrington is one of my favorites now, but in the first season, he kind of sucked.  By season 2 it was amazing and he’s even better now so they’re doing a really good job of introducing characters making you think this is how it’s going to go and then showing you actually no we have a better idea but in the last few episodes as the mind, flayer is destroying them all. 

ELEVEN is trying to use her powers but they’re not really working out. You see all these characters coming together to try to defeat this thing. Eventually, hopper giving his life was surprising and it was weird because, throughout the whole season, I was thinking that like nobody’s gonna die, they’re not gonna risk that they’re not gonna take any risks. These were all kids it’s not gonna happen and then they kill off hopper and that letter that he wrote 411 was extremely sad. I did not expect it to affect me in the way that it did. Which reminded me how much I actually kind of gave a shit about these characters. 

Still, the end credits scene has this Russian base and these guys take somebody and kind of feed him to something you’re not exactly sure what’s happening. But before that happens they say no to the American so you’re to assume there is an American in one of these prison cells, which is probably hopper I don’t know who else it would be. I mean you could tell by the way they cut together his quote-unquote death scene because they never show him vaporize. 

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There were like these four or five random scientists that were there and they just vaporize but they don’t show what happens to Hopper. They don’t show you for a reason he’s probably coming back he’s way too much of a fan favorite. I’d be really surprised if they never did anything else with him but I was satisfied with the entire last half of this season. Aspects of the first few episodes, I mean there was no episode that I outright hated there was certainly nothing as bad as the storyline. From the lost sister episode in the last season, which they have completely ditched it seems and I do not blame them. That was such a misstep and obviously they were like okay no one likes it we’re moving on.

Out there somewhere or Elevens buddies I guess as far as issues besides some things. I’ve already talked about I didn’t really think the Karen wheeler having a weird crush on Billy and wanting a cheat on her husband. Hopper dies in the last season. Sean asked and died and so it’s kind of going on like a similar route and feel which I can completely understand those criticisms. It never really bothered me. 

monster image of stranger things

There’s a part of this season where you can definitely feel like it’s a little bit more of the same and I totally understand if you feel that way. But if you already liked that it’s just gonna be more of what you liked. I do wish that there was a little more originality to each season because sometimes it can feel like a lot of the same shit is happening over and over again. This tiny town is just having to continuously fight back against this thing and it keeps coming back and something keeps coming back and it’s a little hard with this storyline to set up a continuous narrative gratefully the show was boosted by so many great characters and performances.

Really amazing direction and they’re doing great stuff with where they put all of these characters and this show was really fast-moving. I never felt bored even once so that’s impressive all in all I really like this season I think I liked it a bit more than the last one it’s a little bit hard to tell sometimes when you binge-watch you can breathe a little bit more and think and ponder about a show when you can only watch like one Episode a week when you watch the whole thing and like a day or two you can’t really feel the nuances to it and so I’m excited to look back on the show in the future and really look at each season and figure out where the strengths and the lows. 

Again another good season the stranger things a few minor issues with the first few episodes but the characters really just make the whole thing enjoyable it’s one of those shows that has gotten to that level for me where even when an episode isn’t the greatest the fact that I enjoy watching these people go through these adventures just makes it all worthwhile.

Final thoughts:-

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