TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date: News

TVF Pitchers Season 2

When “TVF Pitchers Season 2” will release? We have shared news about Season 2 of the famous web series TVF Pitchers. TVF Pitchers web series is about the four friends, who are trying to build a new start-up.

I have bad news for all the TVF Pitchers fans because Season 2 was scheduled to release in 2016. We are in 2020, still haven’t heard anything from “The Viral Fever” about the TVF Pitchers Season 2. There are many reasons for us to assume that Season 2 is not going to happen, like:

  • TVF Pitchers Season 2 was scheduled to release in 2016 but it got delayed may be canceled.
  • The Viral fever hasn’t officially announced the cancelation of Season 2 but they haven’t said anything about season 2. So, we can assume that it’s not going to happen.
  • The cast of TVF Pitchers season 1 is pretty busy but it’s not much of a big issue they will definitely get back if paid well.
  • TVF Founder was also charged with the case of sexual harassment.


It totally depends on the mood of The Viral Fever team because of the TVF Pitchers season 1 huge fan base. But this makes the task more difficult and they need to meet the expectation of the fans and the bar has been set quite high. Honestly speaking, if they get a decent plot then they are definitely going to get back on the silver screen to give the fans, what they are waiting for. Let’s not hope for anything because we haven’t heard anything from the team.
TVF Pitcher’s is a great example of how little and simple things in life can be enveloped and packaged to serve you something exceptional that can change your life. The show is based on entrepreneurship but the context of web series is focused on the friendship and life challenges that anyone can face in their life. The series showed the challenges that you can face in any life or career stream. 
What makes us all relate best to the TVF Pitchers is that every group, we all have one friend who everyone blindly trusts (Naveen), one jugaadu (Yogi), the workaholic (Jitu) & one chutiya (Mandal). 
Probably what left me disappointed is how it all ended, frankly speaking, the caliber of the series was high and it deserved a more dramatic ending. If you compare this series with the Bollywood unrelatable content then it’s much better. The plot of the series is simple, four friends who have expertise in different fields and they complete each other. They are trying to build their own start-up but for doing so they need funding. This series showed how difficult it can be and what type of challenges you may face in the corporate world. If you haven’t watched it yet, then do it now.
You can stream all the five episodes of TVF Pitchers web series on TVF Play and on Mx Player for free. 

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