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Ullu Original Web series list | Guide

Ullu Original Web series list
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Looking for ULLU Original Web Series to Binge-watch, then you are in luck. We have brought you a list of all ULLU Original Web Series that have been ever made.

What is ULLU Original Web series?

ULLU is an Indian Video streaming sites that offer premium service to their audience on behalf of the subscription price. For the intro of ULLU- Ullu is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of content in many different Indian local Languages and provides various genres like Romance, drama, horror, action, suspense, thriller to comedy. UllU original also provides movies and web series. Ullu Originals is mainly focused on the Indian Regional audience and dedicated to providing the content that they like. You can get a Free trail also.

Ullu Original Web series list

ULLU Original Web Series List:-

  • Riti Riwaj
  • The Bull of Dalal Street
  • Khul Ja Sim Sim
  • Kavita Bhabhi
  • #Metoo
  • Tadap
  • Auction
  • Wanna Have a Good Time
  • The Choice
  • Julie
  • Singardaan
  • Dance Bar
  • Panchali
  • Mona Home Delivery Part 1 & 2
  • Black Coffee
  • Halala S1 & S2
  • Ghapa Ghap
  • Le De Ke Bol
  • Charmsukh ( Karna Zaruri hai )
  • Charmsukh ( Pajama Party)
  • Charmsukh ( Mom and Daughter)
  • Charmsukh ( Behrupiya)
  • Charmsukh ( Highway)
  • Charmsukh(Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat)
  • Inspiration
  • Bribe
  • Generation Gap
  • Melting Cheese
  • Kirdaar
  • 26 January
  • Dubey & The Boys
  • The Producer
  • Guardian
  • Ganika
  • Shubratiri
  • Right or Wrong
  • Section 377
  • Gandu
  • The Host
  • Maid in India
  • Sweet lie
  • The Producer
  • Ganika
  • Size Matters
  • Fareb

Ullu Original Web Series Youtube Channel:-  ULLU

You can watch the latest web series official trailer from their Youtube Channel. ULLU regularly updates their youtube channel with the trailer, teaser, and promo of their upcoming web series and Movies on ULLU official youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe ULLU youtube channel, if you like “ULLU” content.

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Why ULLU Original became famous in a very short time?

ULLU is a video streaming site in India. There various reasons in ULLU becoming famous, Let me explain it in a queue:-
Content:- ULLU mainly produces bold content and you already know that bold content gets easily famous in India. They produce what their viewer wants. It’s the same as micro niche blogging and simple blogging. If you focus on large topic then it takes time to reach your goal or If you had focused on PINPOINT aim then you are likely to achieve in a short span of time and the same did ULLU.
Mx Player:- They used MX player very well. Logically, It’s a symbiosis relation because MX player also getting lots of traffic and viewers engagement because of the ULLU web series. ULLU also got their fame and made a name for themselves by streaming their content on the MX player. The same strategy was also used by Alt Balaji.
Marketing:- They also focused on the marketing of the content by advertisement. A free service called ‘youtube’ and ULLU web series used it Very well.
And the audience, If people like your content then likely to recommend to their friends and ULLU web series is sensational.
As usual, Answer our simple question in the comment box.
Q. Which ULLU web series you liked the most? 

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