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You have finished watching Flames Season 2 and looking for something new with the same feel of Flames then you are in luck. We have brought you a list of web series that will be worth watching if you liked the TVF web series Flames. Web series like Flames, We asked and conducted a poll with our viewers and came up with a list of web series like Flames.

Flames is a Romantic Web Series starring Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala, made by TVF. Flames web series has a total of 2 seasons with 5 episodes each season. Flames web series is based on a teen romance. Lead actors and actresses are preparing for the upcoming college entrance exam and they fall in love besides being different and too many difficulties.

It was a good and brief introduction to the TVF web series Flames and If you haven’t watched this romantic web series then do so. So, here are the best romantic web series that we found similar to the Flames web series.

Little things

Little Things is a romantic web series based on a couple daily life and how little things in life can make things better. Little things were first premiered on the Dice Media youtube channel and later it was purchased by Netflix. You can also watch the first season on Mx Player for free. Little things have 3 seasons with 21 episodes in total. You can stream this web series on Netflix. If you replace the teen element with the adult in Flames then you can feel the similarities between these web series. But anyway these are one of the best Indian romantic web series and season 3 got huge audience support and fame. Little Things will make a positive impact on your relationship, it will help you make the bond stronger between you and your partner.

Season 3 was released on 9 November 2019 and it may be renewed for season 4 but there is no official announcement about that. You will love this Romantic web series. Stream this on Netflix Now. 

4. College Romance

Story of a group of friends and their romantic life in college. This web series shows the ups and downs of College romantic life just as Flames but you have to make a little change with age. Flames teen romance quirks and it’s complexity but college romance shows college romantic life and its complexities, and you must have already guessed by its title.

Life of three friends who are totally different, one is Trippy who is totally funny and awkward with girls but gets the most cutest girl ‘Raveena’ of the college. The other one is Karan who loves his Bike the most and shows himself as a stud dude but he gets Deepika whom you can’t really understand. And the last and my favorite Bagga dates a girl named Naira and guess what they are madly in love with each other. Bagga is my favorite character in this web series.

College Romance is a web series of The Timeliners. It has 1 season with a total of 5 episodes. It may get renewed for the second season but there is no official announcement yet. You can watch and download the ‘College Romance’ web series on youtube for free. 

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is a romantic web series. You are not going to find too many similarities between Permanent Roommates and flames but this web series is a worth watch romantic web series and you can easily stream this on youtube for free. as the name suggests, a story of a couple who loves each other and the boy wants to get married but the girl is not sure. Hence, the romantic quarrel, love, confusion begins. Here is the best part, they want to get married in the whole season but till the end, they were just roommates.

You will love this romantic web series. Permanent Roommates have 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes all are available on youtube and on TVF play.

Kota Factory

Kota Factory is one of the best Indian Teen romantic web series and available on youtube. Kota Factory shows the life of an IIT aspirant in Kota. How hard student tries to get into the Indian Institute of Technology? Kota factory shows the coaching system and how to overcome all the obstacles like homesickness. This web series is totally the same as Flames or you can say better than flames. Kota factory shows a cute Love and romance of two students that live in Kota and trying to achieve their goals and sacrifices they have to make to get what they want from life. Flames and Kota factory both show a romantic love story of the students, who are preparing for college entrance.


Here comes our best web series which scored the rank 1. Many viewers suggested that Kota Factory should be no 1 but we stayed with immature as no. 1 because Immature is mainly based on romance but Kota factory based on the life of students at Kota. Flames also based mainly on Romantic stuff. The story follows a group of three friends and their teen fantasy about love and romance. I liked this group because I was also a part of a group like this in my high school. Let me give you an insight into this group.

Dhruv Sharma, who is the lover boy of this group and madly in love with a girl but never told her anything. Susu, the Fattu of this group who loves a teacher and the funniest guy in this group. Kabir Bhuller, the Bhai of this group. he is the type of guy who shows that he is the most experienced one and the badass. stream this web series on Mx Player for free.

Webseriespro is always dedicated to provide you helpful and honest content about web series and tv shows, so make sure that you bookmarked us. In this post, we tried to provide you with a list of web series like flames and Romantic web series that you must watch.

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