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Class of 2020 AltBalaji: Review

AltBalaji released a new web series “Class of 2020”. If you are looking to watch a new web series and confused that you should watch and download Class of 2020 or not then You are in luck we are going to provide you with every aspect of this web series then you can decide as per your taste. Let’s review AltBalaji’s latest web series Class of 2020.

We should first take a look at the star cast of “Class of 2020”.

  • Rohan Mehra
  • Isha Chawla
  • Alam Khan,
  • Mazhar Khan,
  • Pallavi Mukherjee
  • Chetna Pandey
  • Nausheen Ali Sardar
  • Rushad Rana
  • Jatin Suri
  • Nibedita Pal

Class of 2020 is a coming-of-age drama web series. This web series mainly focuses on the perks and struggles of teenagers. We all have been there and we can’t deny that college and high school days were the best days of our life. Class of 2020 focuses exactly on those topics that we can easily relate ourselves like confusions and perplexities, first love and desires, and choices and forced-choice. You going to find typical high school drama, fights over a girl, sexual growth, and every that has happened in everyone’s high school life.

You could say that the Class of 2020 is a sequel to AltBalaji’s web series Class of 2017 because the theme is quite similar and almost cast is also the same and the title also resembles. Watching this web series you will feel like that you are living again your high school life but again it not too relatable because this high school is mixed with the idea of our high school and Karan Johar’s High school, You know what I mean.

Basically Class of 2020 tried to show the modern struggles and problems of teenagers. But they also showed how these struggles prepare you for your adulthood. You will always make mistakes but from every mistake, you need to learn something. AltBalaji tried their best to show that teenagers don’t experience them, then they won’t grow! That was all the ous message that AltBalaji tried to convey, let’s get into the fun part.  


This web series is consists of Bro’s friendship, teenage experiments, teenage lust, first love, losing virginity and the mistakes that will change your whole life. The first half-season story plays nice but as the second half starts the problem starts and the fun gets doubled.

If you like to watch a coming-of-age drama then you should definitely give it a try, I sure you are going to love it. 

Why you should watch and download “Class of 2020”.


  • Relatable content
  • Amazing casts like Rohan Mehra and Isha Chawla
  • Made by Altbalaji- Altbalaji hasn’t disappointed its audience in a while.
  • The coming-of-age drama, everyone loves that because we all have there and lived our golden days.
  • A Storyline that will keep you engaged throughout the whole time.
  • There hasn’t been released any teenage drama web series in a long time.
  • This web series has everything like love scenes, betrayal, fight scenes, great friendship, couple shit, relationship drama, etc.
 Watch and download “Class of 2020” now on AltBalaji.

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